Ep. 226 - That's-a So Nice!

Don‘t ask me how I know this but at 18:05 when tim says "that’s more than a warthog‘s joy" that’s a reference to Orson Welles final TV interview where he is asked if he is “happy” and he makes a distinction between happiness and “joy”.


It happens somewhere in this video, if someone else can tag the time, thank you.

basically the jist is the Orson says that he doesn't experience happiness, that an animal (a warthog) can experience happiness, but what he experiences is "joy".

I can imagine tons of people, maybe the other guests themselves, being annoyed at Tim insistence on sidetracking every conversation into Elden Ring, and I admit that sense of humor based on being irritating or purpose is not generally my cup of tea, but he got very creative with the way he was doing it and it ended up being a fun side-bit of this episode. Although that particular bit when he started getting snarky at Brandon was a bit too much.

But while I'm talking about this I'd like to ask, @"exodus"#3, have you tried Sekiro in particular? What did you think of it if you did? If what bothered you about Dark Souls was the slow pace, rigid combat and stamina management, that's the one Souls game that doesn't have any of that (it does have timed parries as the only mechanism of defense, which a lot of people find very troublesome).

Great episode with great answers!

Brandon, did you ever watch the Demon's Souls video Tim made specifically for you? I don't think it would change your mind, but it was fun to watch. Lessons I learned were you should grind if you want to and how to do it, and to google tips cause the in game messaging system is basically encouraging you to ask other people what to do.

Most treasured video game possession is an interesting one. Tried to think of maybe like my favorite destiny gun but I think to treasure something requires some combination of scarcity and uniqueness that largely feels fake in videogames.

BUT THEN I remembered the randomly generated charm I got in monster hunter 4 ultimate that had evasion +5, handicraft +4 and three slots. That one felt special. Kind of banal really but it stuck with me, probably because it made all my friends jealous

I agree with the tacked on job system in LAD. I didn‘t change jobs for my whole playthrough and got through the main story with no problem… so it definitely isn’t needed. And yeah, I auto-battled everything except bosses. I think I still enjoyed the game more than Brandon but the new mechanics slowed the game down considerably.

I enjoyed the episode :))

Yuji Naka signing Sonic CD reminded me of how I got John Romita Jr to sign my copy of Spider-Man for the PS4 at a convention. I knew that he had nothing to do with the game but his art in the early 2000s made me a lifetime fan of the comics. I told him that ‘The Peter Parker in this game has a great voice, but every time I imagine the character I see your drawings.’

Also, the answers for the tattoo question in the lightning round made me giggle very loudly in public!

if we‘re talking puyo puyo back tattoos, i’m just gonna get a really wild versus screenshot where someone is about to set off a wicked chain. from shoulder blade to glute.

@“JoJoestar”#p61557 TBH I didn't even think of it as a bit, looking back at it I see how it was one, and I know Tim said he was gonna do it, but to me it just was like Tim was REALLY excited about elden ring.

@“JoJoestar”#p61557 I haven‘t tried Sekiro! I kinda… don’t want to spend money on it lol. I will get it when I find it cheap.

@"DavidNoo"#p61569 I started it but it was like two hours and didn't seem very targeted toward me in the first 20 minutes!

Also I don't know if anyone could tell but I did not like these questions, ha ha

So everyone agreed that their favorite video game occupation was game company CEO but… don't all three of you have your own game companies (or charitable organization) where you are the lead executive?

@“thebryanjzx90”#p61651 yeah but nobody‘s only CEO. we’re all the boss plus as much actual work as we can handle, then a bit more. if you could JUST be a CEO you'd be golfing all day and saying “no” to things.

@“exodus”#p61656 now I want to figure out what the CEO golf outing equivalent is for video game executives who don‘t golf (and aren’t the cigar chomping CEO caricature type of person). An activity that's relatively isolated, lengthy, and only requires sporadic attention.

Competitive strategy RPGs? Salty bet?

post now updated with the video and links to the Bundle for Ukraine on itch.io set up by our very own brandon sheffield (and has its own forum discussion thread right here (and is just about to smash $2 million at time of writing))

@“esper”#p61672 Looks like it has (in the 9 minutes since your posting) been smashed!

[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/6mYfPwT.png]

holy guacamole! Incredible!


@“exodus”#p61644 don’t want to spend money on it lol.

And I get why! These kind of extremely universal "you're weird if you don't like it" consensus always give me bad vibes. I love Souls but feels like people should relax a bit with these games... I've been on the other side of the fence with this kind of stuff (with the Marvel movies and Game of Thrones, for example) and the feeling of having to justify myself for something that should be normal (and not liking something is extremely normal!) sucks and is very annoying.

So I personally encourage you to keep unliking the Souls games and annoying back the people that are being annoying to you lol

EDIT: Wait you mean our questions or the questions on the episode? If it's the former I'm very sorry :( I get why having to answer these could feel like being scrutinized about it.


Which video game words or phrases do you most overuse

Whenever there is one last item left in anything that I'm about to grab in a store or something, in my mind I hear "The Laaaast One" from this very specific Crazy Taxi minigame


The answer to every other question is: Gran Turismo

@“exodus”#p61470 y‘know, i can’t disagree with any of those points! I played so much of the post game with the item equipped that prevents random encounters so I kinda forgot how annoying they were during the main game. hopefully in the next one they either refine the combat to make it more interesting or at least make random encounters less of a slog.

@“treefroggy”#p61607 me too dude

happy to see the franchise SUIKODEN, beloved on these forums, and a lock to make a big splash on this year's Video & Game Poll (dzień dobry), potentially into the top 10 but we'll see, get some substantial discussion in this episode. hopefully more universal forum favorites make it into upcoming episodes. like ratchet and clank