Ep. 265 - Starfield and Friends


@“esper”#p96740 What is the Jeanne Dielman, 23 quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles of video games?

Panekit is the answer, but it’ll take another 70 years.

@“connrrr”#p96870 Samurai Champloo. weird mix of western and Japanese aesthetic, high production values, more beloved outside of Japan than inside.

@“whatsarobot”#p96948 is sam cham really a shounen though? I was thinking of something American and anime-influenced like Avatar TLA… or Megas XLR.

@“connrrr”#p96950 good call. maybe it's Samurai Jack actually lol.

Linda Cube ftmfw

I had not heard of Starfield prior to listening to this episode, so based on the title I thought “Starfield and Friends” would be the name of The Insert Credit Show Equivalent in some alternative universe where instead of talking about video games, the hosts were all really into astronomy, and Brandon changed his last name from Sheffield to Starfield.

Also Brandon saying he hates babies and cavemen was intentional bait (that somehow no one took) to get someone to question him about loving Bonk right?


@“connrrr”#p96950 is sam cham really a shounen though?

It's too good to be considered a shounen

@“saddleblasters”#p96970 people did mention bonk but in truth I do not like babies or cavemen, and I like bonk DESPITE these things.

@exodus loves Bonk despite Bonk being a baby caveman, who can eat his volume in giant dino meat in seconds, probably violently loudly. Truly no greater love for Bonk exists

i‘m glad tim said he was sorry about saying bug was bad. i love it. it is bad, but love don’t care.

at least it's not as bad as bug 2


@“esper”#p96740 Mek asks: has there ever been a good boss fight in a first person shooter? (54:54)

i couldn't in good conscience recommend anyone *start* playing destiny now, but that's your answer.

Before ending it, damn: Jaffe was spot on with the best content creator. I was surprised because I thought the prize was prepared for Nibellion, but I guess they thought it was better not to be that memed.

Also, I think the Fallout: New Vegas is not a bad answer at all for the Jeanne Dielman of games.

i love the consistency with which the hosts hate the improv zone but it turns into one of most memorable moments of an episode (at least for me). i get it improv requires shifting gears into a very different mind/energy/mana-space but i applaud jaffe's tasteful peppering of the segment. keep on your toes.

@“dicegame”#p97039 it‘s also something we’re not good at and don‘t enjoy doing! I also generally dislike improv comedy. So yeah, it’s a tough one. but as long as people like it, we can stomach one every 3 months

paradoxically, it‘s “good” improv that’s actually bad. So Jaffe cracked the code with his methodology

I revealed this late in the show’s original 2010s run, but Improv Zone has always been tim’s idea

@“Jaffe”#p97054 that guy's out to get me!!!

@“yeso”#p97043 Yeah, that was pretty fun, honestly.

Re: Monopoly, I don't think this was the original one, but this Defense of Monopoly has been (wait for the stupid joke) living in my mind rent-free for years.

It posits that _Monopoly_ may not be an amazing game, but it stops being a terrible game when you play with rules as written instead of playing with the house rules which you were taught. This is specifically for auctions, free parking, landing on Go, etc. The author also suggests a different end condition by ending the game when the first player goes bankrupt. I like this a lot!

It's also interesting to note that modern "kids" branded _Monopoly_ games (e.g. _Space Monopoly_, etc that are prevalent in my family) hammer home playing rules as written in their own rules multiple times. It's almost like they say "Hey, ignore what your boomer dad is telling you about putting taxes on Free Parking and tell your dad to just play rules as written".