Ep. 229 - Bye Forever GDC 2022, with Liz Ryerson and Brandon Sheffield

@“ellaguro”#p64105 all the goodbyes are appropriate, we probably could've snuck one of those in


@“exodus”#p64079 Hyper Gunsport

Yay, Hyper Gunsport!

Is the expected release still sometime this year?

I used to stay at a hostel in the tenderloin when I went to GDC, and I always had weird dreams. Maybe there‘s just something about SF hotels. The Fomo is real, even when I went to the GDC, so it’s nice to know everyone's got it.

@“exodus”#p64099 @“Jaffe”#p64101 Pretty much exactly fourteen years ago, I visited Brandon Sheffield in Sunny San Fran and I used the term Frisco and he insisted that Frisco wasn’t a thing.

@“Jaffe”#p64101 I should have made it “san fransiskey” like brandon says in one of the clips, but i was pretty tired

I keep wanting to do a ghost GDC where I show up in SF the week of but without a pass and just worm my way into parties/meets adjacent to the GDC, maybe that would have worked if I knew more people and covid wasn't a thing, and I were a little more outgoing. When I went for the first time 10 years ago I felt like I needed a badge/pass/job title to be legitimate but now maybe not so much.

edit: One question for anyone that went: are business cards still a thing? I greatly enjoyed making business cards, getting them printed, and handing them out and collecting them, even if I never contacted the other people. I knew one developer that just had abstract art on theirs with no contact information.

I’ll meet you at the Tan France Disco in San Francisco

@“Geoff”#p64110 It is! hopefully in a few months here.

@"esper"#p64116 san franciscy is what miners called it (in movies in the 80s and 90s) so that's okay

@"marlfuchs2"#p64118 business cards still do exist barely but I was mostly getting people's emails in a notepad document on my phone. I completely just forgot mine. But I'm also in a weird privileged position where if I don't know somebody I know somebody who knows them so mostly I just need people's names.

Also a lot of people do that at GDC! Just come and hang out in yerba buena park. it makes more sense if you know enough people but if you know one or two people you can get introduced to others and it can spiral around.

P.S. on the patreon I‘ve been sharing all the “reviews” I had to do for games during GOTY competitions I was judging, so if you haven’t looked there in a while, check it out. I‘m trying to do one per week roughly, I’ve got like 5 or 6 left

Black people from SF say Frisco…I always find the stuff that insists NO ONE DOES IT to be very strange!

@“ellaguro”#p64105 if i ever go to a gdc (or anything in the area), i‘ll make sure to say "normally the three guys in a suit trick only works if they’re standing on top of each other!" to that statue (featured in the thumbnail of the third video of that playlist) before shaking each of its hands.

having said two cents,
goodbye forever

Reminded by this episode that as a child I believed San Francisco was The Place To Be—and that I had to live there someday—after playing Sonic Adventure 2 for the first time

well... goodbye forever

(Video Games Forever)

(Big Heads Forever)

(Your Game Has Now Been Saved... Forever)

Did you ever get to try some of Frank's Folio Chocolate?

Aah this was nice. This GDC was both way more crowded than I was expecting, and also super vacant feeling. Worked on our game most of the first half of the week while at the convention center, ducking away in quiet hallways when I needed to make a call, attempting to fight back tears while hearing an emotional scene during a voiceover session.

It was neat seeing people I haven't hung out with in nearly 3 years, probably bumped into Liz the most out of the whole conference. Got to talk to Frank and Kelsey who were also pointing out where to get The Good Chocolate at, and only attended one party/event mostly because we were showing off our game at it.

A mix of fun and high anxiety! Couldn't help but feel like the whole event was like the scene in Nausicaa where they're trying to revive a god warrior, and it just kinda fumbles and falls apart as it goes on.

Imagine my disappointment when I could no longer see a Beard Papa's across from Yerba Buena Park.

@“NoJoTo”#p64127 dodectopus Reagan

Also wow at Brandon for talking about fomo and proceeding to humble brag about being able to just say weird stuff to the Skyrim guy

@“thebryanjzx90”#p64141 it was pretty good!

@"JJSignal"#p64142 oops I didn't realize you were there! I should have assumed though

Hi, I'm forums poster goonbag, and my anecdote is I listened to this episode and it ruled, makes me excited for a future in which our intrepid hosts can do overseas travel again and hopefully bless us with an episode or two recorded on phones at airports and bus stops. Bye forever~

@“ellaguro”#p64105 that ritual at the end . . . spooky stuff ! not enough people are talking about this

@“exodus”#p64156 Yeah! I was incredibly busy for the first half with no real stopping to breathe, but things slowed down for the last two days. Sat in on the Blaseball/Sky/Space Warlord postmortem, meant to say hi after but things were a bit crowded for the post talk talk.