Ep. 302 - Gaba’d by the Goolies

forgot to include the link in the episode at first, but please consider adopting Juice if you meet the criteria!! https://www.petfinder.com/dog/juice-66228450/ca/lafayette/underdog-animal-rescue-ca2285/

The Thunderbean Thursday video is great! That zoup bit killed me.

Lamest coincidence ever? I also have an Aunt in Deland. @exodus we might be cousins


With us, he does very occasionally growl a little if the other approaches, but then he remembers it's us and gets happy again.

Been dealing with a similar issue @exodus and got a tip, if you haven't tried this already. If you or your partner can be reasonably sure that you or them are in the other room with Juice, and you've got to enter the room where Juice is, try announcing the friendliness of your presence with an audio cue, specifically before you approach or are even in his line of sight. Probably saying his name in a calm affectionate way would be good, or just any kind of sound he associates with good times.

We were dealing with a similar thing with Maangchi, and it was becoming a problem because she was barking late at night while my parents were asleep, which was far from ideal because she was doing it when either me or my partner were coming to bed while the other was already in bed, and my parents' bedroom is directly above ours. I think I eventually realized that perhaps it was happening specifically at night because the room is dark, and vision is probably a dog's tertiary sense below smell and hearing, which is difficult for us humans to wrap our heads around I guess. So when I was opening the door to the bedroom when I knew my partner and Maangchi were already in there, I started to make kissy sounds or say her name before I even opened the door. Even when she is a little on edge, she went from doing a few full throated barks to maybe a little suspicious grumble before that moment of full recognition.

I think specifically making a sound she recognizes as friendly before some big blurry monkey shaped blob crept up to her in the dark really helped her. Juice might not be getting freaked out for the same reason, but maybe that would help! He sounds absolutely adorable and if it was even remotely feasible I'd be adopting him for sure.

i was really worried ceaseless discharge was gonna make it all the way cuz everyone forgot about how he's one of the easiest bosses to beat in dark souls cuz if you do a little runaround, he lunges at you and dangles off the cliff and you can whap his arm and he falls off, dying in one hit

also i'm not a video game merch wearer, but i kind of was always very very tempted to grab that metal album cover -ified ceaseless discharge shirt


@“Gaagaagiins”#p130585 I do the exact same thing! I stumble through the living room in darkness making kissy noises loudly so my dog is not frightened and my partner stays asleep.

@“treefroggy”#p130582 nobody above me in my family is FROM florida so probably not! And technically they're not in deland, deland is just the biggest actual city nearby

@"Gaagaagiins"#p130585 it's a little easier for us because he feels pretty embarrassed when he realizes who he's been growling at. we've pretty much gotten him to stop it but I think it was worse in the other households we were in (because he didn't like them as much lol).

Was surprised about Mexico being the second biggest market for the Mario Movie. After doing a but more googling it turns out it's the highest earning movie of all time in Mexico.

wasn't expecting that


@“Jaffe”#p130542 “What the hell is wrong with videogames” was also prepped. I had everyone coordinate 3 talking points each.

Just listened to this one (ep. 146) for the first time yesterday while unpacking. I got a big ol' grin when the question went around to each panelist the first time, and then you asked Frank the same question _again_.

And thanks for the optimism at the end ✨

5 Games Anytime:

  • - Ridge Racer
  • - **Tekken 3**
  • - **Galaga**
  • - **Bosconian**
  • - **Pac-Man CE**
  • gob of ghoul

    @“穴”#p130627 heck, I wish i had seen that to call it out on the episode too! Wonder what brought that about.

    Five games I could play any old time, and have a good time:

  • - Mario Kart 8
  • - Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
  • - bit Generations: Coloris
  • - Astro Boy: Omega Factor
  • - NHL '94
  • 5 games I could play anytime:

    Sonic 2 (was thinking of it before it came up in episode; I can run the whole thing or stop at either Aquatic Ruin or Oil Ocean)
    Golden Axe 2 (the first three levels go down _so easy_ for me. Muscle memory and music, maybe?)
    Minecraft (I can find basically anything I want to do depending on my mindset)
    Earthbound (I've played that first fifteen minutes so many times in different contexts)
    Whatever Yakuza game I've most recently beaten (Go into premium adventure, walk around, eat food, beat some fools up)

    Some of the games I can get into even though they don't change up that starting sequence. In contrast, Minecraft and Yakuza are fun because I can do a lot of different things.

    P.S. Whenever I hear a T. initial, I think about James Kirk. Craig Tiberius Nelson.

    Regarding people asking if you need to play earlier games in a franchise, there are people who genuinely want to know the best entry point in the series and it‘s not always the newest game… but a lot of it comes from people asking for an excuse to not play the earlier games. There’s a mentality of ‘you’re a fan of x? name 5 of their albums‘ with all media products including games. I think the types of people who post about games online in youtube comment sections or twitter want to play the types of AAA games Tim listed because it’s in the conversation (more than because the game looks interesting) but don't want to sound ill-informed.

    5 Games Anytime:

  • - Puzzle Bobble (Snood, if you're nasty)
  • - Patapon 2
  • - Spelunky
  • - Densha de GO!
  • - Wave Race 64
  • >

    @“exodus”#p130614 it’s a little easier for us because he feels pretty embarrassed when he realizes who he’s been growling at.

    Yeah, Maangchi is like that too! She will look like she's on full alert but then she's belly up looking up at you lovingly seconds later, looking almost embarrassed like you say. Hilarious creatures

    @“Tradegood”#p130670 Ah, heck, Spelunky's a good one!

    re: playing earlier entries in a franchise, I think I've mentioned this before but the results to the classic game surveys that periodically come out of Japan have consistently suggested that younger players are the ones who want to play the original, unvarnished versions of older games, whereas the remakes are more appealing to, and designed to court, older/lapsed players, so I wonder how many of the people asking that question are just seeking for their validation to play some old stuff.

    @"exodus"#p130662 I'll defer to any of the Mexicans who post here but every Mexican person I've ever spoken to about Mario has given me the impression that he's been adopted as defacto Mexican since forever, so it's not super surprising given how stupidly successful the movie's been in general

    This is probably my 5 anytime games.

    Sonic 2 (Up through Casino Night Zone)
    Balloon Fight (Endless mode)

    I feel somewhat conflicted about Picross. I just recently completed the Konami picross game on mobile and found toward the end I was not having any fun and was just aiming to complete it for completion's sake. It **can** be fun, but its definitely something I do whenever I don't know what else to do.

    Arm? Probably something useful like the Bionic Commando grappling hook arm or really any videogame character with super strength. Being able to lift heavy stuff with ease would be great as long as the arm wasn't disproportionate so I wouldn't have to feel like that dude from Lady in The Water who only works out on one side of his body.

  • - Tetris (any of 'em)
  • - Castlevania (NES)
  • - Pretty much any tennis game. Let's say Virtua Tennis.
  • - Spelunky 2
  • - SMB3. I almost said SMW, but the early levels in that game are kind of a pain, while I can fly through the first world of SMB3 and it's always a blast.