Ep. 258 - Tapey Toppies

FWIW ATHF did get a PS2 game, it's an immensely unfun version of that one mode in the new Mario Golf where the players have to chase down their ball after every shot, only with brawler and kart racer elements tacked on.

Takeshi no Chusenjo is the Aqua Teen of video games. It's intentional kusoge.


@“JJSignal”#p89694 What’s the Adult Swim programming of games?

Well, there's a literal answer in that Adult Swim has actually published games. The only one I can think of off the top of my head is Duck Game, but there were others too

(Haven't listened to the episode yet, so don't know if this was mentioned)

buzzing in to the ATHF question with: cruelty squad. next question

The Adult Swim programming of games is those Devolver Digital E3 streaming… things


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@“yeso”#p89699 hold up. myst NOVELS? let me find out

@“coreywilliams”#p89702 i mean Tim clearly stated that he has neither seen ATHF nor played A Night in the Woods so we have to take that comparison and basically chuck it in the bin.

(i'm a big fan of A Night in the Woods and not particularly a fan at all of ATHF, despite having watched several episodes during its heyday.)


@“esper”#p89643 Spencer’s Gifts asks: What is the best non-interactive work of video game media?


I haven’t really thought this through in any great detail (so it’s perfect for a podcast answer! ha ha ha); the Aqua Teen Hunger Force of video games is that moment around 2001-2002(ish) where “Hardcore Gamers” temporarily became interested in The Sims. They weren’t doing what modern Simmers do however, they were swapping stories about how “I totally locked my sim in and then deleted all the doors and windows and it just died, dude”.

Maybe it‘s because I associate them with that same early 2000s undergrad time in my life, but I think a contender for ATHF if games the Jason Oda’s “Emogame” series from the early 2000s. Very snarky and talky, with the odd ‘lol random’ pop reference stuck in, and occasional reference to something deeper/bigger (in the case of Emogame 3- Bushgame, the focus was the politics of the time).

It was also an early instance of the indie pixel platformer aesthetic, so like ATHF could be said to be an influential early work in a genre where it's kind of forgotten now.

Not sure if there's a better place to plop this thought, but I appreciate the Invert(ed) Credit profile image and the backlog of bonus episodes that seem to have been put on Spotify as of yesterday. Nice to not have the white background hurt my eyes anymore and delightful to come across so much new material all of a sudden.

EDIT : Looks like the Bonus Credit episodes being public was a fluke, but I still appreciate not having my retinas burnt out when I go to pause the show.

@“whatsarobot”#p89735 Yes, I certainly agree. I was more just kind of thinking about why it was bothering me so much and sharing.

I was thinking about the Williams Street productions and if there was a game that was made by outsiders who had been working in the periphery of the industry before creating a hit and thereby having a large impact on the medium and I think The Witcher 3 might be the Aqua Teen Hunger Force of video games.

CD Projekt went from selling pirated games in Poland to doing translations to making their own games which led to The Witcher 3.

The Williams Street people went from programming rerun Hannah Barbara cartoons in Atlanta to producing cheap bumpers to making Space Ghost Coast to Coast which led to Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

For better or worse, the stuff they did on that show and after certainly has had an outsized influence on comedy in general.

I haven‘t listened to this episode yet but I’m very much looking forward to hearing the discussion about Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I have been cautious about expressing my affection for the show on IC. Some of the episodes are problematic at best and I don‘t want to be seen as endorsing any punching down on marginalized groups. I think they moved away from that in general over time, but it’s easy to find counterexamples.

That being said, the pacing and absurdity of it made it one of my favorite comedies ever, and I'm hosting a watch party for the new movie in a few weeks.

Here is one of my favorite rappers discussing what the effects would be of stepping to Master Shake:

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Night in the Woods got done a dirty yeah. There‘s always an opportunity to make a pod cast mea culpa though. I will admit that my first impression of the game was what Tim described though so I’m guilty of the same knee jerk reaction


oh hell yeah

Gregory Horror Show would have been soooo much more successful had it been released later. Heck, even it it was released this year it would feel much better for the market!! I guess the license always held this from being released but I would love to see a remastered version.

I often suspect I’m the only person on the planet to complete this game.

If you count Bubsy 3D: Bubsy Visits the James Turrell Retrospective as an official Bubsy game (and for important reasons you’ll all discover some time in 2023, I do) then that‘s the franchise that took the longest time to get interesting.


@“esper”#p89842 If you count Bubsy 3D: Bubsy Visits the James Turrell Retrospective as an official Bubsy game (and for important reasons you’ll all discover some time in 2023, I do) then that‘s the franchise that took the longest time to get interesting.

Holy shit

What an amazing episode and I am not just saying that because of all the Paramount+ talk at the end.

I was genuinely laughing out loud when Brandon was just calmly explaining Aqua Teen Hunger Force in detail to Tim. I'm pretty sure the bomb scare was in Boston though?

AMC+ does suck. I got it to watch the last season of Better Call Saul only to find out it wasn't on the service after I had already paid for a full month.

@Jaffe was right, there is a lot of politics in Skip Intro (people who make TV shows hate it but people who watch TV shows love it). We should be able to get Next Generation done real soon.


@“esper”#p89643 Which video game franchise took the greatest number of releases to start getting interesting?

this question seems so tough because usually with the first game in a series, it presents a lot of interesting concepts to get you in on the ground floor and expand on stuff in sequels
i dunno if i really have a good answer to this question, mostly cause i havent played a lot of games


@“esper”#p89643 What is the Aqua Teen Hunger Force of video games?

i havent watched too much aqua teen hunger force, only like maybe 10 episodes
what i get from ATHF is that its low budget, maybe the art isnt the best, it has this interesting core to it that makes you want to come back to it for more, and its strangely surreal
i mean there is obviously an ATHF video game, but to have that be the answer would be no fun
i guess the best example that comes to mind is LSD dream simulator?