Ep. 270 - Leisure Suit Locusts, with Cliff Bleszinski

on god this has to be the most positive anxiety inducing episode

This was a great episode, Cliff was a lot of fun!!

Also in my opinion Improv Zone is more fun to listen to when it's less of a skit based on some kind of wacky premise (which begs for a certain sort of ideal punchline to materialize that is almost never realized) and more Whose Line Is It Anyway?, parlor/party game style, figure-out-how-to-convey-hidden-information games like this one was.

Just an offhand observation here but perhaps The Improv Zone's real challenge has historically been that it's hard to be funnier than a funny prompt if you're, like, a videogames developer/critic/archivist, and not an improv comedian

Loved the episode this week! “Renfield & Friends” got a good chuckle out of me but then hearing next to no reaction to it put me over the top.

@“fivedollardare”#p100868 If nobody’s got me I know the Insert Credit Community’s got me

@“Gaagaagiins”#p100861 I will not be taking any notes or feedback on the Improv Zone at this time. thankyou.wav


@“esper”#p100676 Design a video game around the Aroma Shooter. (23:27)

It's gotta be a dating simulator. What does Shiori Fujisaki's hair smell like?


@“Jaffe”#p100875 I will not be taking any notes or feedback on the Improv Zone at this time. thankyou.wav

Hell yes. Love this for you

@“meunierd”#p100883 Pert Plus

@“veck”#p100692 somehow i nudged my phone into 1.2x and started trippin‘ out cuz cliffyb was clippin’ and everyone else (frank especially) sounded exactly the same. i didn't actually investigate it until i noticed how off the lightning round track was.

Also am I missing something or hasn't the Playstation startup noise been available in “full digital stereo” for like more than 20 years for everyone who got bored with the PS2 launch library and had a toslink cable? I know I popped gran turismo 2 in my ps2 pretty quick just on the off chance that the ps2 somehow made it look better like bleemcast did, and I know that I had an awesome stereo setup with optical audio in thanks to my Best Buy employee discount.

@“fivedollardare”#p100868 hmm did the part where I immediately repeated it in the Garfield and friends announcer voice not make it in? Must not have

I have heard that (unless you’re an expert) improv works best when you don’t try to be funny? Emphatically not a note, just something I heard once and think about

@“thebryanjzx90”#p100909 toslink rules. I’m still using the same cable I bought in 2003. While my buddies are having nonstop problems with ARC, me and my 20 year old toslink cable are laughing it up.

I’ll be sad when TVs stop having an optical out.

Seems like Tim's suggestion at the end was successful, lol. https://twitter.com/MisterAddons/status/1615050598969405440.

"You can play Playstation games with zero lag on a modern tv with an Xbox Elite controller" is a very concise and persuasive explanation of the value of a MiSTer, I'll say that.

@“coreywilliams”#p100946 Frank being on board really sells it. I want one!

@“Salloumi”#p100931 I think one of the main things is none of us want to get good at improv, nor do any of us enjoy it. But listeners sometime seem to so that's why it continues to happen!

@“exodus”#p100959 part of me thinks Jaffe would still do it even if the listeners hated it too. maybe less often.

Great episode! Cliff seems like a pretty cool guy, and I swear I‘m not just saying that because he seems to harbor something of an obsession for Jumping Flash. OK, maybe that’s actually a major factor, but he did fit in really well with the show's vibe. He just better not break my heart by not making Jumping Jazzflabbit happen…

@“exodus”#p100959 and tragically, it’s partly funny because you hate it (which doesn’t speak well of any of us…)