Ep. 304 - Genre-Paul Sartre, with Ash Parrish

also wow there‘s so much olympia stuff up there, where i lived in and did stuff in for a long long time and there are so many pals doing shows up there i haven’t seen in years D:

@“phylaxis”#p132472 it‘s shocking how much stuff goes on here even though it’s not all that big.

excellent lightening round jaffe

heathcliff actually does predate garfield! by 3 years!

@“phylaxis”#p132471 SHOOT. thanks.


damn i really want a game like non-violent dark souls + yakuza 5 haruka dance chapter

I would quite like to try lentil soup. It sounds lovely. On the subject of food and snack talk, this is random, but I‘ve noticed in a lot of manga and Japanese shows I’ve watched that characters will be drinking bottles of cold green tea out of vending machines, and a nice chilled bottle or can of plain ol' green tea sounds delightful. This might be a dumb question, but do they have anything like this in US grocery stores or convenience stores? I see those flavored and sweetened bottles and cans of tea everywhere, but I would like some regular green tea without anything extra. Any recomended brands?

I was the one weirdo kid who like the US Acres segments in Garfield & Friends (a show I adored and remember being genuinely funny and well written). Besides what Brandon said about the belief at the time that a standalone 30 minute cartoon wouldn't work, the other reason I think US Acres was on there is it was apparently Jim Davis's passion project. He grew up on a farm and really wanted that comic strip to be a success and IIRC he wanted to make it the other non-Garfield cartoon in the block. The comic strip is super short lived and was a complete flop and the cartoon long outlived its source material because it was anchored to a highly successful show.

@“HeavenlyHalberd”#p132512 I guess it depends on where you live, but I remember being able to find Ito En in many convenience stores on the east coast. That‘s probably the Japanese tea brand with the biggest presence in the US? It’s unsweetened.

@“phylaxis”#p132471 thank you for catching that!! should be fixed

@“HeavenlyHalberd”#p132512 I keep a jug of sugar-free Arizona green tea in the fridge lol. It's super cheap and good enough for me (not a tea person)

The nonviolent Souls discussion had me thinking about almost completely subverting the gameplay and more keeping the dark fantasy setting and tone– a dark fantasy bubonic plagued medieval farming sim. You play as the Filthy Woman from the Valley of Defilement in Demon's Souls and have to feed your poor children by harvesting various moulds from the doo doo pit.

@“Bbtone”#p132522 Nice, I will grab a jug of that next time! I‘m a cold brew coffee guy in the mornings and afternoons and hot tea in the evening but I’d quite like to try some cold green tea. Much appreciated for letting me know it's indeed a thing in the US!

Picross with a grilled cheese and tomato soup sounds like an amazing combination. My Picross experience is closer tied to giving my brain something to focus on during summer nights when my bed was too hot to sleep in or on flights where my neighbor is taking up all my space. I never fully chilled out with it like that.

Update: the Outrun music on the Picross SEGA edition is a match made in heaven.

also every single time I eat lentils my whole digestive system hates it, beans too usually. wish I lived the life where it was only an occasional thing cuz I do love a legume, they just don't love me back

I actually enjoyed the US Acres segments more than the Garfield segments. Admittedly it was a weird juxtaposition and US Acres did feel sorta shoehorned in to pad the cartoon out to the 30 minute mark, but I think US Acres could have stood on its own two weird little egg legs were it given the opportunity.

And I agree with Ash about Starfield. I remember being super hyped for Skyrim when I saw footage of someone playing get slung through the air after getting hit by a giant. Nothing about the Starfield promotions gave me that same thrill. I mean, space is cool and all, but Bethesda didn't really make me feel like space would be any cooler in their game than in any other game set in space. I haven't had an opportunity to play it yet so I don't want to judge it too harshly, but after everything I've seen pre-release I'm just not terribly interested in playing it.

I've always been fond of the Nintendo DS Lite and feel like it checks a couple of the boxes mentioned. It gives you two very distinct styles of play in one package, fits conveniently into most bags or pockets, and the DS Lite just looks sorta classy. I remember seeing people playing that Brain Age game on the Lite models holding it like a little book and thinking that looks super sleek. And if you toss a couple flash carts in it you've got a potentially massive library of games at your fingertips without any major modifications to hardware.

Also I was listening to NPR last week and they had a story about AO3 being a source for publishers scouting talent and that was neat to me, which that lightning round was fantastic. @Jaffe you should definitely do it again sometime.

I basically don't believe anyone who ever logged onto AO3 knows who Bonk is—Bonk fanfiction does not exist


Charles "Mario Fan" Martinet's mission is to :
1) Touch Your Heart
2) Bring the Magic of Happiness
3) Help Us All Remember Our Innocence

Great Games

@“pizzascrub”#p132586 That's a mission I can get on board with.

@“MovingCastles”#p132415 have you ever seen the movie Shiva Baby? It‘s essentially exactly what you described, and the dialogue really does feel like ’combat'

My pitch for non-violent Dark Souls:

Might just be the comedown from the US Open but I think Tennis would lend itself exceptionally well to that style of game:

  • -

    Action-based; requires quick reactions

  • -

    Heavy emphasis on reading enemy patterns

  • -

    Inherently strategic

  • -

    Different builds/playstyles would lead to favorable/unfavorable matchups offering optimization/replayability

  • -

    Incredible potential for "enemy variety" with different opponent playstyles layered on top of court surface (e.g. Hard, Clay, Grass... Carpet lmao), Indoor/Outdoor, Wind Condition, Heat/Humidity, heaviness of balls, etc. Basically everything that players complain about after they lose

  • -

    Not sure how this part would be implemented but there's Men's Singles/Women's Singles/Men's Doubles/Women's Doubles/Mixed Doubles all of which have a completely different cadence to them

  • Soul retrieval could be getting back your ranking points. As for how... maybe you're required to hold serve the first game back or something