Ep. 252 - Quora Spectaskular 2, with Ash Parrish and Chris Kohler

There was a recent fan remake of Triple Trouble for windows PC.



Also, I found this map illustration from around the time Zelda II was released that makes more sense to me where Zelda 1 is to the south and is similar in size to II
[upl-image-preview url=https://i.imgur.com/tKGnehc.jpeg]
but then I found this map in nintendo power issue 4
[upl-image-preview url=https://i.imgur.com/NitpTns.jpeg]
not sure which is correct - but I think they're neat!

How many times has @“exodus”#3 missed an episode? I really think this is the first time since I started listening to the podcast!

Speaking of Metal: Hellsinger and BPM, I hope it's okay if plug in the review [I did for the former earlier this week.](https://www.anaitgames.com/analisis/analisis-metal-hellsinger) I do agree with Ash that Beats Per Minute is the better, more mechanically interesting and visually appealing game, with the caveat that BPM it's one of those dungeon crawling roguelikes where you go from one room to the next cleaning up each of them separately, which leads to a structure/pacing that is a bit too rigid. So if for any reason you're not into that better go for the more traditionally conceived Hellsinger.

I haven‘t listened to the episode yet, but I hope Tim isn’t on the podcast because he's busy with work, and not missing it due to any unfavorable reasons.

I hope everyone involved with the podcast is well.

@“bwood”#p84886 We’re all still friends. Well, everyone but me and Frank. (Or are we?)

@“Jaffe”#p84891 Can someone who is more versed in wrestling please tell us who is the “Heel” and who is the “Face” in the Alex/Frank blood feud?

Fun episode. Ash is always fantastic and Chris is also wonderful. Them not knowing they were going to be reunited was #heartwarming.

Agreed that Alex Jaffe is about as face as one could possibly get. If podcasting had kayfabe gimmicks, Alex Jaffe‘s gimmick is like a Bruno Sammartino type, just an earnest and likeable guy who goes in and gets the job done, and there isn’t a whole lot of intricate detail or background story to it (I mean, in a fictionalizing sense). It‘s just, the gimmick is that he’s that guy, because, that's who he is.

Tangent: Bruno Sammartino was a holdover from a bygone era from before it was ever openly acknowledged that wrestling operated according to a pre-determined storyline, and was alive and at least around for some time before that changed, and he held out longer than almost anyone else from that era in terms of acknowledging the existence of kayfabe, or "shooting," as it's called when a pro wrestler or someone involved with pro wrestling speaks about the manufactured/fictionalized nature of pro wrestling, or acts in such a way as to imply or even explicitly reveal that. Actually he was so invested in this that he may have only chosen to do so in a significant way in an autobio which was written shortly before he died and not published until after his death. So while he had chosen to do so, he technically went to his grave before significantly breaking kayfabe. Fascinating guy who had a fascinating life, as detailed in this [earlier video format autobio](https://youtu.be/Rpt-y-Wu45s) that's on youtube for some reason.

Anyway. While conventionally every feud will have someone who is clearly identifiable as the face (or at least more face than the other wrestler) and someone who is clearly identifiable as the heel (or at least more heel than the other wrestler), the Alex Jaffe and Frank Cifaldi feud is pretty tepid by pro wrestling standards. However, if I had to book this feud in the Parasocial Wrestling League fiction, at most I would say that Frank is the badboy tweener (as in, "betweener," someone who is not face enough to be straightforwardly a face but not straightforwardly heelish enough to be a heel) in the Insert Credit stable (association of wrestlers who aren't necessarily considered a formal tag team or are more than like 3 wrestlers, but as such aren't numerous enough to be considered a faction), which is an overall face aligned stable. They might butt heads or have a scrap or two but there is nothing to suggest a feud will or even could break out.

@“JoJoestar”#p84867 I feeeel like I missed one more but we might have just canceled the episode? But yeah… I try to be in there for consistency

@“exodus”#p85000 I was asking precisely because I‘ve noticed Frank and Tim skipping some episodes here and there, and Jaffe also missed one a couple of weeks back, so you were kind of the last man standing in this regard. On the other hand you missing this one prompted Sega to announce Like a Dragon Ishin and Gaiden so I’m gonna thank you for that :stuck_out_tongue: