Ep. 317 - Gamer Taxes, with merritt k

Merritt adding that Dexter Holland did HIV research while Tim laments his still being alive is a top moment.

Anyway, I was exposed to punk rock music via Sega arcade games the respectable way: Pennywise in Top Skater.

If I got approached by youtubers and content milkers as much as Charles Martinet has I wouldn't blame him for being quick to snap social situations over his Mario blue overall covered knee after giving the bare minimum for their clicks.

@“Jaffe”#p144817 this seems impossible. I can only think of two ways this works. Either she filters out the entire podcast except for your voice. Or she saw a picture of Brandon and Frank and wrongly associated who was who.

I‘m imagining a version of Mutant League Golf where the hole is in the middle and you start on opposing sides of it and both teams hit/traverse at the same time. Instead of stroke play it’s just whoever gets the ball in the whole first.

You can aim for the other player and injury / dismemberment affects their performance. Leg injuries affect traversal speed, arms accuracy, maybe a headshot stuns and eventually kills. If your ball goes out of bounds you can pop out an eyeball and use that but then part of your screen is obscured.

You'd probably have to design a way for players to spend more time in the center; like maybe you have to put your ball onto a switch before the real hole opens. Anything to encourage the combat side of things since being in the center makes you easier to hit, especially since you're stationary while hitting. Progressively zanier objectives would be nice, like the hole is in a shed that you have to burn down, blow up, ram a golf cart into, etc... anything that could have violent (and emergent!) consequences on gameplay.

+1 for Made in Canada aka The Industry. Another funny canadian show about television from around the same time is The Newsroom also featuring Peter Keleghan.

If you know where to go to procure old canadian TV shows and movies like these and many others I'd like to watch (*Slings & Arrows*, *Twitch City*, *De Vinci's Inquest*—anything that isn't the HBO-aired episodes of KITH that had swear words\*)............... please let me know!!

*I went down a [brief rabbit hole](https://www.vulture.com/2012/06/kids-in-the-hall-the-lost-sketches.html) about the differences between the CBC, HBO and DVD KITHs and there are more regional differences than I thought

re: university internet infrastructure

i had a friend growing up who's dad was a nueroscientist at the university of alaska fairbanks and had access to their computer surplus. in 2010 (early high school), my friends and i were able to plant an empty mac tower running a minecraft server off their network that enabled something like 20 of our friends to play an always-on, low-ping server. a total dream for rural alaska teenagers who's home speeds at the time barely broke 1mb/s. we played the wheels off that server until someone at extremely high level died in a lava incident, their XP entities instantiating and destroying in quick succession, tanking the server. and that was that. no one was able to access the tower to reboot the server and we all shuffled back to our local worlds.

on licensed game music:

i once pressed the random button on vgmrips, and landed on super locomotive. that game uses rydeen as it‘s main theme, which then introduced me to ymo.

(i’m pretty sure that game's inclusion of rydeen was licensed?)

I do OK with identifying podcast voices but do you ever miss someone mentioning the game they‘re talking about and then the whole podcast gets in to a huge discussion that goes on and on about the most generic points and you’re left with no idea what they're talking about just waiting for someone to say the name again or just something distinguishing

Loved the episode! Specially because of Violence Island!

The version of Roy that lives in my canon is Smash Ultimate Roy.

Absolutely high tier! Hits like a truck, super fast and his hitboxes make clowns cry.

This was the most recent one i remember watching. It hit behind him frame 1

@“marxseny”#p144946 Roy's Our Boy


@“dicegame”#p144913 until someone at extremely high level died in a lava incident

It took me a few re-reads to figure out you did not mean someone very high ranked within the Fairbanks University had died during some sort of freak volcanological accident which would have had somehow trickled down into everyone getting kicked out of your mooching Minecraft server. Felt like the beginning of an awesome 80s teen movie.

@“thebryanjzx90”#p144944 this is a consistent frustration for me and part of the reason i try to be so meticulous about show notes

A very fun episode. Violence Island keeps on delivering.

I was a bit surprised to hear the panel (once again) reference Peep Show. Very good tastes all around. On the off chance somebody is looking for a question for a future episode: What is the equivalent of ordering 4 naan of video games?


@“NoJoTo”#p144923 super locomotive. that game uses rydeen as it’s main theme, which then introduced me to ymo.

> (i’m pretty sure that game’s inclusion of rydeen was licensed?)

[It wasn’t!](https://www.youtube.com/live/umcGGvDoDms?t=1h28m10s) Which is why the Mega Drive Mini 2’s [exclusive Mega Drive port](https://www.sega.jp/mdmini2/soft/super-locomotive.html) swapped it for [OMY](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shinji_Hosoe)’s [Ryzeen](https://youtu.be/ZpkV7mhY1tk).


@“jxzo”#p144967 I am in loco parentis, I am the last remaining contestant on The Apprentice

@“◉◉maru”#p144952 lmfao. my mom has a volcanology degree from that university. the possibility is not as far fetched as it may seem.

@“esper”#p144959 much appreciated! But in addition to your very helpful notes IC is structured pretty much the exact opposite of the podcasts that do that because 1. no generic talk about the new AAA games coming out that other podcasts feel like they have to talk about even if they don‘t have anything to say 2. Jaffe as host starts talking and you know to listen up 3. even in the worst case scenario you only have to wait a bit before there’s a new topic

I wish other gaming podcasts had good formats

No accounting for taste or whatever but honest question: what exactly is the daylight between Bowling for Soup and the Offspring? Those bands occupy the exact same space in my brain and I don't understand how a comparison between them would be insulting in either direction.

this was kind of an angry episode. Not my place to criticize, but you’re turning away fans of the offspring, bowling for soup, v-tubers, bioshock, dragon force, Geoff keeley, people who say ‘reesees peecees’, people who say ‘mo-hun’, and people who like capcom fonts