Ep. 283 - Oops! All Necrosoft, with Lotte May, Son M., and Jenna Stoeber

Great ep!!

The absolutely euphoric reaction I had to seeing Real Emotion mentioned in the show notes before listening

hi, floridian here, they are called airboats and their pro-manatee function are two fold: while you could technically hit a breaching manatee, the bottom is smooth and flat, causing more of a bounce whereas a more conventional boat might cleave. additionally, the whole function of the big ass fan is to allow travel in shallow swamplands where conventional onboard or trawling props would invariably get stuck. 1) manatees live in predictable spaces deep enough to swim in, places airboats functionally are not in most cases and 2) onboard, in-water props are the main way manatees get maimed, airboats eliminate this particular human shit fuckup.

airboats can still harm manatees but it is categorically less likely. zones should be heeded and my punitive suggestions will go unmentioned.

a hovercraft is what you use to cross the hudson river to trash a lambo

manatees are very sweet, love iceberg lettuce, and are a great barometer for being able to swim because gators do not typically hang around 'em.

@“Lunarchivist”#p112461 oh yeah, I forget what I said in the context but my implication was that these hovercraft (or airboats) are designed not to hurt manatees vs your in-water propellers!

Enjoy!!! @“exodus”#3 @“Lotte”#1255


Edit: I got DMCA'd on tiktok so I had to use [live performance audio lol](https://www.tiktok.com/@tradegood_ic/video/7223226243142077742?is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=pc&web_id=7139347031726294571)


I found Blue Seed on Starz‘s Action channel way back in like 2001 or some (when YYH was airing on Toonami too!) I remember really liking the show but I had at that point had been harden to the idea of the older male teenage girl dynamic in anime. I just wrote it off as a commonality because of how common it was for the 90s stuff. Every girl no matter how sexualized managed to be no older than 15 (at least at the start of the series). It kind of drags in parts so I don’t think I could rewatch it without full opting out of some episodes. I feel like it tied up satisfyingly, whatever that meant for 12 yr old me in my memory.

I never watched the sequel though. I'm kind of curious now.

The Horror music game is something that has lived in my brain for almost a decade- as amatuer game designer for the majority of my adult life, every game idea I have thought up started at or looped back to music and the culture around. My very first game idea in college was a horror game for the 3ds that had femme interdimensional demon antagonist that hunted the kid protags via singing to echo locating them. The mic played a big part in the mechanics for masking your location and solving puzzles. There was a ton of ideas that used all the physical aspects of the console. But the music as a gameplay mechanic only fit into the puzzles for me. The core concept was the idea that forms of matter are visually and audibly confirmed but their interactions with wavelengths and manipulating to disorient the player. Like creating rhythms in order escape capture sequences like what they ended up doing with the QTEs in Metroid dread. I had the idea to make dodge timing (the idea was to have no weapon combat) rhythmic but make holes where syncaption would have to take over the player.

I never worked towards making the game a reality (though it would be cool now because I can probably just distribute it now to be sideloaded on the 3ds), but as I got older and started warming up more and more to the idea of juxtaposing all the music I love to listen when I want to relax with very fast hectic chase sequences. I wanted people to feel fear when they enter a room and a [Gutevolk](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YV52LMQUk4) song is playing. I still have the crappy box art I made for it.

She is supposed to be encased in mass of flesh which she emerges from early in the game- it was gross for just being gross' sake. The starting scenario was pretty bad originally.


The female MC actually stuck around for other project ideas, I have been using an adult version of her as character in my current card game. She is modeled with the idea that she survived the events of this game.

@“Tradegood”#p112479 nice!! I still gotta make mine… Some day……….

I was thinking “didn't I used to have a lego fanboat/airboat when I was little?” and yeah I did! The set was called Glade Runner and looked like this:


@“connrrr”#p112491 heck yeah! I too thought of Rumble in the Bronx while trying to identify in my mind what a hovercraft is. It is the movie that keeps on giving.

if you want to see me playing some Hyper Gunsport for the first time, go ahead and hop to q4 of this here youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_9A9Ui0lzQ


@“esper”#p112351 Final Fantasy X-2 Opening / Real Emotion

> Carly Rae Jepsen - E·MO·TION

I couldn't find an AMV, but somebody did a shirt.




@"esper"#p112351 Merlin


Vicarios Visions… Isn't that Killer7

oh heck


@“Tradegood”#p112479 kinda a rough performance it is, too! not quite hitting those notes :o

@"hellomrkearns"#p112554 this shirt is cool but it doesn't have the dots in emotion... if it had that... I'd probably get it. maybe I gotta make my own (or ask my partner to do it lol)

Are we just going to let exodus get away with claiming the console wars are “over”? Go on twitter dot com and click on any tweet by microsoft and there will be a thousand tweets — and they‘re always identical — with the person saying they’re “not biased” and they had fun playing the Halo Infinite multiplayer but the game just looks like a PS2 game (and it‘s always from someone who has probably never even played a real PS2 game. Buddy I just replayed every PS2 game last week and let me tell you – that ain’t what no PS2 games look like). And then, when you click on the person‘s profile, you see a dozen tweets about that one Brute who everyone made that meme out of, and they’re all couched in “Now, I'm not a hater…” because social media has given us this mind disease of thinking our opinions matter and we have to weigh in on everything.

Sorry, with Tim Rogers not on the show this week, I figured someone had to go on the "console wars" rant for him.

@“deepspacefine”#p112567 they‘re over in that they’re not relevant in the same way - these current wars are choices based on minutiae, not “my mom could only get me a genesis.” this is what I‘d say to tim because I think it’s different now!

@“exodus”#p112569 I had to mow a lot of lawn to buy a Super Nintendo back in ‘91 and I despised the Genesis at the time.

@“tomjonjon”#p112574 I was so mad at Sony for killing the saturn (lol), and I also knew the snes was for babies and the genesis was for adults like me, a full grown 12 year old

@“exodus”#p112575 Sony loved Sega murder so much they did it again with the Dreamcast.

i think the horror-ish VN where the one girl will invade your new save was doki doki literature club? i never played that one but from what i gather it sounds like that

@“phylaxis”#p112666 the one I was thinking of was earlier, but they do it too.