Ep. 310 - Specdracular 2023


@“TomoftheFog”#p138438 I can’t think of a castlevania game that has an enemy appear almost instantly with almost no hope of survival outside of the Lords of Shadow ones with the action events. And almost every enemy can be beaten with skill and patterns.

Actually there is one Castlevania that used to scare me when I was a kid, and that is Castlevania 64. I feel like that was a very conscious effort to cheat off of Resident Evil's test, it's still an action platformer but there are several very survival horror-ish segments, particularly the Villa early on. It's a mansion on the castle grounds where you do a lot of Resident Evil wandering around looking for keys and shit. The villa is capped off with a setpiece where you have to navigate a hedge maze while being chased by an invincible Frankenstein gardener guy with a chainsaw arm. I used to really have to psyche myself up to go through with it.

The music for the villa is really creepy and over the years has become one of my favorite tracks in the series

Castlevania 64 is also one of the only Castlevanias I can think of (other than Lords of Shadow) where vampires feature as regular enemies? The first time you fight them is in a boss battle but they show up more later on. You can actually get infected if they bite you and once you fully turn it's an automatic game over

@“GigaSlime”#p138503 I stand corrected, thank you =) I never thought of that section as survival horror like, being able to jump and move a lot more than the usual games, but your comment and video reminded me of it in a different way.

At the risk of being “that guy”….

I gotta say, hearing a "dingo ate my baby" joke was jarring and did not feel good.

I get it, "dingo" is a funny word and there is an absurdity hearing that word in contrast to the awful "ate my baby". But dingo isn't a funny word for millions of people, it's just a normal sounding word that's the name of an animal that lives in Australia.

Lindy Chamberlain was persecuted by the police and coroner, and the media were absolutely awful and obviously so were the public. I was fairly young at the time but I absolutely remember the way they talked about her and her husband and I remember the jokes about her hysterically (and I use that word on purpose) crying in an exaggerated Aussie accent "a dingo ate my baby" and fuck I've even participated when I was younger.

I accept that Alex couldn't have really understood any of this though, it's a world and a lifetime away from their life experience. Even so, didn't feel good.

I would include Castlevania along with Splatterhouse as horror games, and I can elaborate on that, with an anecdote about one day when the horror clicked while playing Ghouls n‘ Ghosts in the arcade.

The zany spooky setting may just be that– aesthetic, and sure the gameplay is platforming standard. But my experience with Ghouls n Ghosts, being frightened by the fear of death looming around every corner, was very real. I feel like in order to make a platformer harrowing and therefore horrifying, your own death is imminent. The unforgiving aspects of ghouls n’ ghosts is what makes it horror. The feeling you get when you play that makes you shout AAAaagggH!! when you die and turn into a skeleton.

@“klendool”#p138515 I'll admit that to me this is mainly a Seinfeld joke. I apologize for my insensitivity.

good morning, all: i am sick (doesn’t look like covid but feels like the flu maybe), and my pc is sick (reseated a bunch of components, crashes when trying to render video now). so the youtube version of the show unfortunately will be delayed while i try and fix things.

I also do not like chocolate. White chocolate is OK but cocoa chocolate? It feels like it's coating my guts.

Yoshi's Island is an unexpectedly scary non-scary game. Some of the castle stages were scary as heck, especially one where there'd be a ghost swinging from the ceiling and then bob towards you when you got close. Dodging that guy whilst flutter jumping over a spike pit was a butt clencher. There are some stages that are just generally creepy like the castle with the piranha plant boss and there's vines strewn across the level. Not to mention any level where you have to ride Poochy across lava. Or surprise chain chomps, or even when you're seconds away from losing baby Mario.

Scared my dumb, 1996 brain to death.

@“klendool”#p138515 I will also admit I forgot/barely knew this was based on a real event. Apologies!

I had no idea that was a real event and not a stupid Seinfeld joke so glad I know now.

Paul F Tompkins demands. DEMANDS. That it be called Reesies Peesies

But I think he knows he's wrong.

@DaveedNoo @exodus @Jaffe it never even occurred to me that one might not realize it was a real thing, and not just a joke on a tv show! That makes a lot of sense.

Larry david is such a scamp

@“DaveedNoo”#p138560 I didn‘t know he was one of them. He’s on my list

Seeing more than one "Fast Hedgehog" out and about today

@“esper”#p138540 sike, i figured out a workaround and managed to export.


@“klendool”#p138515 yeah I wanted to say - Lindy Chamberlain‘s story is really really tragic. I’d suggest anyone interested to look into it on Wikipedia or some Youtube video.

But essentially Lindy Chamberlain's baby was taken and killed by dingos. No one believed her, it turned into a media circus because she didn't behave like a typical 'grieving mother'. They even hired Aboriginal Australia trackers who found dingo tracks near the site but the police just dismissed the evidence. She spent THREE year in jail over the alleged murder of her child. And I believe after a fourth coroners inquiry in 2012 they concluded that there was sufficient evidence to suggest that she essentially didn't do it.

Like Klendool not being "that guy" if you don't know you don't know. I just think the events are fascinating and sad if you look into it.

@espercontrol I really loved the editing on the lightning round. Jaffe‘s very noncalant intro to the segment and then slapping the music after Tim’s “lets start from the top”. That was an inspired choice.

Came here to correct the record as there was some misinformation at the end: Butter Dorks is real and exists and Rain Jerks is a reskin of it.


Also DJ Tent Mode did the sound track and he’s pretty proud of it.

@“antillese”#p138666 whoops I done messed it all up

I legitimately left the arcade at a holiday camp and nervously returned to our caravan to ask my Dad if it was OK for me to play at arcade game outside of Japan, in case I got prosecuted to the full extent of the JAMM.

@"exodus"#3 It was Cadash btw.

Also wait a second, do Americans call vanilla sponge cakes "yellow cake"?


@“MartynEm”#p138688 Also wait a second, do Americans call vanilla sponge cakes “yellow cake”?

Well, it depends on if it's a yellow cake or not. We have vanilla cakes that are not yellow, made with egg whites, and we have vanilla cakes that are yellow, made with whole eggs and more butter. (although technically these cakes can be whatever flavor you want. 150 years ago they would have been rosewater or orange blossom water flavored. Learning how to cultivate vanilla was a really good thing)