Ep. 254 - From Tokyo with Brandon Sheffield, Part II

@“Chopemon”#p86277 Phase Paradox rules! I barely ever know what‘s happening in that game due to my extremely tenuous grasp on any Japanese whatsoever, but the connection to Philosoma is fascinating. I picked up a copy a few years ago on John Linneman’s recommendation and while it took some time to track down, it was well worth it, I think the box art alone is ice cold. Love it.

@exodus idk if this is at all helpful but my understanding with the Def Jam games (well, the first two) is that it's a combination of a few main factors. First and foremost being that Aki Corp was the team making all those N64 wrestling games in the 90s, which have a massive following and huge nostalgia pull amongst a pretty wide age bracket. Then the license was passed on to some other teams and etc. etc. it seems like that crowd views those Aki N64 wrestling games as a golden age of sorts. Aki's follow up after losing the WWE (WWF? one of those) license was this project with Def Jam records to bring together a bunch of the biggest names in hip-hop at the time and have them Do Wrasslin' Moves on each other. That license also brought in a massive crowd at the time, and you're right, those games sold a bazillion copies. And now all those kids are in their 30s and have built something of a new FGC scene around those games, which is wild. But that's driven demand way, way up. The Xbox ports (which are more desirable from a tech perspective) are still relatively "reasonable" by comparison, but as always, PS2 and GC ports are in the stratosphere. That scene exists somewhat separated from the retro games collecting scene, so it's not a lot of people looking to import a Japanese PS2. Def Jam records has teased the idea of reviving the franchise in some fashion but it's an absolute minefield of legal problems. I mean, some of these guys are no longer with us in this mortal coil, and it's full of brand partnerships and sponsored apparel and stuff. It gets real messy real fast. Also, the Japanese release of Vendetta, the first game, has j-rappers Dabo and S-word as exclusive bonus characters, so theoretically I'd say you came out on top of you picked that one up.

Source: I have never watched wrestling and have zero desire to but I really love hip-hop and played these games at a neighbor kid's house back in the day.

Anyway, as others have said, these travelogue episodes are big time classic insert credit material. This has been a pleasant and welcome distraction from all the wildfire smoke I've been breathing all week, I appreciate it immensely.

Good stuff. I enjoyed hearing about your large number of adventures (and am just a teeny bit envious!). How was the 10 person DJ Party?

@“DavidNoo”#p86492 oh, was that not in the episode? If u was talking about Matsuura in omotesando then that‘s how the event was! If not I’ll dig the clip up

@“exodus”#p86508 I'll rewind before you go through the trouble, I might have missed it

@“andrewelmore”#p86481 I bought it because the music seems extremely chill. Maybe I'll get to it soon and bump it up the backlog.

@“DavidNoo”#p86516 I am thinking it's not in there. oops!

Yeah, it‘s mentioned that you’re going to it and then I don't remember it being brought up again.


@“exodus”#p86469 megadeth, not metallica!!

[color=purple]_WHAT A TRAGIC SLIP_[/color]

@“dylanfills”#p86642 its… sad but true.

well!!! i messed up.

i left out a really important part of the experience Brandon sent me; a little post script of the masaya matsuura record playing. this has been fixed and filled into its appropriate slot near the end of the episode, if you listen to it now or redownload it.

if you'd like to hear just that part individually, i've put it up as an mp3 you can listen to [right here](https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_i0I1QDuUrLu--cxMRzo0YSrqlZRD2XG/view?usp=sharing)!!

thanks to brandon for letting me know. there's a good deal more ambient tracks on here I'm going to polish up a bit and put on the patreon, so if you want to chill with cool ambient japanese sounds, get ready to click [this link](https://www.patreon.com/insertcredit)

@“esper”#p86828 Thanks for posting it! Was a cool segment to catch up on.


These audio journeys from events and such are a real joy. Love them as interludes between the more structured episodes!

I felt kind of bad for Brandon for worrying so much about the sound quality and mics and such because I found all the roughness in the audio just part of the charm. In the recordings made in the car, I kept hoping the sound would distort even more! Like, heck yeah, Wangan Line, let’s get some noise! If anything, the rough quality added to the feeling of a particular place and a particular time which I think is a big part of the Insert Credit aesthetic anyway, regardless of whether you’re talking about games or music or people or whatever.

But obvs I appreciate all the care Brandon (and Esper, I’d imagine!) took to improve the sound. Good job with the roughness AND the polish!

And I hope the record-slapping ojisan bought something that skips on his player. No mercy for passive-aggressive browsers!