Ep. 282 - Bye Forever GDC 2023, w/ Brandon Sheffield Liz Ryerson & Ty Underwood

### Ep. 282 - Bye Forever GDC 2023, with Brandon Sheffield, Liz Ryerson, and Ty Underwood

Insert Credit reports directly from [GDC 2023](https://gdconf.com/). [Brandon Sheffield](https://necrosoftgames.com) relives past GDC memories with new and familiar faces, while [Liz Ryerson](http://ellaguro.com/) and [Ty Underwood](https://twitter.com/tyunderwood) dive into the dark underbelly of Web3 Cryptopits and explore the show floor.



  • 1. Brandon picks up his badge (00:00)
  • 2. Liz and Ty wait in line (02:33)
  • 3. Brandon interviews [Greg Miller](https://linktr.ee/kindafunny) about GDC memories (08:10)
  • 4. Ty and Liz interview [Evan Balster](https://imitone.com/) and [Tammy Duplantis](https://tambalaya.itch.io/) about why GDC is bad this year, lines, and lunch (14:46)
  • 5. Brandon hangs out with [Ash Parrish](https://twitter.com/adashtra) in a bar watching baseball (19:13)
  • 6. Liz and Ty cover Web3 and the Trauma Trough with [Emily Rose](https://cohost.org/panicattheopticon) (23:43)
  • 7. Brandon and [Vincent Diamante](https://t.co/KhAVb41QpQ) cover planes in hurricanes, cranky old men, and meeting IRC friends (28:28)
  • 8. Liz updates after emceeing the main stage (35:00)
  • 9. Liz and Ty walk the expo hall and talk to [Issac Io Schankler](http://isaacschankler.com/) (37:30)
  • 10. Brandon talks GDC memories in a bar with [Kat Bailey](https://twitter.com/The_Katbot), [Wesley Fenlon](https://twitter.com/wesleyfenlon), [Jeremy Parish](https://www.youtube.com/jeremyparish), and [JJSignal](https://twitter.com/jjsignal) (45:07)
  • 11. Liz recovers after a difficult day (54:25)
  • 12. Brandon shares his reason for coming to GDC (and DICE) and shares shoe repair tricks (56:26)
  • 13. Liz tests positive for covid (01:03:50)
  • 14. Ty reports for the [Experimental Game Workshop](https://www.experimentalgameworkshop.org/) and asks the hard questions (01:05:52)
  • 15. Brandon settles on an Italian restaurant with [Frank Cifaldi](https://twitter.com/frankcifaldi/), [Chris Charla](https://twitter.com/iocat), and [Kelsey Lewin](https://twitter.com/kelslewin) (01:10:09)
  • 16. Brandon and [Jenn Sandercock](https://linktr.ee/jennsandercock) have a serendipitous meeting (01:29:02)
  • 17. Ty scours Yerba Buena to get final thoughts on the conference (01:30:09)
  • 18. Brandon gets [Jim Stormdancer](https://cohost.org/mogwai-poet)’s GDC memories (01:32:28)
  • 19. Brandon and Ash Parrish discuss preconceptions, Kirby, Iran, and the giving nature of people at GDC (01:35:25)
  • 20. Ty unwinds with [Eva Khoury](https://www.evakhoury.com/) to get the vibe of the show (01:51:22)
  • 21. Brandon runs into [Mimsy](https://twitter.com/q_dork) and talks parties and Oakland (01:52:04)
  • 22. Ty shares their final thoughts on GDC 2023 (01:55:11)
  • 23. Brandon wraps up the show (01:55:50)
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    One all-female sports game I know of is this GBC title released to capitalise on the 1999 FIFA Women's World Cup—I have no idea if anyone other than Mia Hamm is a real/licensed player, but AFAIK the game itself is not a reskin of an existing thing, which for a late-era GBC game is novel in and of itself:


    Incidentally, the same studio behind that DS curling game recently put out another curling game for Switch that also received a Canada-centric release—it's not female-only, perhaps owing to the fact that they're not hamstrung by file size anymore, but it's certainly female-centric: https://www.nintendo.com/en-us/store/products/lets-play-curling-switch/ Both the DS and Switch games tend to be cheap most of the time, but extremely expensive whenever Japan's playing an international tournament (and it's typically their women's team that qualifies, hence the female-centricity of the games).

    thanks so much to esper for putting this together!! it was a weird GDC. lots of highs and lows and then me getting COVID and missing the last parts of it. i'm glad my friend Ty was there to take over for me.

    so i weirdly forgot to export one of the best bits of audio i recorded that week, and it should be heard. (maybe can be included with other bonus content later?)
    **here is game designer Robert Yang and crew talking about a challenging spit/hairball oriented dilemma:**


    Is GDC bad? It sounds like it's bad.

    so that's who chris crawford was chasing with the sword

    btw Ty uses they/them pronouns, i dunno if you can fix that

    also it's technically called the Experimental _Game_ Workshop though Ty kept calling it the wrong thing in the episode, lol.

    @“Mnemogenic”#p111557 GDC is a huge mix of emotions and seemingly contradictory things as it always is. def the line situation and some of the other stuff mentioned felt worse than previous years which is probably due to the parent company Informa and what i imagine are some austerity measures coming out of 2020/2021 where there was no physical conference. that's what was being discussed on the clip included about that.

    the actual people there and experiences were nice, which is why i still go every year when i can. until i got COVID anyway, lol.

    @“Mnemogenic”#p111557 I would say GDC is generally good if you're able to be there!

    I went to GDC Euro in 2011 because I was already in Germany on holiday at the time and it was easy enough to arrange a ticket via the place I was working at. I went to zero parties, and pretty much back-to-backed myself on presentations and workshops. I thought it was good!

    I wasn't there to rub shoulders with anyone and party, I wanted to attend a few technical sessions professionally which then let me attend a few other retrospective and keynotes out of personal interest.

    Assuming the US GDC is anything like that, then as long as you are there for the reason of going to a professional, industry conference then I'd say it is good.

    (update: there was a significantly smaller risk of contracting novel respiratory viruses back then, also)

    Does Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball count for the sports question?

    Oh @ellaguro, I hope you recovered from that horrible bug without too many problems!

    Always love these episodes, and relieved that the audio quality is top-notch <3 Great editing @espercontrol, I imagine it was quite the slog!

    Everyone of these episodes, @exodus says he hopes this is interesting to people, and I‘m here to tell ya, it is! These field episodes are great. I liked hearing about people’s busted shoes and the manic energy of the show floor.

    I hope you're well @ellaguro. Thanks for recording what you could for us.

    As a former poster on Jeremy Parish's old forum I was delighted by the part where everyone took a minute to talk about how cool Shivam is

    Whoever ty interviewed about Jon blow didn't make enough fun of Jon blow

    I was surprised at the restraint shown; exactly zero mentions of piss bottles that I heard.

    Also, exactly zero mentions of his galactic-scale hubris regarding "oh I know, I'll just make my own new language and compiler cause everyone else is _so inefficient_, this will be easy and I'll be done in a month" -- five years later -- "still grinding away on this gee shucks who could have known this was hard."

    (as someone with a history in language and compiler design I watched with morbid curiosity for a while but grew bored fairly quickly. not reading anything he has to say is a net increase in quality-of-life)

    @exodus just wanted jump on the baseball bit and to call some attention to Shohei Ohtani who stuck out Mike Trout to clinch the World Baseball Classic; he is a living shonen anime. He famously both pitches and hits, one of the best at both in high school and carried it over when he went professional in Japan at age 18. Quickly became one of the best pitchers and power hitters in the Japanese league while still a teenager. In the states we‘d heard stories about the Japanese Babe Ruth and he finally came over in 2018 and chose to play with the Angels because that is Mike Trouts team and he is statistically the greatest player of his generation (potentially of all time). Ohtani pitched and hit from the start and has put together a better combined pitching and hitting season than Babe Ruth ever achieved in each season he has played. He hits jaw dropping moon shot home runs with the prettiest power swing since Ken Griffey Jr, and throws some of the nastiest and hardest pitches of anyone in the league. He’s a perennial MVP candidate and an absolute joy to watch. Ohtani was inspired by the manga Major growing up and has over achieved the dream in almost every way. Definitely the coolest professional athlete in the world at the moment and will be a free agent player after this season and likely to break every record for a contract.

    Cool little backstory if interested:


    big up the brit showing up to a professional engagement while clearly still on the beers from the night before at 11am. that's why we still rule the world!

    @“exodus”#p111652 there were more jon blow interview bits that didn‘t get included. i’m not sure they would dissuade you from this feeling though

    @“FaulteredBeast”#p111673 always sucks when players like this(both Ohtani and Trout) are just on bad teams