Ep. 298 - X-Commies, with Lucy James

@“Funbil”#p126567 I think for me it‘s similar, but specifically it’s tying the two together: an American corporate icon (the Barbie doll) with maybe the greatest tragedy in human history. I just wish people would think a little harder before they draw a pink mushroom cloud, y'know?

Edit: Reading this again, I think maybe I did the thing where to agree with you I just rephrased the same thing you said, lol. But yeah the whole thing is bad.


@“esper”#p126510 “Come listen, m’lord”

I'll use it for the next intro

@“Hunter”#p126490 yeah, that's a good one! Part of why demonschool is set in 1999 (the other part is: just for fun).

@"esper"#p126510 you SHOULD have.

@"Jonks"#p126523 lucy WAS great.

@"TaliesinMerlin"#p126537 Good point and I totally blanked on this, so thanks for bringing it up. I feel like Uncharted 4 or even monkey island would be one of the true romances in this style.

“You can't make Blazing Saddles today” is a little funnier now since they technically DID make Blazing Saddles again last year

@“GigaSlime”#p126596 wow, and it even has Captain Cancelled Ricky Gervais in it!

re: Tears of the Kingdom building being intimidating

for bits that require building the game pretty much always supplies you with a small group of parts that fit together real simple like. often they have already been half glued together and you just gotta connect two halves.

I never feel like the game designer is not there giving me a solution to the problem. I actually have not gone full creative mode with the builder at all. I just use what the game provides or use the "hover bike" design that tiktok said was the best way to fly.


@“pizzascrub”#p126600 I just use what the game provides or use the “hover bike” design that tiktok said was the best way to fly.

I feel more than a little weird that they make these systems and then basically a leak a game journo bike out of Q&A to subvert everything. I understand that zelda is literally games for actual teens and chibbles but I get a hard unfulfilled thirst for puzzlegrit that zelda just refuses to feed anymore.

@“Reverse Kaiser”#p126621 gimme that AAA landstalker and brandish bro


@“Jaffe”#p126484 I’ll tell you this: we’re going to spend the entire episode answering one question.




Can we get a Metal Gear Solid 5 version of Oppenheimer where the stealth parts are not being too noticeably Jewish in Europe during the lead up to WW2 or too pro union in the US. All the while you're fultoning up scientists for your team and building your mother base in New Mexico.

Loosely related and too dumb not to share, once driving cross country someone had vandalized the Welcome to New Mexico sign to say Jew Mexico.

@“◉◉maru”#p126659 My real friends would know not to talk to ChatGPT about me

dear lord the speed of everything

@“esper”#p126541 YES. Also maybe Progress Quest or Cow Clicker.

@"exodus"#p126586 I hadn't thought of Uncharted 4. Yeah, that's perfect.


@“esper”#p126461 The Adaptation Game: Adapt Oppenheimer (2023) into a video game. (28:23)

The panel's answers were so high concept. Whatever happened to the good old fashioned licenced mascot platformer collect-a-thon

@“Gaagaagiins”#p126780 Frank totally said that! The parts of the bomb had been scattered and you have to go to like, Paris or Wyoming and jump over snails and defeat a boss to get like… the neutron reflector or the timing fuse.


@“antillese”#p126787 Frank totally said that!

I assumed Frank was referencing _Frogger,_ on account of his profession. _Froggenheimer_ hehe

hoppin' heimer

“What is the ”Citizen Kane“ of video games?” is the “You couldn’t make Blazing Saddles today” of video games

I‘m being 100% genuine here, isn’t Jonathan Blow‘s mascot platformer Braid about Oppenheimer? I know it’s ambiguous and there are a few different interpretations of it, but did Blow confirm it?

For those unaware these are the 2 main interpretations (spoilers)

Atomic Bomb theory:


I couldn't find the original, so [here is a repost](https://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/14eyf4/i_just_came_across_this_incredible_theory/). The epilogue of the game famously puts a new context around the beginning 99% of the game, and some of the text that's used contains direct quotes about the dropping of the bomb. There's also some imagery of fiery cityscapes in the background artwork and the game is all about feelings of guilt/harm caused.

Other leading theory:


>! I just love how much fun he's having :)

@“Tradegood”#p126855 Of your two cited references, I know who I trust