Ep. 262 - Phantastic, with Gita Jackson

@“2501”#p94019 The details have faded from memory a bit, but I think your description is very apt and might be why I wasn't crazy about it. IIRC, once you triggered the alarm state there was little or no opportunity to hide out and reset it (like, say, Metal Gear), so you had to immediately shift into wild flailing murder mode. This works great in a game built out of small vignettes like Hotline Miami (which I do like!), but just added to my frustration with TNC. Thinking back to the game, I did enjoy a lot of the home base hangouts and hijinks though!

@“2501”#p94017 nope! Just saying buy that first one

Very beautiful episode. Got me choked up. I‘ve only played a handful of games Kodama worked on with the meatier ones still on my backlog. I wish I could have been more in the know to celebrate her contributions while she was still alive but the good news it’s probably never too late to experience them for the first time.

@“2501”#p94017 IV didn‘t really need an Ages version the way the previous entries did/do—the original’s tough in the way the average post-DQ RPG was tough, and II was nigh-unplayable even back in ‘89, but IV’s an extremely smooth and well-paced game.

That said, if you do want an official version with enhancements, the Phantasy Star Complete Collection for PS2 includes the English versions of all four mainline games with optional enhancements (xp boosts, faster walking, etc).

@“gsk”#p94051 tbph I was a bit put off by the encounter rate, DQ-level simplicity of the battle system and abbreviation-riddled UI - remakes and modern RPGs have spoiled me here. I would be curious to check out a tweaked and streamlined version of the game, because outside of menus the localization and manga panel cutscenes did strike me as surprisingly modern.

@“2501”#p94081 IV‘s battle system does become a little deeper than it might seem at a glance, but yeah, the appeal of that specific game is that it’s an extremely well-lubricated treadmill to the end.

You got me wondering if there wasn't a patch out there to address the excessive abbreviations, so I took a look and saw that a new "relocalization" patch was released just a couple weeks ago... and then I saw that they basically Working Designs'd it and completely lost interest: https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/4171/

what is this I hear about a tiktok account?

also great episode

also thanks Jaffe for the note at the very very end because I was very curious about that. pumped for the next episode

@“Personalmatthew”#p94105 don't get your hopes up, turns out jaffe overestimated our ability to reach into metaphor

For what it‘s worth – I started Phantasy Star IV this year, before the news came out about Reiko’s untimely passing – and have quietly been thoroughly engrossed. I haven‘t mentioned it in the "what we’re currently playing“ post, or even in ”show me anything sega", because I‘ve felt like I don’t have much to say that hasn't been said so many times before.

However, here and now, in the context of offering tributes and memories to her work -- I was immediately engrossed. PS4 has been there, like a somewhat comforting blanket, while I've navigated the releases and games of this year. I play something new, then come back and put an hour or three into Phantasy Star IV. I get distracted and play the next new thing, I come back again and put another few hours in.

It may take me a year to finish this game, and I'm not sure I'll ever have much worth of note to say about it beyond: this is fun, this is good, I am enjoying my time hanging out with this game.

I know he said he's not going to share it but who else really wants to know what else Tim has on that Zelda-like list?

@“rearnakedwindow”#p94169 He‘s mentioned a few before, off the top of my head I can remember:


Beyond Oasis

Crusader of Centy

Linkle Liver Story



Light Crusader

Shining Wisdom

I distinctly remember him saying he doesn’t think Neugier is “good” but it is “cool” (or something along those lines).

I reckon he'd put neutopia II in there too

maybe i should have changed my name to David Neutopia

@“exodus”#p93990 Just F everyone's Y, Sega Ages Phantasy Star is on sale on switch right now.


@“antillese”#p94431 Just F everyone’s Y

For everyone's Yinzformation

@“Gaagaagiins”#p94440 It’s been a long day and it’s a legit mistake. But I’m gonna try to pass it off as some kind of Y’s joke.

@“antillese”#p94443 take it Ys-E my man

@“antillese”#p94443 I loved it