Ep. 294 - Final Fantastacular XVI, with Gio, Gita, and Ash

well it's Tifa of course come on

lightning was the right call

Desperately sweatingly jumping in, halfway through the episode, to state that the actual Mortal Engines quartet of novels by Philip Reeve is incredible, hard to put down, emotionally sound, and one of the most interesting allegories for capitalism out there. They did him the dirtiest of dirty on the film.

(I know nobody cares about this but me)



Edea Kramer



Oerba Yun Fang

Freya Crescent


Cloud in a dress

Aranea Highwind


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YES!!!! Thank you @"Jaffe"#205 !

Anyway, I'll have to put some thought into the ff ladies, but definitely #1 is Stella from Versus XIII

^^ the most beautiful final fantasy scene and im not even joking

Lenne (FFX-2), Serah (FFXIII-2), Rosa (FFIV-2), and Aerith (FFVIIR-2) are definitely up there too.

My only contribution to final fantasy ladies discussion is that I think Arecia Al-Rashia should be in the conversation.

This was an episode for the ages. A great conversation about a game I have not played, so the things that stuck out to me were the conversation about the conversation. The fact there even was a question about it sealed the deal.

Great job for everyone all around!

Can we get that great and elevated level of discourse in the _regular_ episodes? Bring the chill pace compared to regular episodes. It’s still super fast when comparing with other podcasts but I loved it.

@“buy-frank-lewd-mags”#p122857 I’m TRYING, Buy Frank Lewd Mags

@“yeso”#p122811 I'd say Lulu was really hot at the time I was a teenager, but I think the global is between Lightning, Fang and Tifa.

Extremely good episode, but we all know Squall is the best looking guy here.

@“Jaffe”#p122788 (for the record, i had to google who jeremy strong was)

I absolutely adored listening to this episode – just a really fine example of discussing a game in a holistic, experiential sorta way. It‘s really such a panacea to hear y’all talk about this game among a sea of what are still essentially product reviews, or the inevitable (almost ceremonial at this point) bow on a years-long stream of hype content from the same publications giving out the numbers (it‘s getting better, but we’ve got a ways to go out there)

I've talked about it here before, but as a big RPG liker -- and even as someone who likes some cheese platters & celebrates big dumb fun -- sometimes I feel like I'm living on a different planet when I see people rave about the narratives of these games (maybe a planet with not a lot of books or movies not currently playing at AMC). Also appreciative of the recognition that a work can be good and bad rather than a receptacle for superlatives or a big nothing. Anyways, this is getting pretentious, but I'd love the panel to know that for every jerk or sociopath out there harassing them in the distorted image of an NFT-lovin chocobo corporation, there are people out here just soaking up a job well done

Did anyone else want to play the game more after listening to this?

I think knowing all the game's potential faults set me up to appreciate its strengths more when I get to it down the road. And maybe DLC will fix some of the issues with narrative loose ends and an unbalanced game economy.

@“Jonks”#p122934 You should! Everyone on the panel liked the game!

I was 6 or 8 hours in before hearing this episode and have completely lost interest after the episode confirmed the bad stuff never gets better

@“Jonks”#p122934 absolutely do not pay $70 for this bullshit

Yeah, obviously no rush

I just want to put it out there that, if nothing else, Ash and Gita are not exaggerating about how goddamn bonkers that one boss fight is.

Does a few cool boss fights, one really _really_ cool one, and one balls-to-the-fuckin'-wall anime bullshit spectacle of spectacles boss fight, make up for the rest of the game's many faults...? Your mileage may vary, but, honestly, for me, actually, fuck it, yes it absolutely does. I have also thought about it every day since I played that part. I want the _Men In Black_ memory wiper thing please.

the guests were excellent and I agreed with everything they said about the game, but I wish they would go ahead and genuinely pan it. I mean they basically did, but then said well actually we liked it as a footnote. Giovanni was pointing out how that criticism rather than fan defensiveness is important, but I found myself wishing they would follow that line of thinking more and be less appreciative of allegedly positive aspects weighed against how leaden, dull, and self-serious this game is. The positive qualities they describe might be present but it’s kind of “so what.” It’s a bad game that cost a billion dollars. The voice acting was fun though yeah

@“yeso”#p122956 I watched their tweets about it in real time and stuff and I think they actually did like the game, and had fun doing all the action stuff. I can‘t really separate narrative from the rest of the experience but a lot of folks appear to be able to. Just saying I think they probably wouldn’t have condemned it fully because they did seem to have a good time with all the push buttons parts, and for them that seems to have tipped them over toward liking it.