Ep. 267 - Asynchronicity 2: Holiday Spectacular


@“Gaagaagiins”#p98668 And it does that creepy thing where characters with dark skin just have that skin color in a contrast-less block all over their body, so they don’t have lighter skin on their palms.


@“Gaagaagiins”#p98668 HYPER GUNSPORT is proof positive that doing it right, at least in the context of the creation of a mass media entertainment product, is, perhaps counterintuitively, not that hard, if you have the right intentions and attitude.

#### _But, hey, nobody's perfect!!_

[img height=300]https://i.imgur.com/6hPS80n.png[/img]

However, at the same time, if everyone was perfect, then there would be no way to recognize progress.

[img height=400]https://i.imgur.com/XbxEfC5.jpeg[/img]

@“Gaagaagiins”#p98671 yeah, we did a bad job with the hands there! We had a different art director when that was done… Maybe if we have some time we can patch it.

i am no big fan of sonic but that answer to the “cool vs good” question is pretty perfect


@“exodus”#p98713 Maybe if we have some time we can patch it.

I think that would be a really cool move.

And if it were up to me I'd say to do it in a visible way... nothing ostentatious, just like, a straightforward patch note I guess?

It's one of things that has really receded into the background of antiracist thought and action, because it is _relatively_ subtle, it is something that does depend on a certain level of graphical fidelity or certain questions of style and shading to be portrayed at all, and yeah, as I said, it's an oversight that applies to people whose skin tone is fair too, even if the difference is far less visually contrasting. That's not an excuse to not do it when it is more noticeable though--it could be said that it would constitute special treatment, but, like, so what? There are lots of things that require special treatment to get right. Or, more specifically for this, there are lots of particular things about visually representing white people that would also be considered special treatment to portray correctly if conventional visual art technique wasn't so eurocentric, which renders portraying those features as just default "good technique."

However, it's one of those things that, say, if a very noticeable contrast between skin tone on your palms and the rest of your hand is a feature your own body exhibits, or as in my case, you've learned to try to look for it, it can jut out. And, I'll even admit it doesn't necessarily jut out immediately in my case, after all, yesterday was not the first time I saw that character portrait... it was just the first time I was coincidentally thinking about both palm skin tone and Necrosoft games at the same time.

That being said, I think making the change, the visual correction we could say, into something done openly and with acknowledgement it's a correction, would be good. I imagine for those who it's an important thing that weighs on them when they notice it hasn't been done properly, it's something that is often taken with a grim acceptance that the individual desire to see societal and cultural change seems to mostly outpace the rate at which it happens in practice. However, a studio independently acknowledging its importance and taking responsibility for its oversight lends a lot of credibility to the idea of it being an all too common an oversight. And then there's more people out there who will get a moment of "huh, you know, I don't really think about that but I should," and in a small way it's how something like this goes from a common oversight that most people don't think about to a common expectation.

Here I am though proselytizing on forums.insertcredit.com, as I do!

Thank you @“Syzygy”#p98716 , as always, but in particular here! I do appreciate your correction about the fingernail colour changing functionality not being baked into the character creator. I don‘t spend a lot of time obsessing over it, in the almost 10 years I’ve come in and out of the game, I‘ve not interacted with the character creator that often. So I suppose I was thinking of the Claws of the Beast/False Nails at the same time as the blush and that lumped the latter into a feature of the character creator. And, I totally understand that you’re not dismissing the spirit of what I‘m talking about–it is always important to get the details correct, and it’s perhaps most important when it comes to criticism.

I'm sure we could have a long and involved conversation as to the plethora of ways that their penny-pinching management of _FFXIV_ has negatively impacted the game. Well, actually, maybe I'll move this to the Final Fantasy thread, I want to have at least a short one.


@“goonbag”#p98282 kthor

Is this the same Thor who wrote for Square.net/RPGamer circa 1996?


@“bwood”#p98624 everybody needs a little more andrés in their lives, i tellya what


Which modern video game would be the best introduction to video games for a child?

I have played about an hour of Sonic Frontiers and have determined that a child would _love_ this game (_I_ love the first hour of this game). Haven't played A Short Hike but I contend this particular Sonic would be much better for a child than handing them "a Mario" (Brandon I hope you're OK with me disagreeing with you here to declare Sonic > Mario)

Glad Frank brought up reading comprehension. I did read a lot of books as a kid but had no patience for it _in video games_ and would habitually skip all or most flavor text/dialogue/etc. I'm playing Sonic keeping this old habit in mind, and have been skipping almost every cutscene and most of the dialogue and just been seeing what I can get up to on Gamer Intuition alone. The cool thing though is the game teaches you movement techniques not as part of a contrived in-game mandatory tutorial section, but in the loading screens! And gives immediately legible instructions about how to perform those techniques _without_ pausing the action and forcing you to read a bunch of fluff describing the act of running and jumping. Grinding on rails is fast and easy and thrilling. There's a little too much of collecting doodads to unlock this and so on but if you or your child don't have the patience for that, the act of running around the field is fun enough

@“captain”#p99567 I'd give a kid a sonic! I want people to turn out weird so this seems like the right way to go

azurelore of course generally approves of hedgehogs