Ep. 300 - The Insert Credit Video Game

I kind of see Frank as the Ichiban in this game. He is sort of embroiled in this gang drama between Tim and Brandon, then is eventually off to the side of semi-related adventures until inevitably getting rich of the videogame history foundation (which is a front lucratively distributing videogame related Playboy issues on the black market).

I'd imagine there would be legally distinct allusions to real games like "Demons' Cool" "Hyno Funsport" "Videoracketaball" and "Track Heck".

Congrats on making it to the triple hundred.

This was a fun one

For a European, the first 20 minutes sound like a SNL The Californians skit. Congrats on 300 episodes :black_heart:

New Game+ actually IS a podcast that exists and has MORE episodes (90 more, in fact!) than Insert Credit.

The rivalry is real and we all know the only way to stop them.

Is Insert Credit the only podcast that took 11 years to reach episode 300? That seems like a feat in itself.

@“穴”#p128517 so it's the Rashomon of clip shows?

@“vlct”#p128573 We already established last week that the panel doesn’t get your SNL references


@“exodus”#p128537 there used to be a Rasputin there but it closed down ;_;

At least half of my CD collection is probably from there. I have very good memories of that place. There even used to a be a _Wherehouse Music_ in San Lorenzo. And they had a tiny selection of weird new video games. I bought things like Evil Zone and Samurai Showdown: Warriors Rage there because they were the only option.

@“Andy B”#p128606 the wherehouse is where a LOT of my tapes came from - in the early/mid-90s they had a wall of tapes that were 10 for $10, and sometimes cheaper - I'd just go in there and look for metal logos or whatever. I liked the wherehouse because it was so impersonal, which is weird to say, but you could just wander in there as a young person and nobody cared what you were doing. browse the racks and nobody asked if you needed help and there were no cool kids there to feel embarrassed to be near (lol).


I can't find the clip that was used on radio all the time, but I still sometimes think - where? the WHEREhouse!

This episode ruled. I had a lot of fun just imagining each scene as they went along and I think it was a pretty good game in my head. I'd play it!

seriously if i had musk money i'd throw down the funds to make it happen

I agree with Tim, pineapple and jalapeno are great together on a pizza.

I thought for a few minutes that Tim lived on 1,043rd Street, and I was like, wow Oakland has a lot of streets.


Me too!


We could do it even if we only had a measly Buffett sized fortune!

All we’re asking is 20 million dollars, after taxes. Not a penny more or less


Insert Credit was a live podcast at the time.

maybe you are remembering an Insert Credit stream?

(heads up, my pc is having some extremely frustrating issues so the youtube version of the show will be delayed this week. if anyone can explain why my pc bluescreens anytime directx 11 is invoked, despite repeated clean installs of both current and previous nvidia drivers, I would be very appreciative of a dm)

So Frank is Inspector Date?

Alex Jaffe is the “Red XIII being present by the end of Final Fantasy VII Remake and being cool as fuck, and obviously going to be fully playable, but not until the sequel” of the Insert Credit Video Game