Ep. 337 - Holland Oats

this is me too. lotta people think im on the shy introverted side but im more of an anxious quiet extrovert


good episode to start the work week
the user review for hyper gunsport… brutal…

the opposite of video games is pure nothingness


the “brandon’s popcorn classics” joke made me chuckle. gregg heads rise up.


ain’t nothing wrong with slow talkin, slow walkin, and slow livin


It probably sounds like a cop out, but I always felt disconnected from the mainstream gamer crowd for liking JRPGs (when everyone was talking about FPSs like CS and Halo). Could’ve just been the people I was around in suburban CT, but Final Fantasy or Fire Emblem weren’t openly popular or cool to talk about in the same way CoD was (not counting online forums obviously). Even in the late 00s/early 2010s online communities, there was that weird period where liking Japanese games made you a hipster automatically (now it seems mainstream, which is a sign of Japanese game developers appealing to Westerners paying off, thanks Dark Souls).


Wow, Tim really got it in one. I wonder if a good second part to this question could have been who or what studio is best at naming games presently, rather than historically, since while Bandai Namco were so clearly dominant at one point, but have diminished in power since their golden days.


I think an action game that has stealth mechanics but then shifts into a shooter or something once you’re discovered can be good if the game achieves two things:

  1. The stealth and the action are at least roughly equally well designed, exciting, and effective.

  2. With skill or strategy or character customization or whatever, you can fluidly switch between stealthy combat and loud combat.

The Metal Gear Solid games achieve a decent balance between the two and both are well designed, but it definitely favors stealth, in the sense that being visible and loud are parts of the gameplay but you are actively discouraged from relying on it. Although, getting back into hiding after being discovered is obviously supposed to be part of the experience and it is definitely a large part of the fun.

On the flipside a game like Sekiro encourages stealth and the stealth is well designed but it’s used primarily as a means to open action sequences with an advantage you wouldn’t have otherwise.

The best game that I would describe as solidly both Stealth and Action and achieves one hell of an equilibrium between the two in this regard is The Last of Us Part II. You can play it quite stealthily but somewhat like Metal Gear Solid it’s almost inevitable that you will be discovered. Unlike MGS though, being discovered is less of a big deal, and you can fluidly strike enemies and have a burst of combat and then dash back into hiding. Especially at higher difficulties where conserving ammo and resources is super important, this micro-guerilla warfare way to play is super exciting.


Ok so on the topic on snacking cheese

Might have been because I was a little tipsy but

I broke off a little chunk of cotija ate it straight up and hoooly moly that was something. Like the relative intensity of a really rich brownie but instead of sweet + chocolate it was savory + salt. A lot of salt.