Ep. 322 - Vehicular Treason Murder

@“穴”#p149506 oh my gosh how could i forget?


i am delighted that this thread has kind of become the matt johnson/ntbts appreciation thread even for just a little bit. truly one of canada‘s greatest cultural exports. i’m still mad that season 3 of the tv series is just sitting around somewhere, basically finished and unreleasable. >!(also if anyone needs any ntbts (other than s3, nobody has that) hmu i know where where a bunch of them live)!< (also for anyone interested, tvdb-labelled S00E14 “the outtakes” has a couple extra minutes of the boys working their way through how matt‘s gonna react to jay’s song in update day – he's initially resistant to the AHHHH! at the end!)

also my brain got stunlocked when frank said something to the effect of "the game was intended for nobody to have it, so the best way to preserve it is not to have it". i had to get a friggin glass of water after that one

@“Jaffe”#p149435 Ah, I vaguely remember this now!

References are always funnier when they have to be explained :(

My favorite neurotic chore I've been doing lately is waxing my boardgame collection. I light a beeswax candle, take some wax out, rub it on the edge of a thick perforated cardboard piece, and carefully but thrillingly hold it over the candle as the wax melts and seeps in to make the peice waterproofed, no way ambient moisture is going to make it in there and warp a tile into a tekdek skatepark component!


great movie!!! loved watching it on the plane, definitely gotta watch it again sometime

The Snatchers and Portopias, I just call ‘em Japanese Adventure Games and people who are familiar with those games generally know what I’m talking about. We say JRPG, so why not? They‘re definitely a distinct subgenre but I don’t think they're fundamentally that different from other things we call Adventure Gamess



@“yeso”#p149532 Snatch-likes

I booted up some games recommended on a list of Snatch-likes. The list maker must have been out of their mind because none of those games had anything to do with the gritty criminal underground of London


@“esper”#p149421 Is there a better way to implement communication in video games than dialogue trees? (14:06)

To take a slightly different angle on this and lean more into "communication": pinging! Being able to get people to pay attention to something on a map or to let them know you found some stuff without using language is great.


@“footfoot”#p149531 I just call ’em Japanese Adventure Games and people who are familiar with those games generally know what I’m talking about. We say JRPG, so why not?

Good idea, let’s just go with an acronym like JRPG.
Hmm… Japanese Adventure Video games...
Yes, "JAV"! That should be easy to find on the Internet.

I looked up the price of Lost Odyssey today before listening to that part of the episode and I was like yeah it is 15 dollars isn't it. Just checked.

Talking about shooting your words and no mention of Danganronpa? I liked the premise of being able to lie in v3 where you hold a button and the evidence you‘re shooting into a statement gets its meaning flipped but they didn’t let you do that enough.


There's a Columbo Statue in Budapest without a clear reason of exactly why it's there.

As far as crimes go, I really enjoyed kidnapping in Metal Gear Solid V and would love to see more of it. Pokémon catching should count as kidnapping but it's not illegal in that world and is actually expected behavior so it doesn't feel as good.

@“Jonks”#p149592 I completely forgot that I walked by that statue organically and was like “what's this doing here.” good times.


@“Tom of the Fog”#p149433 Making compost rocks!

It's great! Save taking stuff to the landfill and you get to make some sweet dirt.

@“hellomrkearns”#p149617 Exactly! You can't buy drit like that anywhere and have it as good for growing new things in your garden or home. I feel better knowing the obscene amount of tea I drink in a day is being used help our garden grow :slight_smile:

Re: the most fun crimes to commit question: this playlist was recommended to me today. Video game jazz to listen to while committing crimes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llBRygYmUCI

Tim Rogers describes his living conditions


Shout out to trespassing as a fun crime to commit in a game. There are few sensations as palpable as being deep in a property trying not to blow your cover or just stay out of sight altogether and then almost doing exactly that.

I'd hazard a guess that Tim was referring to Paranormasight as Square Enix's best game with no marketing from last year. That thing just appeared from nowhere! If only they put a bit of money behind that and the likes of Dungeon Encounters over the last few years then maybe they'd see some success from their smaller games - because they've still got some of that 90s and 00s magic!