Ep. 281 - Flawful Loss, with Casey Explosion

“Putting your fan in reverse makes the room hotter” feels like something you’d hear on the playground because someone’s big brother works in the factory, and you wouldn’t believe a word of it


How do you pick what to play next? (17:49)

Having the ability to create polls in regular posts would allow me to make a thread that could solve this problem for everyone here.

I‘m happy that Tim validated my laughing at Frank’s mention of slicked back hair by making the reference to what I was thinking of (gonna need everyone to click the “baby cries sketch” in the show notes)

@“Salloumi”#p111238 This is a good fight to have with your 100-level mechanical engineering prof who conveniently leaves out both the time constant of the control volume and the effect of forced convection (windchill) on human temperature perception in the CAD computer lab late spring term when every seat is taken with an undergrad trying to bang out the drafting homework before they die of dehydration because it's too hot. Because Dr. Z. refused to turn on the fan in the lab.

On the how do you know what to play next, I just picked up this book from 1994. A quick perusal of the ratings index at the back shows Super Mario All-Stars as the highest rated game with a 98/100 and Bill Walsh College Football as the worst game with a 3/100. So I guess that means I'm going to be playing some college football.


Re: the least evil biggest game companies, isn‘t Valve pretty OK? I mean considering they have a staggering monopoly* on computer game distribution they’re in a position to be pretty evil, and often are not as far as I can tell (unsure of human rights atrocities on their résumé which was the focus of the question)

[s]*not using the term quite correctly—obviously there's GOG and Epic and itch etc, Steam isn't the only game in town, but it feels like it is![/s]

@“captain”#p111506 People Make Games recently released an excellent interrogation into why they're definitely not pretty OK



@“Funbil”#p111507 Uh oh! Dang

If giving 10000 dollars to every employee instead of making a tweet is evil then I love evil