Ep. 338 - The Speed of Speed

Can you tell your aunt that you’re just not a sell out :thinking::face_holding_back_tears:

Also Bay Area norcal discussion amused me. I consider true norcal to be north of the bay but the trash cans start saying Northern California all the way down in Santa Cruz / San Jose lol…

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baycal is what they should call it


I have a question about that generally. I aws looking at a map and noticed there’s a San Mateo-Heyward Bridge that’s way longer than the golden gate and bay bridges (from the looks of it, it’s bigger than both put together!)

So why do those bridges get all the attention? Seems obvious that the San Mateo-Hayward is the #1 bridge of the bay area


It’s long!
To take the question seriously, the two bridges in the south part of the bay get less attention because they’re less frequently used (san mateo bridge has 93k drivers daily to bay bridge’s 250k) and also less interesting - since there’s no shipping going on down there they’re very close to the water line with only one raised portion and don’t have a mechanism to allow large ships to pass. The golden gate bridge being red gives it a fun look and the bay bridge connecting the two biggest parts of the bay make them the bigger focus.

There’s one part where there’s an incline but most of the san mateo bridge looks like this

I will note that the san mateo bridge has more daily traffic than the golden gate!!!

Now the real forgotten bridge is the dumbarton bridge, which has never been officially named. it costs $7 to cross this bridge and I’ve only driven across it in the non-toll direction because for someone living in oakland or SF, most of the time you’ll have either already crossed a bridge before reaching your destination or if your destination is at all south of the bridge it doesn’t take much longer (and doesn’t cost seven dollars) to just go around.

the bridge I’ve (probably) crossed the most and which nobody really cares about is the richmond san rafael bridge. but I had to cross it twice per day to get to highschool. a cormorant flew into the front of my car on that bridge :/

Anyway it turns out if you want to be a popular bridge around here you either need to get used a lot or paint yourself red.


Velocity and acceleration (its derivative) are vectors: both have directional and magnitude components while speed is a scalar (just the magnitude). Don’t come at the forum’s physics fact checkers Alex!

Also Shadow the Hedgehog would win the biathlon at the winter games… because he has a gun.


I want to be clear I liked this post because of the Shadow observation, and not the defense of nerds


Sonic Adventure 2 location is what I call it.
Those bridges finna pop one day and sonic and shadow and the tornado mk2 are ready to traverse it

this bridge talk was a delightful detour from work this afternoon.

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thank you for the reply. From an outsider’s perspective, it seems like this is an under-appreciated landmark

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The one way it’s appreciated is the incline part looks really steep if you capture it with a deep focus. Unfortunately it only appears this way in news articles and in reality is just pretty boring. It’s a bit steep but not that steep.


Late to the party I guess, but I just got through the first segment today and there’s a few examples that came to mind one could make a case for.

  • Capcom’s own Resident Evil Code Veronica to Resident Evil Zero
  • The original Dead or Alive for model 2 boards and Saturn had 3D models in the background and the ++ version on that PlayStation-esque board used flat textures instead (technically considered an update rather than a sequel, but the lines tend to be blurred with fighting games)
  • The Dreamcast ports of King of Fighters 98 and 99 were updated with 3D backgrounds, but 2000 and 2001 used the original 2D ones instead.
  • Broken Sword 3 and 4 were full 3D but 5 went back to 2D backgrounds. The newer Leisure Suit Larry games, too. (There’s gotta be more of these “legacy sequels” that did the same thing.)

fun ones, but none of them fit the brief! code veronica and zero aren’t a continuous series, DOA I almost buy but it feels more like a port, KOF backgrounds weren’t pre-rendered (plus that’s ports again), and adventure games choosing 2D backgrounds mid-series is sorta on the way I guess but not a series that started in 3D and then went prerendered - it’s looking like dino crisis really might be the only one.

Yeah, a perfect match might not exist. But another kinda-similar one just came to mind: Ganbare Goemon sure didn’t start 3d, but it went there for a while and then the final playstation entries are sidescrolling platformers again (with a mix of prerendered and some 3d background elements)

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