Ep. 286 - Musouls, with Blessing Adeoye Jr.

I would have recommended Han Solo play Uncharted 3


Very cool that Alex Faciane is sponsoring the show. I listened to Chilluminati back in my weed smoking days. The episode about the alien races is an all-time great. And being able to laugh at conspiracy theories helped me process family members who became captivated by qanon.

Also, his co-host Mathas's earlier podcast, Roundtable, was what got me interested in podcasts about indie games, so without him I wouldn't be a insert credit podcast listener. Small world!

If Alex is on the forums: hi!

I forgot I have been meaning to ask this question to Brandon forever and never had the chance until I joined this forum: as someone who would like to play Asuka 120%, do I go with the PS1 or Saturn version? Which is the competitive standard?

@“HeavenlyHalberd”#p115824 There are two different answers to that question unfortunately! I would say the definitive version is asuka 120% limited for saturn (or limit over if you can play burns/patches). but the competitive standard is the secret 2nd version of asuka 120% special for PS1. Here's how to identify it:


that's the version they're using in the small competitive scene in Japan. But I think you'll be in good shape with the Limited/limit over on the saturn - it's the one my friends and I play!!

@“exodus”#p115854 This is much appreciated! I‘ll give Limited on Saturn a go then. I’m looking forward to learning the mechanics!

For the musou question:

I want Omega Force to make a shooting game that has the same level structure (battlefields with control points and enemy officers) as musou games but the player character and their allies have guns. Maybe the enemies do too but maybe they are run at you monsters. When Omega Force bring their A game, they are impeccable. Not all musou games are great but some of them are just brilliant and they're clearly a hell of a studio. The best musou game is Samurai Warriors 2 Empires on the 360.

This new style should be called Shootou games and they should reboot Bullet Witch. They could also do a new Lost Planet that has big battlefields and the light heartedness of EX Troopers.

Now, the temptation for the impetuous would be to say "They should do EDF!"

You are wrong. EDF is only brilliant because Sandlot make them. They exist on a knife edge mix of balancing, pacing, bizarre but you kind of get it control decisions and Xbox 360 art. If Omega Force did one, it would probably be brilliant but in a different way and if they're going to do that, do something else.


I think Chewbie would really get a kick out of Link's Crossbow Training

Also, definitely giving Boba Fett _Crusader: No Remorse_