Ep. 292 - Multiball, Multiball, Multiball! with Dan McQuade

I just watched Detroiters last week after finding out it‘s on Paramount. Great show. It’s like 25% reduced weirdness/awkwardness from I Think You Should Leave, which is replaced by wholesome supportive friendship.


@“esper”#p120820 Don’t drink and Tetris.

As a certified Tetris freak I'm taking this as a challange.

@“穴”#p120859 cause it‘s D & T - it’s dynamite!

||(to the tune of the AC/DC song - d is drinking and t is Tetris you see) ||

I am a UX designer (for want of a better title) and I LOVE doing menus.

@“exodus”#p120868 i hate that i chuckled at this joke

I'd add a dodge-roll with iframes to football.

I like how VVVVVV does button remapping, it allows you to change the controler layout but on keyboard it simply takes a lot of common buttons in platformer games and uses them at the same time.

Jumping is handeled by many pressing either space, Z , W , S, arrow up and down and of course V while moving horyzontaly is done by using A and D or left and right arrow.

You can take any button that i mentiond and use them in any combination you want (like A + right arrow + V)

However i do wonder if this is useful as a tool of accessibility or simply good game design that doesn't solve that problem

@“Samograj”#p121211 I've seen a few PC games that do this keyboard-wise, and I like it as well. in Demonschool (using a controller) you can hit the left bumper to “rewind” your moves, but you can also hit the B button, since it feels like you should be able to.


@“buy-frank-lewd-mags”#p120808 I cannot express how good the BBC documentary From Russia With Love is. If you haven’t seen the Tetris movie, please watch the documentary before you plunge into the madness of the fictional retelling.

I watched it the other night, it was indeed great!

This episode ruled. Thanks so much for asking my question about remapping…it was wonderful hearing the panel talk through it.

I don't think Japanese developers are not remapping out of spite, but more so from a position of "we know best" maybe? But totally get that work is work. Hoping for a future where all game controls can be remapped and we look back and are like "wait games couldn't be remapped before?!?"

One other consideration is that we‘ve entered the era of presumed post-launch updates and nigh-obligatory content roadmaps, and so features like input configuration can pragmatically be shunted into the to-do category: they’re tedious to make but typically straightforward to plan around, they're an easy pop in terms of generating goodwill and it often takes launching a game without them and registering the complaints to secure the go-ahead to address them.

This is especially true for compilations of old games, which are usually made on very lean budgets/schedules and where input customization has to be done across multiple games but also can demand an understanding of unique interfaces that are difficult to replicated with standard controller options, specialist knowledge of individual games and the specific needs/demands of dedicated players, input delay mitigation, etc.



Frank to the dude who keeps breaking left analog sticks:



Y’all it finally happened. That’s probably why Dan didn’t see it during his visit to the Nintendo store. Sad day. Whenever I tell people going to the Nintendo store in NY, this is what I tell them to B-Line to 😂