Ep. 228 - Should I Drink This?

@“Punzai”#p63406 maybe if you ask for a job at Buckingham Palace they'll ask you if you want to be a Royal Guard or the Queen

It's worth a shot I think, if you wanna be queen

if this intro is in a game, it’s european (well, really, british): https://youtu.be/c7Ppx-M4IoA

(also, i think this would _kill_ the queen ~~if she wasn’t already dead~~)

Price is right rules are only for the opening selection, right? They still kinda suck tho.

@“exodus”#p63492 hard to remember but we did finally agree on “Gully” and I think the fact that we all settled on the wrong answer makes it next a level dumb video game argument


@“exodus”#p63492 I watched a lot of those vhs tapes I was talking about

That's very interesting considering they were most likely to still be Torontonians shooting a production over there in that there Toronto there, but that's not a linguistic quirk I would associate with Toronto, or at least not the city proper. Perhaps it's a linguistic time capsule of a City of Toronto from a bygone era...

@“Syzygy”#p63529 that's wild. around here we just knew the word guile. buncha cool kids

@Gaagaagiins also totally possible that I just fell into saying it accidentally!

maybe there's a bit of an age difference in that we were 6 or 7 so had literally only been able to read for a timespan measured in months lol

My friend group also knew the word guile. Ryu is the one that got us. I had never heard the name spoken aloud any other way than “Rye-ooh.” It wasn't until well into adulthood a friend let me know I was pronouncing it wrong.


What’s the stupidest argument you’ve ever been part of over a video game? (11:37)

In elementary school i had an argument with some kids that were saying that Pokémon came from Spain because of the written accent on the "é".

I knew pokemon was from Japan but my arguments weren't strong enough to convince them, even if I'd had proof of pokemon being japanese I doubt they would have believed me because those kids were my bullies lol

They don‘t say guile in Toronto or Ontario? I’m totally lost

now everyone is big timing me about saying guile right

I‘ve a couple of dumb argument stories. The first was in the days leading up to the UK launch of the GameCube, and long story short, a serial bullshitter kid on my school bus said he had Luigi’s Mansion, and when I told him it wasn't out yet he escalated to say that he had a Japanese GameCube before claiming he had something else yet to be released. He never owned one as far as I know.

The second story I was present for but not part of. I was at my local retro, second-hand games shop the day after Sony had their PS3 2006 E3 conference, and a guy walks in asking if they have any in stock. What ensued was an excruciatingly long conversation where this guy was trying to explain that his friend in Japan had one and that games are out over here, among other things. In the end the shopkeeper feigned defeat and explained that he ran a retro second hand shop and wouldn't have any so soon after launch.

What is it with "I have a Japanese one" line?

My dumbest video game argument was that I used to pit Halo: Combat Evolved and Metroid Prime against each other, unprovoked, in order to declare Prime the better game.

I was real deep in the trenches of the console wars back then.

thinking about tim's formula. when i worked at a japanese company the boss was paying me the equivalent of about $29,000 a year as a 30-year-old. he is now the CEO of the APAC region lol

as a kid i just read guile's name as glue. some combination of not having an understanding of phonics + mostly being a sight-reader + the generally pasty coloring of his portrait. please don't ask me about the last one i was playing a lot of sonic and watching tons of cereal commercials at the time

we called guile goo-lie. I grew up speaking Tagalog and gulay means vegetables. I thought it made sense why he wore green. What's an army

I don‘t remember calling him anything other than the correct pronunciation of Guile, but it wasn’t until around Street Fighter 4 launched that Ryu was pronounced correctly. I'd shamefully called him Rye-oo for too long.

My question for Australians, is Vega called Vee-ga in Australia?

@“LeFish”#p63649 klɔː

We were spot-on with guile, but “rye-ooh” was definitely our canonical pronunciation for that. We were also staunch "zan-geef"ers, but I'm still not sure if the world has collectively moved on from that one.

MK was another tough one...we just had no idea what to do with that T in Shang Tsung, though that somehow naturally became "Shang" (rhymes with clang) "Too-sung"

I hope I see a Hazfinder speedrun at the next GDQ.

Lol wait hold on was I actually getting slightly above market rate from JTB at somewhere over 30k USD in my 20s