Ep. 333 - Threetacular

Ep. 333 - Threetacular

Three of your favorite Insert Credit panelists cover three questions from Alex Jaffe, three listener questions, and three Lightning Rounds. Hosted by Alex Jaffe, with Frank Cifaldi, Tim Rogers, and Brandon Sheffield. Edited by Esper Quinn, original music by Kurt Feldman.

Questions this week:

  1. What are your favorite video game conspiracy theories? (07:06)
  2. Which hybrid characters in video games best take advantage of both halves of their nature? (14:33)
  3. Adaptation Game: The Three Musketeers (19:19)
  4. BluntForceMama asks: Do you have to play a game to like it? (26:10)
  5. Spencer Gifts asks: Where are we in video game history parallel to other media? (28:20)
  6. Crumar Bones asks: What are some games that look better through composite output rather than component or S-Video? (33:55)

DITHERED LIGHTNING ROUNDS: Violence Island Exhibition, GameFAQ&As: Kingdom Hearts III, and Name Design: Trilogy Endings (39:24)

Recommendations and Outro (54:24)



Brandon: Messengers of Love by Carmody, enjoy the new Insert Credit Forums, do a better job if you’re a person in charge of the internet

Frank: X-Men '97

Tim: If you own 100% of your profits and are open to dying early, crunch isn’t so bad

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Some would dare call me their favorite fruit

In other news, the Vivi v. V v. VVVVVV announcement was a complete delight for my brain


A fun episode for a rainy Monday - with some serious editing skills displayed by @esper :+1:

And with three, (and they got mentioned) had to enjoy this here


i was gonna praise @esper’s editing skills at the triple lightning rounds but i’ve been beaten to it. i’ll do it anyway, good job esper!

also rainy here, how serendipitous!


Warlock is a game that I really wanted to play as a child, but my mom wouldn’t let me rent it because she assumed it was satanic or something—gotta love growing up the child of a pastor’s daughter in Indiana, lol (she’s since lightened up a lot, thankfully!)

I’d forgotten all about it until it came up in this episode, and now I’m one step closer to biting the bullet and getting a MiSter when money allows (which may be a while, but hey, long-term goals)


We have sun now, hope you do too :sunglasses:

unlikely, but i’m glad because it’s been pretty hot until this past weekend. i like the cooler weather. you enjoy your sun though!

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Thank you! You enjoy some cooler weather after a hot period. We’ve had rain for a while so need some sun. But alas storms tonight and cold tomorrow so it balances out in the end!

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@Jaffe I have the same Colorblind Candy Conundrum! One that always got me was biting into a baked good expecting chocolate chips and instead finding raisins.


The show notes are a little more interesting now that we can see what’s getting clicked. Everybody needed to see that photo of Kawazu (He just looks like a normal executive???).

Edit: the link numbers are gone now and that’s probably for the best


Just to warn you the game itself (warlock) is just fine. The title screen looks great in composite though!

@Mnemogenic yeah kawazu just looks like a regular guy in a regular suit to me, but as a guy whose own suit would apparently disintegrate into dust in the presence of a better suit what do I know!


this in whistle and harmonica after you shoot the hangman’s rope


Yeah, there’s like no way it would ever live up to what my imagination conjured for it as a child, but it’s the sort of game I will boot up just to do it if I ever get a proper retro emulation setup going—which seems more and more likely with every day I spend here

FYI I was listening to this while waiting for a video call to start and heard “hello?” right as it ended.


Gran Turismo 4 on PS2 is way better on Component.
The acelerator line is just many lines next to each other and I didn’t knew that before that cable.

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“You can’t just google for roms any more…” What is Frank on about? I just googled for one today!


Here for the argentina regional prices.

Just wanted to say that for us (in arg) they’re really good, and also sometimes crazy cheap. Also when they’re not there games are crazy expensive. Basically every publisher does what they want.

is that really milei in the picture at the Angry Video Game Nerd festival or whatever?

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I need to stop listening to the show when going to bed i end up having to listen in 4 different sessions