Ep. 32 - It'sa me-time AKA The Lost Episode?

Hey everyone :wave:

As a late-comer to the Insert Credit podcast / show I had a lot of homework to do, but as of a few days ago I'm all caught up.

🏆 **ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED** Casual Time Traveller - Listen to all IC podcast episodes in reverse chronological order.

All episodes, but one: I couldn't source [episode 32](https://insertcredit.com/show/32/). Now this got me thinking.. is this intentional?

Is it because - as it was mentioned in one of the anniversary episodes - the counting was off by one, so it was put up as an inaccessible teaser to restore the balance?

Or was it taken down eventually due to copyright issues or, Glob forbid, a joke in bad taste?

Even the number 32 is suspicious. Could it be an allegory for how the 32-Bit era of consoles was originally shunned by console connoisseurs of the time?

All of the above? Who knows. Let's hear everyone's speculations before the team comes out saying they forgot to upload the audio file xP

Thanks for indulging me.


@“bloomingbridges”#p37441 All episodes, but one:

Does episode 101 exist? I couldn't find it on my listen-through but admittedly I didn't look too hard either.
I am yet to listen to the rest though so I didn't encounter the ep 32 bug. It looks like 32 exists as the page is live with the questions.

@“beets”#p37443 Oh, you're right! 101 is completely absent from the feed, whereas 32 is on there but not playable :thinking:

There's some missing episode apparently but I am not really sure which. if this one is not supposed to be missing we can maybe reinstate it!

Episode 32 can be played on the archive.org feed:


@“bloomingbridges”#p37441 There was a typo in the mp3 file, it‘s fixed now! The missing episode is episode 19. You can tell it’s the one because Jaffe's the only person credited on the episode.

[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/ePiB1Q6.png]

@“connierad”#398 @“shane”#p37501 Wee more content ˆˆ Much obliged!

I did listen to the Interactacular. It was .. special to say the least xD