Ep. 291 - Bye Forever Los Angeles, with Brandon Sheffield and Vincent Diamante

# Ep. 291 - Bye Forever Los Angeles, with Brandon Sheffield and Vincent Diamante

While attempting to promote [Demonschool](https://necrosoftgames.com/demonschool/) in the City of Angels, Brandon Sheffield joins fellow Insert Credit founder [Vincent Diamante](https://www.vincentdiamante.com/) to drive a 2022 Mazda MX-5 Miata, pontificate on the elusive nature of California, and shop for video games. Hosted by Brandon Sheffield, with Vincent Diamante. Edited by Esper Quinn, original music by Kurt Feldman.



  • 1. Kicked Out of the Mix (01:02)
  • 2. How Vincent Diamante Plays Treasure Games (09:32)
  • 3. The Secret Place in Little Tokyo (23:48)
  • 4. Car Talk: 6,666 (35:37)
  • 5. Book Off Explorations, pt. 1 - Games (52:44)
  • 6. Book Off Explorations, pt. 2 - Soundtracks (01:02:22)
  • 7. Book Off Explorations, pt. 3 - Books (01:03:57)
  • 8. Book Off Explorations, pt. 4 - A Living Museum (01:06:35)
  • 9. Things Do and Do Not Change (01:12:39)
  • 10. Reflection (01:37:48)
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    The episode description and chapters are intriguing! This sounds like it's going to be a good one.

    I had to pause the episode and let you know that I was listening to this while playing Street Fighter and the sonic spring noise at 1:02:22 synched perfectly to Cammy anti-airing me and knocking me out, it was a wonderful moment!!

    Re: Treasure‘s story/setting: really like how Radiant Silvergun simply starts like [size=20]STAGE:[color=red]3[/color]A[/size]. Their narratives don’t fully work but they do have a certain flavor.

    That Gardena Book Off is 9 minutes from my house. Maybe I’ll go see if that Ys box set is still there!

    @“arp”#p119708 it almost certainly is! I put it back. it‘s really just a paper sleeve around the two games, but it’s also cheaper than buying them separately.

    Haven‘t finished but I love the car talk. I was just reading what I think is a pretty famous design book “The Design of Everyday Things” and they were talking about how despite having like 60 different controls in a car, its easy to use and remember them because each one is usually labeled, has only one function and there’s typically some thought put into where it is giving additional cues on how it makes sense. (talking about pre-tesla era). It‘s all there in the book folks! Why start adding multi functions to buttons? Why make them all touch screen with no external feedback in a device that pretty much requires you have your eyes on the road at all times if possible?! If you are not sitting in front of an iPad type device, you should have some other method of control available. I’d like to see more things commit to using other methods of feedback via knobs and dials and all that junk. I don‘t need a new car yet but when I do I’m real curious what I'll end up getting.

    It was fun hearing them talk about that secret upstairs LaserDisc and CD place. The last time I was in Little Tokyo pre-pandemic I stumbled upon that place and almost bought a Bubblegum Crisis LaserDisc but thought better of it, but would end up regretting not getting it. One of my first times back in Little Tokyo in the past year or so with some friends, I went on a quest to find the place, ‘cause I couldn’t remember where it was. We looked in just about every store, and just as I was about to give up, one of my friends happened to find it next door to the store I was currently browsing. I had been genuinely worried that a place that weird and cool hadn't survived the pandemic. They even still had the Bubblegum Crisis Laserdiscs, so it was a success all around!

    Gotta take this opportunity to say that sandpipers are such a cool bird! I grew up around Tampa (The Other Bay Area), and have lots of memories of being on the beach and following them around watching them dig. I would also watch the tiny mollusks they were digging for. Every time a wave would come in you could catch them burying themselves (or you could dig a little and watch them re-bury themselves, but this seems mean in hindsight).

    @“Mnemogenic”#p119727 sand pipers!! just doot dooting around with their funny little legs and slightly-long beaks. good birds.

    I really enjoyed car talk and I feel like there is a secret car guy inside of me. I always thought it was offputiing, but after watching Initial D I realized A) I actually quite like the design of Japanese and European cars and just dislike the aesthetics of American cars and B) I actually find the techical aspects interesting and have just always been offput by the sort of toxic masculinity around car culture I‘ve grown up around. I just like hearing people talk about stuff they’re passionate about in general as well. I still haven‘t really gotten outside of the bubble I’ve always lived in yet unfortunately, but knowing there are cool people and things out there and maybe even hobbies I‘d like that I haven’t discovered yet is exciting and reminds me the world is actually kind of a neat place. Little reminders of that sorta give me the motivation to slowly continue being patient as I wait on the snail‘s pace of the mental healthcare system to oneday spread my wings and see the world. Oh geez, I turned this into a existential post! I would like to someday learn to drive manual because it sounds fun and game-y. I also realized much like with cars, I never really found the bulky design of American motorcycles appealing, but I really like the design of Japanese motorcyles and it’s another thing I'd like to try someday.

    I am now really intrigued to play Sega Bass Fishing after Brandon talked about it on that one 3DS game he found at Book Off. I am always seeking a Sega Model 3/Dreamcast/NAOMI game with that bright, blue sky aesthetic and I realized despite having no interest in fishing IRL because I'm both vegetarian and would feel guilty even doing catch & release because I feel like I am hurting and bothering the fish, I enjoy fishing in video games and find it really relaxing. Are the ports of Sega Bass Fishing good? I think there's a convenient one on Steam and an interesting Wii one but I will seek out the Dreamcast original if the ports are bad.

    @“HeavenlyHalberd”#p119752 I'm not sure which is the best! But you could emulate the dreamcast one and see… You kinda need that dreamcast fishing controller though!

    Oh and I don't like fishing in real life of course, which is why in demonschool you only fish the DEMON fish that are messing with the local fish population.

    Those little moments that remind you it can be nice outside and that there are nice people in almost every hobby are good, and I'm glad we could provide that!

    Big Thanks to Brandon for covering this episode! There was a miscommunication where he thought he was only doing a guest segment and I thought he was doing a whole episode, but he ended up recording a whole episode’s worth of material so it worked out anyway.

    And of course to Esper for editing it all!

    get me to a couple book offs with a friend and an episode cannot help but arise!!

    Wanted to add to the car talk and say I like when a car has a steering wheel that doesn‘t fly off while you’re driving

    @“kyleprocrastinations”#p119784 sooooooo embarrassing

    Great episode. I could see the ending of the old lady story coming but the pay off was still great.

    As a UK driver though I am a power steering apologist. I briefly tried non-assisted steering, it must have been when I was learning, and going around the super rural countryside with more-than right angle corners without it was like trying to hairpin a boat. I'd probably be cooler with it if I only did city driving or on motorways but given that I regularly drive on roads that resemble spaghetti bowls densely populated with mini and non-mini roundabouts I'm grateful for power steering. I'd be a big freak with forearms bigger than my head without it!


    How is a ITYSL sketch real?


    @“LeFish”#p119803 oh, I‘m not against power steering! All the cars we are talking about liking have it. But with some you can feel the road and with others it feels like you’re in a toy car cranking the wheel back and forth like a toddler.