Ep. 231 - The Insert Credit Substitute Teacher Study Hall, with Ash Parrish

Wu Tang Collection on YouTube has a great assortment

including a playlist for jimmy wang yu movies


Well, I’m excited about the possibility of Jaffe being a panelist in the near future for Tim’s special episode! It will be good to see “The Other Side of Jaffe.”

@“UnparalleledDev”#p65859 oh, good suggestion!!! one armed swordsman is his most iconic role probably.

Guffawed when the theme music came on haha, great stuff @espercontrol

Shades of ![](https://i.imgur.com/IEnevyy.png)

I read The Time Machine Did It roughly when it came out, and Double Wonderful a few years later, and I think the descriptions at the end there are good. They're so impressive, but they're a _lot_. There's a joke in every sentence and they're good jokes, but that makes the narrative hard to stick to, I mean I found it on my bookshelf next to Pynchon and I'm more likely to get through that in an afternoon.

Listening to this episode and thinking of jokes I would have made if I was there

@“Jaffe”#p65927 this is why “no true podcaster” ever listens to their own material.

Fun episode everyone! And happy Passover, Alex. Shalom.

Is this where we suggest list episodes? Do best 10 games under 10 hours vs best 10 games over 40 hours or best 10 rpgs under 20 hours vs best 10 rpgs over 80 hours.

Because I want it to stop. Games need to be shorter before it ruins my life.

Not necessarily a best list but an episode going through 10-20 randomly selected / handpicked games from the Ukraine Itch bundle would be fun. There is a “as time allows” caveat to this, obviously but if by the end of the year everyone has three or four that they could talk about, and not even necessarily rank, that would be cool.

@“DavidNoo”#p65811 @“DavidNoo”#p65840

In general Roger Zelazny seemed to have a fascination with semi-divine beings who are nonetheless very human. Chronicles of Amber is also good and has some interesting ideas, but personally I found Lord of Light to be a much stronger work. I really liked that book and if anyone else wants to read Zelazny it is the one I would ecommend to give a try.

If you were to do a list along the lines of “best roomate” or “best life-partner”, instead of just random characters, you could draw from the list of violence island winners. We know they're powerful combatants, but are they emotionally available?

Jaffe may never pick my Violence Island suggestion of Mario vs Majima, but I humbly suggest it would be even better for a round of “which characters are the best kissers”

@“goonbag”#p65954 An off-piste Romance Island round would be a delight.

ha ha what if you were married to gwynevere from dark souls. Might be kind of cool haha, trouble with the in laws though, watch out ! Right guys? just kidding though

@“Granola”#p65951 this is almost exactly what I had in mind

improv zone suggestion : Super Mario's Political Podcast


yup its a good one.

I had not realized how many One Armed movies there were until looking it up to post the links.

just discovered that Master of the Flying Guillotine is technically a sequel to the One-Armed Boxer movie.


also can we talk about how old kung fu movies have some of the best sound design and game feel

@“pizzascrub”#p65994 when‘a mario come’a to dis‘a country, he’a ‘do it’a the right a‘way, not’a like‘a these’a people‘a nowadays’a.

mario‘a want’a know how‘a come’a we don‘ta have’a white history month'a

@“LeFish”#p65949 unfortunately the only way this would happen is with games we‘ve already played - frank won’t do homework and Tim can‘t play anything that’s not work, so… Honk

@“exodus”#p66006 I figured that might be the case but I thought I'd throw it out there on the slim chance that it was a possibility.