Ep. 238 - Jackson Backcracker, Cowboy Chiropractor

Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank Frank again for lending me that SimCopter prototype a while back!

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    The first company to make an LED light-covered Gamer Yoga Mat will hopefully make millions, they‘d be doing everyone’s back a favor by bringing some mobility exercises + standing time into the fray.

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    I think the subversion of Death Stranding 2 is clear: It'll be "dude, what if they made a Metal Gear Solid that was open world with better gunplay" for exactly 15 hours before its protagonist dies at the hand of Norman Reedus and it returns to being a game about walking for the last 25 hours.

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    Am here for any and all Insert Credit / Studio Ghibli discussions. Ideally a power ranking of all of them with an extended conversation of why Whisper of the Heart is number one and a doubly extended conversation of how heartbreaking it is to my Le Guin-loving heart that Tales from Earthsea is the worst.

  • The Castle in the Sky of videogames is clearly Solatorobo: Red The Hunter, that game just kinda rips off that movie's whole thing. But in a good way.

    The Mario Odyssey costumes are soooo good. I think there's much to be said about customizable costumes for making a game continually enjoyable over many hours. Giving your character a whole new look can be so refreshing and inspire you to head back into the world and explore around a bit more. Also can make different events more memorable: “Oh, I remember getting this moon when I was pirate Waluigi Mario,” or etc

    I genuinely enjoy whenever Bomberman is brought up, Brandon mentions the feature in the Saturn version whereby even if a player is knocked out of a particular match they can still huck bombs down at opponents. Whenever I hear it he always sounds infectiously pumped about it. It’s the kind of thing I never want to look it up and see video of, rather I want to experience it blind with seven other people.

    @“biff_stallion”#p71922 tim doesn‘t like it! I like it. It’s definitely one of my favorite examples of giving the player something interesting to do after death.


    @“Salloumi”#p71795 Werner Herzog

    Heard his son's name is _Werner Herzog Zwei_. 🥁*badum-pish*🥁

    I'll show myself out.

    i too must go to bat for katamari‘s writing, or at least dispute the notion that it’s less funny than it was. i didn‘t play it when it came out, only for the first time a couple years ago. and i think what sets it apart from the glut of “irreverent” indie games that followed is that there’s a basis for the king‘s goofball persona, in that he, as a law of nature, can communicate in human language, but approaches it with a funny alien logic. and this leads to many humorous unintentional instances of passive-aggressiveness ("we hope you can visit during the day’s rolling. like that‘s possible"). or because he’s an all-powerful celestial being, will attach insults to the prince‘s name when directly addressing the prince, basically as they occur to him, in the manner one would use a prefix or something (“loser prince”). there is a basis of characterization there vs. someone just winking at you annoyingly. it is adjacent to the genre of writing where someone writes in a way that suggests they don’t know how to use the internet, or even a computer. and as we all know this is the funniest genre of writing. so that‘s why it’s good

    more importantly though there was a serious oversight on this episode.... much of the justification for kratos' defeat of sephiroth seemed to stem from kratos being a god, when sephiroth isn't. when in fact if you consult the official OST the theme that scores the battle against sephiroth's first form ("BIZARRO SEPHIROTH") is titled "birth of a god." i can accept the other reasons cited for kratos winning, but does the omission of such an elementary fact, in the opening stage of one's argument, not undermine that argument entirely.....? just a pretty basic quality control issue that i hope can be ironed out for future matches

    the shadowban tournament and trying to determine who is the ultimate badass had me again pining for the old violence island podcast. one of a few podcasts i've binged while alone with my partner out of town for a weekend, just hearing the hosts streaming into my ears for hours at a time. strong memories of a very surly and unenthused tim muttering "i hate comic book characters.... i hate video game characters....." almost as if to himself during a match between like dr. strange and ms. frizzle or something. ahh.... good times

    @“Jaffe”#p71789 I hope I don‘t seem too critical, violence island is great. It’s the only good multiverse thing ever

    Can Kratos breathe in space? Shadow could Chaos Control him off the planet in an instant

    @“gsk”#p71967 I‘m not sure about space, but Poseidon’s trident allows him to stay underwater indefinitely without breathing.

    @““I thought lethal weapon was safe…yeah.””#p71944 Everything Everywhere All at Once would like a word

    I think shadow should have won!! I said it!

    @“goonbag”#p71970 The Adventures Of Luther Arkwright would like a simultaneous parallel wor(l)d

    look, my standard for multiverse media is: does takahashi meijin take down a cacodemon? No? not interested sorry!

    @“tapevulture”#p71939 There's an entire violence island podcast?!

    @“DavidNoo”#p72000 yes although it appears to be gone from the internet. indeed it appears, that, all that remains is this logo……

    [upl-image-preview url=https://i.imgur.com/WDWqoIS.png]


    Not that I think it would have changed any of the outcomes, I just want to point out that Kratos is also in Mortal Kombat 9 and Soul Calibur for PSP.

    It’s amazing that the folk on the show hold it together during Jaffe’s jokes.

    ‘everyone is stuck by lightning in final fantasy thirteen!’

    @“docky”#p72081 even i missed that with my ears so let me now declare, through the written word “LMAO” @Jaffe