Ep. 251 - Bye Forever PAX 2022, with Brandon Sheffield

Fatty Bear? More like Sticky Bear :bear:

@"exodus"#p83935 wherever you go, there you are

@“brynn”#p83976 confusingly, 2 is a remake of 1, but it doesn‘t have puzzles at least as traditionally presented in adventure games. Also has lots of dialogue so may not be what you’re looking for in that light

Some other recent games that come to mind but I haven't played all of them

_80 Days_
_Paradise Killer_
_Citizen Sleeper_
_Life Is Strange_
_Age Of Decadence_


@“rejj”#p83980 Gemini Rue

yeah this was a neat game

Other than Wadjet Eye, all the stuff from inkle, Amanita Design and Simogo is really good. There are also the narrative games from Telltale/Dontnod and a couple of neat games like The Journey Down and The Dream Machine. Kentucky Route Zero and some of the most recent walking sims like What remains of Edith Finch and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter are also adventure-adjacent, I would say!

Very amusing to hear someone breathlessly fanboy anything related to The Last of Us II, a game that I hated literally more than any game I have ever played in my life, so much that I‘m actually unsure if I should ever post my every game I’ve finished about it

@“aerisdead”#p84025 well now I want to read what you think about it

i listened to this episode in the car with my wife, who said, “wow, working at PAX sounds awful.”

I really enjoyed going to PAX for years as an excuse to take a road trip with my friends, visit another friend and stay on his couch. Over the years yes, we'd go to the convention and see stuff, but it also became more about hanging out with our friend, eating pizza, drinking beer, and playing whatever fighting game was the New Hotness that year. And then I had small kids (they are bigger now) and taking a long weekend in Seattle became less fun for me because I was asking my spouse to effectively work while I was on vacation. So … goodbye forever PAX.

Huge Cons aren't really my bag anymore. Which is ironic because I want all of you to come to the Portland Retro Gaming Expo in the fall so I can meet you, but the Retrogaming con seems much more about having a good time with friends and family rather than participating in massive multi-million dollar marketing.

I hope that comment doesn't seem targeted at you @"exodus"#3 - it's super not. One of my favorite things about PAX was seeing random smaller developers and enjoying myself and their game. I bought [_Shibuya_](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvITLL7EbO8) for IOS one year and it was because they had a booth and I downloaded it on the spot and enjoyed it for years.

... now I want to see if this game is still available or if it's lost forever.

Edit/update: Looks like _Shibuya_ came out in 2010, was updated to _Shibuya Grandmaster_ in 2015, and is now gone forever.

@“exodus”#p84029 I‘ll post it–eventually. Unfortunately a lot of people hate the game for the wrong reasons!!! Don’t want to get lumped in with those jerks!

@“antillese”#p84039 I want everyone to come to the Midwest Gaming Classic in Milwaukee! But also I'd like it more if it was hosted at the Brookfield Sheraton again.

These kinds of episodes are the ones that make me reply outloud as if I‘m actually part of the conversation before I remember it’s a recording

@“aerisdead”#p84044 ahhh the classic “can't complain about it because people are already complaining about it wrong” situation

There is no wrong way of complaining about The Last of Us, in my opinion (with the exception all the transphobic and mysoginistic shit takes of course). But overall is a pretty safe franchise hating-wise I would say.

@“brynn”#p83970 The adventure genre is sort of weirdly a shorthand for a specific sort of 2D point-and-click narrative heavy game (think Monkey Island, Broken Sword, etc) which it doesn't sound like you are talking about but the guys in the podcast (and some of the subsequent posts) were - might be wrong though!

I guess the games you reference would more fit into the "first person puzzler/exploration" genre, although the word adventure totally fits them! I am thinking some other games you _might_ like are _The Witness, The Return of the Obra Dinn, The Talos Principle, Subnautica, Heaven's Vault_ and possibly some of the more interactive "walking simulator" style games.

I really enjoy these convention episodes that I've heard. I can empathize with a mediocre or letdown of an experience as someone hosting a booth at this type of function. One time literally feeling completely out of place there, wondering why my employer sent me there. Another time having adjacent booths be extra… irritating.

I once covered for the HR person who was pretty ill that week and they told me all of the materials I'd need would be in their office. Yeah, they weren't and I found out on the day of the event when I went to grab them 30 minutes before departing. They were locked in the trunk of their car and they were in no shape to bring them to me. Had I driven to their residence, I would have missed half of the schedule event time. So I just... brought myself and relevant materials I could think of from my office in 10 minutes. Oh boy!

Looking forward to the TGS episode. I hope you have a more enjoyable time there!

My mom did not like this episode

I was at that Last of Us 2 whisky event! The scotch wasn't anything to write home about, but the official taster they hired was trying his best to guide a (surprisingly) uncaring audience. My personal highlight was him comparing the smoky finish to the burning village near the end of the Seattle section of the game. You know, because all scotch should at least have a hint of misplaced aggression.

just found out that over at the Video Game History Foundation, Frank has another podcast and it's actually really good.

I only found out from watching the pax panel https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1580867188?t=03h29m07s

please promote, or "plug" your work so people can know about it. plug your work and plug it again.

@“UnparalleledDev”#p84097 it‘s funny because he plugs it like every 6th episode he’s on being like “you know, I always forget to promote my own work” and then I think “but you just did!” and it turns out he‘s the one who’s correct!


i‘m guilty of sometimes skipping the end of the show recommendations. so there’s also that.


@“exodus”#p84113 every 6th episode

the rng is real.

@“UnparalleledDev”#p84193 Sometimes I read the show recommendations in the notes on my podcast app because I like em so much, but I'd rather wait and hear em live!