Ep. 225 - Even More Games of the Year 2021

@“yeso”#p60383 99% guarantee frank will never do one ha ha

Glad to see Bowser‘s Fury get a shout out. While Odyssey’s got the slicker presentation and controls, I have a lot more fun bonking around in cat land and it feels like a little more of an accomplishment every time you get a sun than when you get a moon. Not sure why that is.

@exodus You mentioned liking the Unsighted soundtrack but how's the game? Been going on kind of a bender w/ some modern pixel stuff lately (Deedlit, Cave Story, Inconoclasts, Hyper Light Drifter, etc....)

@“jeelz”#p60413 It‘s good - it’s not exactly my style of thing, but it has one very interesting element which is simultaneously very cool but also keeps me from going further - every character in the game, including NPCs, has a countdown to turning into an enemy. It‘s a really neat idea that I also don’t want to engage with ha ha.

@“jeelz”#p60413 Bowser‘s Fury was a joy and it’s exciting to think it might be a hint of where mainline Mario is headed after Odyssey.

Really dug the tims essay, and Jaffe's enthusiastic exclamation of value at the beginning!

@“DavidNoo”#p60430 our value continues to increase so it's always true

My british friend has a dog named Zelda definitely gonna text him and say oi mate don't forget to “empty the mutt”


@“2501”#p60355 Brandon…'s beef

chew on [this](https://forums.insertcredit.com/d/962-metroid-dread/213)

I thoroughly enjoyed both this loose episode, and reading the essay. I certainly won't pressure or ask you to write any more, but I will read any that do happen to be authored gladly!

Love the standard format of the show, but I love even more how happy you are to experiment with it.

That Dread post above sums up my feelings pretty well, to be honest! I'm still planning to go back to it, but I was so excited, played an hour on release day and bounced off HARD. I didn't feel compelled to do a damn thing, I just wanted to change into my morph ball and hide, but I couldn't even do that!



I just wanted to change into my morph ball and hide, but I couldn’t even do that!

this could function as a one-sentence summary for most days of my adult life

When I started Metroid Dread I thought the people of this podcast/forum were a bunch of contrarian hipsters hating the game for no reason, as I was having a fantastic time with it.

10 hours in and I hate it too. Sorry for thinking those horrible things about you all.


@“esper”#p60280 Forza Horizon 5

Just wanted to very loudly echo Tim's gripes about the whole aesthetic of the FH series. I've only ever played 3 and I was so viscerally repulsed by the cloyingly enthusiastic yet vapid EDM influencer-ish framing of the whole event that I'm pretty comfortable never touching another one. I don't really care much for realistic racing sims, anyway, though his description of the upcoming GT game makes me excited for the OST at the very least :)

edit: Also, love a good _punchy Tim_ episode...I'm assuming he and @Jaffe had some kind of bet about how many games he could claim he "smoked"

ALSO also: what a pleasure hearing @espercontrol 's voice in there at the end! I was all like "who is this NPR host they hired to sign off the episode??"

My partner and I have been playing balan in short bursts over the past week or two, it‘s a pretty fun time. Certainly some rough edges to it, but not to a point where it’s unpleasant.

@“kory”#p60527 oh my goodness yes. I love the Horizon series from a drivefeel perspective, however I really do not love the implication that

  • 1. Everyone within radio signal distance of this place knows about this street racing competition
  • 2. And cares about it
  • 3. And listens to the types of DJs that folks at Microsoft think are cool
  • >

    Forza Horizon 5 puts the ‘sombre’ in ‘sombrero’.

    If I keep saying this maybe they’ll quote me on the Gran Turismo 7 box.

    @“jeelz”#p60413 Unsighted is my GOTY by a good margin in a year I thought was pretty good. Has a lot of replay value, has a bonus roguelite mode that's pretty fun, has a lot of super metroid and link to the past in its soul, lots of secrets, great story, and the combat is sublime.

    instead of a GOTY episode it's a “games from the year [2021]”. GFTYs? “gifties”? every ic episode is a little giftie to me!


    @“esper”#p60280 This system definitely came from somewhere deep inside of somebody.

    sentences like these always make me wonder what would happen if i actually got serious for once and made something from "somewhere deep inside of me." i'm very scared of what my deep insides might look like lol

    I‘m so glad Overboard got a mention! Inkle’s games (specifically 80 Days and Sorcery!) have had near-permanent homes on my phone for years. The idea of dinnertime games is compelling to me because these games have been great fits for me as being lunchbreak games - games to cram in the 20 minutes in the office breakroom when I really wanna tune out for a while.

    EDIT: Also I really love the idea of longer form essay pieces in the episodes. Hearing the one today reminded me of some of the guest segments that filled the mid-episode breaks in the really early episodes of the show