Ep. 254 - From Tokyo with Brandon Sheffield, Part II

### Ep. 254 - From Tokyo with Brandon Sheffield, Part II

Brandon continues his time in Japan for the Tokyo Game Show by covering hidden shrines at Sega HQ with [Lotte May](https://twitter.com/LotteMakesStuff) and [Yumiko Miyabe](https://twitter.com/yumikomiyabe), Rez development with [Mark MacDonald](https://twitter.com/markmacd), Kaiju bars with [Jun Shimizu](https://www.mobygames.com/developer/sheet/view/developerId,815342/), Tokyo Game Show games with [Andrew Kiya](https://twitter.com/kiyandrew), the Japanese language with Cheryl Ng, and video game purchases with [Paul O'Leary McCann](https://twitter.com/polm23).

Hosted by Brandon Sheffield, with Lotte May, Yumiko Miyabe, Mark Macdonald, Jun Shimizu, Andrew Kiya, Cheryl Ng, and Paul O'Leary McCann. Edited by Esper Quinn, original music by Kurt Feldman.


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I have not caught up with the previous episode / [size=11]PART ONE[/size] yet but this was a really nice and chill sound capsule to listen and zone out to while doing mindless paperwork and post-trip expenses. You could almost smell the sounds!

That _kaiju_ place in Nakano seems super nice.

I won’t hit all the liner notes for the games haul segment @1h18m28s but:

**Arc The Lad Monster Game With Casino Game** is a "data disc"-type release which is supposed to be played with your save file from **Arc The Lad II**. (I am not sure whether it is even playable as a standalone game?) Both discs were included in Working Designs’ **Arc The Lad Collection** for the American market, impressively.

② I concur that **Dinosaur Hunting** for the Xbox is both an aggressively average _and_ contextually very interesting game.

③ Aki Corporation is the developer behind the Def Jam games and a bunch of popular wrestling games during the N64 era. They rebranded (and pivoted!) as SynSophia when they hit it big with **Girls Mode** a.k.a. Style Savvy for Nintendo.

④ I am pretty sure the Playmore alternate covers are just budget re-releases. If I remember correctly, they were (temporarily?) exclusive to the Sega Direct website. I’ll double-check once I am home.

“I‘m here in the 7-11 trying to find a snack that doesn’t contain mysterious chicken in it.” Brandon. Been there.

@“chazumaru”#p86113 good to know re: arc the lad - and yeah, I assumed the playmore alt covers were just budget releases, but I don‘t see them around as much so they’re intriguing - they do advertise galleries and stuff on the back though, couldn't remember if that was in the original release (probably!)

@“exodus”#p86161 Yes, all the contents inside the GD-ROM are the same between the standard and budget versions. Can’t find any trace at home or online of a Sega Direct connection so I must misremember that part…

@“chazumaru”#p86188 I was assuming (and I think I said so in the show) that this was about Playmore simply having releases on the docket for the year so they could be a legit company, make some income, etc, as they emerged from their tax shelter or whatever they were doing.

Oh hey its me! Super weird that they sealed up that Sega shrine, deffo makes you wonder what they got in there. Is that where they keep shadow?

I had to look up that Phase Paradox game. Looks like Yoko Taro worked on the visuals and opening.

only part way through but dang this is good stuff! I'm curious, did you record the entire thing with your 4 dollar(?) lav mic? Was it just plugged into your phone? I like such a simple approach. I tried to record myself walking around with airpods and it was just atrocious sounding.

@“hellomrkearns”#p86233 correct!

@"DavidNoo"#p86235 most of the time! Sometimes I forgot and then it sounds worse. But yeah way more of episode 2 was recorded with the lav mic than episode 1

Photo upload bug is preventing me from uploading a photo of my copy but yeah dude Dinosaur Hunting rules. I mean it definitely is bordering on kusoge and it‘s very much of a piece with things like Muzzle Flash and Project Minerva, but if anyone has an interest in that kind of weird, budgety sort of mood, I definitely recommend spending some time with it. Took me far too long to find a copy of it, though. I’d imagine it would be much cheaper in Japan, even if it's still elusive.

Thanks again for taking the time to do this and to the guests for coming on. Some really cool nuggets in this one!

I bought Phase Paradox kinda recently. Neat.

all zoomers on the forums please be aware that the content of this episode is about as vintage insert credit as it gets. delightful

Hearing Brandon mention the phrase


do the needful

caused an involuntary twitch as soon as I heard it. I have strongly negative associations with that particular phrase, coming from exceedingly poorly defined statements of work or specifications being passed along with a “_…so please do the needful_”.

I cannot help but just parse it as “I am going to throw you under the bus and ask you to be responsible for something I do not understand and cannot explain”

@“rejj”#p86328 oh no! I thought it sounded positive! Maybe we need Naruto shouting “Do the Needful!” before doing something helpful.

@“rejj”#p86328 I could see it being used that way, but also as “don‘t do all that extra stuff, just do what’s necessary” which is how my friend living there usually heard it, so… Hopefully it's that a little more often

I like these chill road trip episodes. I listened to it while mostly on trains today, which felt like a good parallel.

Also I somehow learned that Marty Friedman was in Metallica for the first time today. I've been listening to a solo album of his ever since discovering that he wrote the music for one of my favorite anime {B: The Beginning}. I felt like a true clown, though I own many more punk band shirts than metal band shirts

@“dylanfills”#p86467 megadeth, not metallica!! Marty lived in Japan for quite a while and did a bunch of anime stuff. I think he hosted a variety show too?