Ep. 321 - Mid-Atlantic Island, with Kim Justice

Great episode as always!

Needless to say, I got confused midway through when the conversation was on Threes vs 2048 as I thought Tim was referring to Yuji Naka’s SHOT2048 lol. I was thinking, “There’s another game like that one??”

I never played those two games though I can say I quite enjoy SHOT2048 for what it is.

I had been subscribed to Kim‘s wrestling channel for a while now and had no idea she also had a gaming channel. That wrestling channel (Kim Justice’s Wrestling Road) is PHENOMENAL and if you‘re a wrestling nerd like myself, it’s must-see. She‘s in the middle of an excellent series on maybe my favorite rivalry ever, Misawa vs. Kawada. Absolutely check it out if you’re into wrestling!

name jokes really are a last resort for when a conversation is so dry that an eye roll would be preferable to nothing at all. of course, they require the other person to perceive that you are yourself aware that the joke isn't very funny.

definitely an above intermediate comedy tool

In the late eighties I had an Amiga magazine with a review for Star Ray (Revenge of Defender in US). The review mentioned its “quadralax scrolling”. My older brother didn't usually read my magazines but for some reason he read that and for a while afterwards he would refer to parallax as quadralax. I still think about this whenever I hear the word parallax. QUADRALAX.

@“Dunkr”#p148584 wow, if you can find the review I feel obliged to read it on the show

@“exodus”#p148588 It's here!

Regarding sumo games - a bit of a stretch but I think the spirit of “I have two arms and legs and a body, how do I overcome an opponent with the same?” is captured by Toribash, particularly in sambo mode (higher gravity than the usual floatiness, no dismemberment, and a small arena you can’t touch outside of). For those unfamiliar, the game is turn based where each player controls the articulation of around a dozen joints on a ragdoll model, contracting, extending, holding, relaxing each in turn, while the opponent does the same. Time advances in small steps, allowing you to respond to what you see the opponent doing and attempt to gain the upper hand. It has an extremely high learning curve as one might imagine, and often times it looks like nothing at all, but in the right mode and with the right opponent, you can get really great situation where you’re thinking hard about leverage and how to twist in the right way to get the opponent where you want them. Here’s a video of a practice mode, showing the way the interface looks, and here is a rather high altitude fight with some recoveries by both players. Looks like they’re releasing a new steam version too, good on them for keeping it up for so long.

they should make a sumo game that requires both floor buttons like DDR/PIU but also maimai buttons. i truly believe this would be a million dollar idea if the arcade industry wasn't dead and buried at this point.



Fun thing about the Grange Hill game is that it was tied into Britain‘s “Just Say No” campaign and there’s a part where a shady guy tries to sell you drugs. If you say yes, it's game over.


There‘s a certain irony of bringing a British person on the show and using their presence to whitewash your opinions. It’s postmodern.

I've never met a irl british person

met scottish and irish people though and they were very nice :grin:

@“yeso”#p148621 Most people call themselves by their respective countries of birth. I am from GB/UK/British Isles but I do say I‘m English. Just don’t muddle them up!

never met an irl english person, but I have been corrected by one on a internet forum

@“LeFish”#p148593 this is the only place I could find the word but I rarely bought Amiga Computing. Maybe it was a preview in another magazine but I can’t find anything.

EDIT: On seeing the cover I realize I did have that issue. My dad must have bought it.

@“yeso”#p148625 We're just like you, except we speak right proper like what the King does innit!

ok do I have this right?

List of English People:

Kate Bush
lord byron
thomas the tank engine
Mr bean
Dr house
tony wilson
terrance davies
david beckham

List of British people:

the guys from sleaford mods
Mark E Smith
the ladies from absolutely fabulous (never seen it, just an impression)
Shaun ryder
thomas hardy
a guy called gerald
bob hoskins

@“yeso”#p148630 Including @“exodus”#3 on this one as it relates to the pudding/dessert conversation we had.

English people are British, but you can be British but not English. Most of the list you noted there to my knowledge are English - with the exception of LeFish who is Welsh.

As a note which may help this is how it breaks down:

Great Britain - England/Wales/Scotland
United Kingdom - England/Wales/Scotland/Northern Ireland
British Isles - All of the above, and the Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man, The Hebrides, Northern Isles and thousands more little bits of rock

A lot is personal preference and honestly, when people say "Oh do a British accent" they could sound like Ser Davos from Game of Thrones (Newcastle) or David Beckham (East London) or Sean Connery (Famously Scottish) and technically they're all _British_ accents. I'm using a bad example, but Jeff Foxworthy has an _American_ accent as a general term, but I know for most people they can spot where he's from and he doesn't sound like a lot of Americans.

Also, thank you for putting me on the same list as Kate Bush and Tony Wilson. He presented a great show back in the 90s I used to watch so hearing his name again was amazing:


Oh and I'm not trying to correct at all - mearly educate. Being from a country in the UK is a huge part of a person identity and really means a lot to most people. For people outside the UK it's not something that's understood as much.

list of english bands:

Tge beatles
the stone roses
new order
the kinks
judas priest
lightning seeds
andrew lloyd weber
elton john
deep freeze mice
gang of four
**edit:** **Joy** **Division**

List of British bands:

napalm death
~~Joy division~~
Happy mondays
the fall
rudimentary peni
sleaford mods
henry cow
soft machine

not sure where to put them:

this heat
edit: same with Cleaners From Venus

@“yeso”#p148637 I‘m gonna say yes as technically that’s not incorrect. But Joy Division were from Salford so really English.