Ep. 327 - The Third Knuckles

the worst and best things that i can say about both the mario and sonic films is that the mario film seems like everyone's job was to Make That Exact Kind Of Film and they did it. the sonic film feels likea mixture of writers and hollywood rich guys having “gut” feelings that no other human on earth could ever relate to and then somehow millions of dollars are spent putting that on a cinema screen.

Re: Worst romance

_Heavy Rain_ also does the thing Frank describes lol. Madison wanders into Ethan’s motel room because the door is open (?) to find him bleeding out, nurses him back to health, and like thirty minutes later has sex with him. It’s all she does in the entire game.

My non-Cage answer is _Yakuza 2_. That one really puts me off.

@“Bbtone”#p155022 I wish I had thought of the yakuza series, because yakuza 6 is a good one for me. they basically just force haruka into getting pregnant because she's the only female character and nobody ever asks her if it was consensual.

re: the question about taking notes….much respect to Brandon and Frank, but, couldn't be me! When I play old RPGs and Adventure games where you have to talk to many NPCs, each of whom only gives you a small piece of the requisite information to know where to go next, I am tabbing over to Notepad constantly and loving every second of it. I will often get nostalgic and revisit, say, my old DQ1.txt file full of stuff like “when sun+rain meet bridge appear (sun stone in tantegel related???)” and go yeah, that was a good time….

That being said, drawing maps for first person dungeon crawlers is a _little_ much for me. I really tried to play Phantasy Star that way because it felt more legit, and I wanted to think of myself as the sort of person who could do it, but the first time I realized I had made a mistake many steps prior and would have to redraw the whole dungeon I said "well, forget about this," gave up and didn't pick up the game again until years later when I discovered the Sega Ages version where it draws the maps for you, at which point I breezed through it.

good luck at the martial arts tournament jaffe

It's incredibly funny that Xbox is promising the biggest jump in technical specs at the same time they started announcing their games coming to Switch. All their games are going to look so bad on that system in comparison to like, the Luigi Mansion DS port. The audience will always be larger for the nintendo version instead of the 4k realtime 120fps version. This feels like Xbox has abandoned the dorito gamer and is entirely focused on the gamer who has plugged their brain into the computer and only eats matrix steak to sustain themselves.

this was my first ad-free friend of the show episode, so of course I HAD to listen to that ad. Thanks for putting it in the description. I was having AD FOMO. We do live in a wonderful time.

for anyone who hasn’t played FF7 (I know you are there), don’t get scared by the comments.

I played it for the first time in 2020 before going into Remake and I really enjoyed it. Specially on the Switch with 3X battles (not all the time but later for sure). Ended up enjoying it much more than remake.
Liked Remake but has too many problems that are signs of the times and those bother me more than the “signs of the times” of the original that of course are there.

@“Uli”#p155142 do you think it would still be enjoyable on original hardware or should folks jump straight to one of the modern ports? For instance, I grew up with a Master System and love Phantasy Star 1 but, like @footfoot was talking about, the Switch version of that game with auto mapping and optional balancing is so nice that I recommend folks skip the Master System version.

Most of the PlayStation 1 library is a blind spot for me but I recently acquired one after finding a small binder of games in a dumpster.


@"Jonks"#p155187 I'm playing FF7 for the first time right now (I have a habit of procrastinating on the Classics because I feel like I've already absorbed them through culture—which ofc never turns out to be true) on PS1 and I honestly think it holds up just fine. Not everyone likes ATB but I find the urgency makes the battles *feel* faster even though they often actually take longer. The only part of 7 that feels "dated" or wtv is the movement, as the fixed camera means the d-pad doesn't always lock to the grid the way you want it to and also you have to suddenly switch which direction you're holding when the angle changes. Tim makes the point in his Boku review that FF7 should have had that game's controls and I wholeheartedly agree


@“footfoot”#p155193 I have a habit of procrastinating on the Classics because I feel like I’ve already absorbed them through culture

Oh I get that feeling big time. I also generally believe that the "classic" games are much more likely to be made available on future devices vs the more mediocre or obscure stuff that gets lost to time.

@“Jonks”#p155187 I feel the game is mostly the same but really helped my enjoyment having it always open and next to my bed on the switch. Having to boot up a console and load a save file instead of just picking it up and doing some battles makes a diference.

@“footfoot”#p155193 Agree with the movement, and not only that. Some of the backgrounds are not super clear, or too ambitious or not sure what they want. It gets pretty confusing sometimes, I feel like for FF8 they already tweak that and aren‘t that many confusing backgrounds. Specially the natural ones like mountains or abstract like some of the “crazy places” (I don’t really remember but they are somewhere)

Huh, I‘m surprised to learn that Chao haven’t been in a Sonic movie yet. I'd think merchandising would be all over that.

@“Jonks”#p155187 It is unreasonable to recommend a game like FF7 that has so many competent ports on modern systems. No one should go through the load times of that game. We need to respect people's time.

@“buy-frank-lewd-mags”#p155390 but what if the modern load times are too quick? How will I drink my tea? I'm not ready for active time drinking.