Ep. 341 - Nixon Babies

i feel stupid for all of us who didn’t think for this. it even works with the letterman thing that tim was mentioneing cause when someone mentions a number for soemthing you can go like “oh 56 that’s mankey!”


The first all nighter I kan actually remember was playing the SNES version of Mortal Kombat 3 the day it kame out, all through the night, until the sun had kome up. Had the sound off so my mom wouldn’t notice. Was DEAD tired the next day. Was worth it.

The “memorizing all the state capitals of video games” is being able to name all of the Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed games in order. I am a fan of both and probably couldn’t do it.


I can’t remember exactly the first all nighter that I pulled. I know it wasn’t for lack of trying through the years as a kid. I had many a nights where my mom would come into my room, irate, at like 2 A.M. and yell at me to turn off Super Mario World or whatever. The old farmhouse I lived in was the bane of my late night game playing. My CRT faced the bedroom door, which was directly across the hall from my parents’ bedroom door. Pretty hard to disguise my actions when there’s light flooding from room to room, from my TV through the inch clearance at the bottoms of the poorly-fitted old wooden doors in that house. Pretty sure any time I fired up my CRT it came beaming through the cracks of her door like a Maglite.

The first time I distinctly remember staying up all night was when I was around twelve or so. One summer weekend I stayed at my cousin’s house and he had invited a cousin from his other side of the family over as well. The cousin’s cousin had brought a N64, a bunch of controllers and Gauntlet Legends. We had mindless, dumb fun with that one all evening and night long.

The second time I pulled an all-nighter was… that very next day. We were so hopped up on caffeine and dopamine that nothing could wear us down. I can’t remember if we rolled credits on Gauntlet, but we at least made it to the final area in a roughly 48 hour span. So we were gaming like absolute degenerates.

I don’t have any clear memories of that weekend except for on the morning of the third day at one point we all sat down in the middle of the floor, cross legged in a semi-circle staring at each other. We were all bodily-exhausted and too tired to say much of anything, but also in some kind of shared mania. For probably a dozen minutes we just kept staring back and forth at one another not saying much of anything and cracking up laughing like it was the funniest shit ever. Sleep deprivation is weird, also I’ve never touched Gauntlet on the N64 since.


“The Pig Monkey pokemon, it is quick to anger!”


Not a night person at all and never have been, but Halo LAN parties allowed me to experience gaming to sunrise a handful of times.

The version of me staying up all night playing a single player game would be when I played Fallout 3 one summer and stayed up as late as I could, then upon awakening immediately booted up the game from bed via my 360 controller, only taking restroom and snack breaks until I beat it. That memory stands out more so because I remember thinking how rad it was that I had a wireless controller that allowed me to boot up the console from bed.

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for memorizing all the state capitals in video games
maybe memorizing all the upgrades in a metroid game would be kinda like that?


playing a new zelda game is the reciting the state capitals after having memorized them of video games


I encountered a Nixon baby today!! The face to head ratio was completely off! Animaniacs fans will be happy to know this baby permanently bibbed and quite the drool machine.


It seems like there should have been others earlier but all I can remember are all nighters for 007 Nightfire, Halo 2, or Double Dash with my high school friends whenever we were all home from college.


My first all-nighter was kind of involuntary back in 2006 or something. I was playing World of Warcraft with a friend who usually played the game till he fell asleep at his keyboard and he really wanted me to get the Whirlwind Axe. Mind you, I did too, but he was very determined that I should get it this particular evening. I think I played with him for about 10 hours straight or so. I didn’t feel like it was super necessary to get it at this exact point, but I had a really difficult time in setting boundaries back then lol. I got the axe and about 3-4 hours of sleep.

I would say my real all-nighter was when me and another friend thought we were about to complete Catherine on PS3. But the “ending” never ended. I think we gave up when we realized there were still 4 or 5 levels till the real ending.

On another note. The question about “a game made specifically for you” Brandon mentions Paradise Killer which the game I am currently working on was likened to by a commenter on itch. But I would think mainly in terms of visuals as my game is a first-person collectathon platformer. But even then the visuals of my game is more pixelated and not as crisp and shiny hehe!..But mby Brandon would like it non d less!


First (and last) time staying up all night was definitely finishing FF7 on the PS1 with an underleveled team, not being familiar how long JRPG final acts were (oh, it’s telling me I can’t save past this point? guess that means it won’t be too long lololol), and basically brute forcing my way through to the ending because of sunk costs in time.


First all nighter was a sleepover: I played Earthbound with a friend until 4 AM, beat it, and then hung out and chatted. We had a couple of other nights where we were playing games together all night, but in those cases it was rarely one game. We’d goof around a lot with different games. The next day, I’d splash water on my face and put it in front of an air conditioner vent every couple of hours to wake myself up.

For me, staying up all night was always a social affair, a dare-we where social fun and peer pressure eggs us on past our own inhibitions. Without friends, I would almost always be in bed by 11 PM, and usually earlier.

My few adult all-nighters were for parties and board games. At least one involved the board game version of Battlestar Galactica; another involved Betrayal at House on the Hill.


you could drop a link!

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Of course, cool Brandon! Here is the first iteration of my playable sample: R A D I A N T E L U S I O N - interactive sample 1.0 by Somatoform (itch.io)

Currently working on some “quality of life”-changes for a 1.1-update as well as changing some icons! If anyone has any feedback or such just let me know and I’ll see if I can adjust the game accordingly if its useful! : )


@somatoform I haven’t played this yet (need to get back to my PC) but it looks incredibly cool. If Jumping Flash had become the biggest game on earth and provided the prevailing influence for all future games, it feels like this is where we’d be.


I love your comment Billy, thank you so much! :heart: