Ep. 228 - Should I Drink This?

I have searched as many menus as I could find in GT7 (and that’s a lot of menus) and have found no options whatsoever for song selection. songs seem to be tied to individual courses and menus. it really, really sucks!!

otherwise that game is incredible, I have spent the majority of my time (as I do in every Gran Turismo) tarting up my car and taking ridiculous incredibly detailed screenshots I will never show anyone.

I feel like Zangief had a Russian sounding pronunciation for about a month in the middle of the Street Fighter 4 days before immediately going back to the Americanized pronunciation.

Timestamped (in my mind, correct) pronunciation:

Timestamped (more common, Western) pronunciation:

They just cannot pick how to say this guy's name.

@“TheFragranceOfDarkCoffee”#p63674 good gief

Sf4 got me remembering Seth killian calling ryu roo in the evo broadcasts

@“TheFragranceOfDarkCoffee”#p63674 they even had him say “zan-geef” in a russian accent in wreck-it ralph!

‘If your personality was a video game, what game would it be and why?’

Super Mario Bros.

because I enjoy absorbing the Fire Flower and eating Mushrooms to grow as an individual.

Great episode all.

I can remember one of my classmates acquiring the newer model NES with an upright cartridge slot and trying to get me to believe it was anything but what it was. Their main point of argument was "it's the new Nintendo".

Not much of a car guy so I haven‘t played much Gran Turismo, I’ve got a random playlist of the series on but any hot recommendations for the good music?

When I interview for a job, they don’t have to ask what video game suits my personality. They can tell just by lookin at me that I eat out of the trash and sometimes touch poopie. “Yeah, he’s a real Chulip” they’d say. “He’s probably beaten that game 20 times” “he’d probably die if he found a big poopie in the trash can”

@“Lesmocon”#p63723 here's a playlist from 5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Wud6inCZgQ&list=PLVpVFZ6GvSpfciHXr9ClTFtYcRmtwxtD7

track 3 (slow on the uptake) is an all-timer

@“exodus”#p63733 oh ya this is real chill, this is definitely how I imagined Gran Turismo sounding Vs the rock stuff that was coming up on the random playlist I had going… some of it is okay but it reminded me of late-2000s wrestling games it's a weird choice

I think y'all are going to enjoy the next episode btw. at least my part of it, anyway!!!

Didn't expect to hear Hugo brought up on the show, man that franchise was pretty strange. The games are probably relatively simple, because they are based on a TV game show, where caller-ins had to be able to control it with just their phone-pads. It’s actually kind of neat technologically for it’s time I guess.


Notice that Hugo the character (outside of the simple games) seems to function similarly to a virtual youtuber, but from the 90’ies.

I think I saw some version of this once or twice as a kid and played one of the PC games at someones house, but can’t say that it is something I have any nostalgia for. I more clearly remember some parodies of it, particularly related to the horrible voice used for the character. I guess, they knew what they were doing as it became very popular, but it’s incredibly grating to listen too. I’m surprised by how big this franchise actually is though, the game show was apparently imported to 40 countries...always thought it as just some strange local Danish thing.



@“SU2MM”#p63773 I remember Hugo from mid 90s UK Saturday morning variety shows. They played a mine cart phone-in game where you had to go left and right using the dial pad. Never knew that it had been imported!

I won the hugo ps2 game with the boats in a contest somehow and they had to send it to america (owned) but it actually had pretty good water/boat physics. which…. is maybe not demonstrated well in this video!? I don't remember


@“SU2MM”#p63773 unacceptable input lag smh

I have to say I enjoyed the OSHA bit from the beginning up to the end. Tim was unhinged there and I enjoyed the doomer jokes on the worst bits of the 90s-2000s era. I hate gamification in those areas xD