Ep. 308 - Along for the Ride in Tokyo, with Brandon Sheffield

Fun episode!

I am hardly a curry connoisseur but I do like a variety of standard Japanese curries, spice curries and soup curries as well as Indian curry (kind of wild how these are all different things with the same name) and I have definitely had better and/or more interesting curry than Coco Ichibanya, but I don’t think Coco is bad at all.

In fact sometimes, I crave exactly that taste you get a Coco Ichibanya. I like to go every once in a while (maybe once a month or so) and when I do I tend to add a whole bunch of toppings making a ridiculous mix that is probably a horrible sin against good taste or whatever, but I enjoy it.

My guess was that ChocoZAP was either a coffee shop or laundry/dry cleaning service. I was clearly wrong.

I love the Koenji and Nakano areas. I stayed in a dorm/boarding house in Koenji when I was studying at Waseda and my daily commute involved walking Koenji PAL to the Chuo Sobu Sen station. I was really distraught when you noted last time that they might take down Nakano Sun Plaza. I'm so glad it stayed. I just hope they do good stuff with it.

@“phylaxis”#p136858 another kurt feldman original!! (though it's been used in small places here and there in the past. i just needed some incidental music to separate segments)

@exodus just signed up for an account so i could give HUGE thanks to you for the passport tip - i'm heading to japan in a couple weeks with a freshly-renewed passport & never would have thought to bring my old one.

also very fun episode in general. was happy to hear the retro game camp shout out!

@“mig50”#p136992 sure thing! Retro game camp is still as grubby as ever

I think I had already heard somewhere that 2nd Street was a Japanese chain, so it would be interesting to see what they have for sale in the one they have here in LA, but on the other hand I barely fit into Japanese clothes when I was living in Japan and a whole heck of a lot skinnier…

@“thebryanjzx90”#p137022 It‘s pretty similar to the Japanese stores but with a greater emphasis on western brands of course. They do still have japanese brands though. I usually find something when I go to a US 2nd street but it’s not quite the same and not nearly as cheap (though it's been getting more expensive worldwide).

Hey, Brandon!

Long time listener, first time commenter on the forums (And joining the patreon! For mere dollars a month!)

I just wanted to say that I really really love these episodes where you just go around and have a good time in Japan. I love hearing about your history with the country and all the things you do there - and thanks especially for stopping at that little idol singer there. That was cute.

I'd listen to stuff like this from you, for uh, maybe like triple the amount of time that you end up recording of this stuff. It's so fun. I've loved all of these episodes.

Thanks for sharing it all with us!

Work out your muscles at chocoZAP so you can defend yourself in this sort of situation


@“Xyrax”#p137046 well first of all thanks, because I‘m never really sure how these go over, and second you’re in luck because I recorded like 7 episodes there (though the rest aren‘t walking around stuff per se). We’re going to kind of pepper them throughout the next month or so, so get ready for me to review every non alcoholic beer I could find, have an hour talking about game purchases with john linneman, and another hour answering forum questions by myself. the rest is interviews. We'll see how it goes!

@“exodus”#p137066 Heck yeah! Very excited for the rest of them; I saw that mentioned on Patreon. Stoked!!

Getting to hear that suburban, truck-bound idol performance was very special. What a thing to happen in life.

Basic Studio is in the mail now, just 2000¥ from surugaya, runs about 2500¥ on yahoo auctions it looks like, for anyone else interested. I’m sure it’ll join the ranks of my only-dabbled-in-but-are-fun-to-think-about games, but why not! Gives me a reason to get a wired keyboard and mouse.

I really appreciated the Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion. My own internal conversion usually:

  • - is wrong
  • - causes me to miss about a minute of podcast due to the taxing and complex mathematical processing required
  • @“billy”#p137179 The really quick, inaccurate-but-close mental calculation I do when I hear a temperature in F is:

  • 1. subtract 30
  • 1. divide by 2
  • This gets you kinda close enough to be useful for trying to understand what someone is saying to you in the middle of a conversation (or while you are listening to someone talking on a podcast) and is easy enough to do on the spot.

    (derived from F = 9/5 * C + 32, which is _almost_ 2C+30)

    not sure if this helps at all

    re: eyeball chip dust – with some stuff that gets in your eye, what you can feel is the irritation caused by the object but not the object any more – especially hours later – at which point rubbing doesn't help and you have to just let it recover. Annoyingly it often feels like something is still there!

    @“cheezopath”#p137204 in this case it was oozing pus with pain in roughly the same spot for about 72 hours before the pain moved behind my eye (yikes) so I‘m not convinced it was gone. fine now though… probably… I didn’t go to the doctor because of the price :3

    i listened to this episode again yesterday and it ruled

    @“exodus”#p137209 oh no!/I‘m glad it’s better

    These are my favourite episodes, probably because I don‘t listen the whole time going "these idiots are wrong. Why wasn’t I invited on this episode to be correct"

    @"exodus"#p136745 I found your entire granola bit *so* funny. I ate granola every morning for breakfast basically every day I lived there and I listened completely baffled