Ep. 262 - Phantastic, with Gita Jackson

@“Jaffe”#p93889 is it possible to rate and review if I don't have an iPhone, or in fact any kind of Apple account?

Frank wasn't joking:

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Man I love it when Gita is on.

what a great episode!

I appreciate taking the time to leave a bit of a memorial, it was very sweet.

Aw boy… that tribute section was just beautiful… Alex @“Jaffe”#205 I see why you were so excited about this episode… it was an all-timer!!!

EDIT: and I'm not even done listening!!

Got a good laugh during the discussion on how much a game should cost, especially with Tim going into all the free games on Internet Archive.

Wonderful tributes to ~~Rumiko~~ Rieko as well, loved the Phantasy Star games when I was younger, and Skies of Arcadia is an all timer.

@“Fuck Trevor”#p93926 rieko!

That felt like one of the particularly… warm episodes. Everyone in a good mood and enjoying each other. And the Rieko tribute was so unexpected and deep and lovely. Thank you (thank you)

@“exodus”#p93937 it's funny, i sometimes comment that in a few ways she feels to me like the rumiko takahashi of games.

Just wanted to say the Rieko Kodama remembrance section was very moving. Thank you all for that.

Really cool job gathering all these surprise contributors for the Kodama remembrance, especially Mark Cerny. I also had no idea she’d passed away. I was never a Sega kid so I haven’t really had the direct formative exposure to her work that some of you did (tbph I’ve bounced off of Skies of Arcadia and Phantasy Star, the latter most recently just the other day) but I knew of her from the magazines and message boards as “the first lady of JRPGs” and noticed she was exceptionally open to Western press compared with a lot of the mystified figures in that world.

That one time Tim published an essay bragging about getting birthday wishes from her on Facebook, I was consumed with envy and curiosity, lol - what’s it like to _know_ a person who made those colorful, romantic games that felt to an American child like they’d dropped in from a whole other world?? Since becoming a “journalist” myself, I’ve also had the experience of looking at the news and discovering someone I once sat down with for a long, surprisingly personal interview (the first I ever did) has passed on… it’s an uncanny feeling. Cerny’s remembrances on the podcast were especially affecting, coming from the perspective of someone who once knew her as a colleague on a day-to-day basis.

Even observed from a distance, she was a distinctly bright-shining star in an industry full of big egos and faceless suits. Sad that her passing was so quiet and so soon.

btw I’m open to people trying to convince me to give Phantasy Star IV another shot if that’s an appropriate conversation for this thread

@“esper”#p93859 a fine choice…teared up a bit during Cerny's eulogy😢

@“RubySunrise”#p93890 yes but you do need to create an Apple ID and download iTunes, which you can run on Windows

@“2501”#p93974 have you tried the Sega ages phantasy star on switch? That‘s where I’d start! It's super short.


@“esper”#p93799 is it ever worthwhile to play all the way through a game you hate?

I think the only game I ever did this with was Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. "Hate" is probably putting it too strongly, but I had some serious misgivings about the direction they went with the gameplay (specifically, bad bad no good stealth mechanics) and the story. Sure the campy over-the-top antics were fun, but at some point they completely overwhelmed the genuine pathos I had felt for the characters coming out of the first game. This became even more frustrating when the challenge spike of the final encounter hit me like a brick wall...I ended up knocking down the difficulty to the lowest level and just powering through to the credits. I'm glad I stuck it out, mainly to have some closure and could set it aside without that nagging feeling I get when I just abandon games mid-stream, even if I know I'm probably cutting my losses when I do so.

Anyway, my copy is going to be @exodus 's problem real soon XD

||jk, it's actually pretty fun!||

||_please_ don't send it back||

I‘ll admit that I didn’t know that much about Reiko Kodama until a few years ago, but the things she worked on resonated strongly with me.

Phantasy Star was technically one of my first encounters with JRPGs, specifically II, and then IV. II lit my little child brain on fire when I saw the cool character portraits, and IV stunned me with its striking paneled cutscenes and character designs. Later on it would heavily influence my work in pixel art when working on Read Only Memories. Jess exists because of Nei, I'm not sure if it's there now, but earlier versions of the game would default your name to Alys if you entered nothing in the name field, while Lexi's high collar red jacket was inspired by Alys' coat.
Phantasy Star in general still feels very unique to me in its fantasy sci-fi mixed style that I don't think has been really properly recreated, not even with PSO which feels like its own style entirely. That unique extremely 1970s~early90s mix of sci-fi with fantasy was what really drew me into it. That M2 Switch release of the first game is fantastic. The retranslation patch Frank brought up might be a good excuse to play it again on the MegaSG.

Skies of Arcadia was also one of my favorite games on the Dreamcast. its sense of fantastical adventure, bright blue skies and colorful characters stuck with me for a long time. I never get tired of flying around in my little ship, then stopping to just hang out inside of it. I recently started playing the GameCube version with a widescreen patch on the Dolphin and I'm having a blast.

Thank you for the memories and inspiration, Reiko Kodama.

@“exodus”#p93990 Is there an Ages version of IV? I thought there wasn’t; I only have the Genesis collection.

@“kory”#p93998 I kinda liked the stealth mechanics in TNC - at its best, the game feels like Hotline Miami 3D - but agree that the direction they went with the story was not great.

I laughed out loud at the part about final fantasy x. Morbid saint rules!