Ep. 346 - America! Hamburger! with Simone de Rochefort

i almost exclusively watch NHK. started in the shutdown when i found an episode of Journeys in Japan on OPB. great show to get a geographic understanding of Japan, also the hosts are often weirdos forced to perform stilted scripts in takes that are just long enough to feel strange. it’s great when someone very clearly isn’t into whatever food and they just leave the camera on em to go “mmmm…oishi desu…” for 90 seconds. the first Atami one is great, gotta real crank in that one. they’ve kinda mellowed the past couple years tho.

hands down the best show is Cat’s Eye View of Japan. it’s art. there are about 46 episodes currently.

Document 72 Hours is usually really good. There’s a cat temple one that’s real touching, a remote konbini in Hokkaido, and so on.

literally planning my first trip there because my partner was so moved by Herbal Symphony that she really pushed to finally get me over lol. Kansai trip in December. Thanks NHK!

Heart of Dixie is just an Atomic Hearts mod where the sex robots or whatever are Freddy Fazzbear-lookin’ Dixie Kong robots.


the original:

i’m just learning that that fuzzy mascot is called the Poglodyte which, that’s… droll. anyway thank you for coming to my POG talk


Interesting kinda about him playing actual pogs!

But also to be clear I was talking about broadcast tv, not cable (which I also don’t have)

I like this guy more than the widely known redesign.


calamansi juice is absolutely GOATed

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I’ve mentioned it elsewhere on these forums before, but the talk in the episode and this thread about NHK World demands I bring it up again:

I thoroughly recommend A Cat’s Eye View of Japan, on NHK World. Five minute vignettes of cool cats hanging out and doing cool cat stuff, all over Japan.


My advice for the forum goer who got an Xbox – pay $20 for a developer license and put emulators on it. The best reason to join the xbox family of products is to play Nintendo and Sony games.

I would like to see a Yakuza game that starts at the end of the US Civil War where Kiryu is a union soldier under the wing of his paternal figure Ulysses Grant and his flamboyant superior, General Custer. The Union Clan takes power and President Grant tells Kiryu and Custer they need to claim an empty lot, aka Big Sky Country, for the America Revitalization Project. After sidequesting around Yellowstone for 40 hours, Kiryu sympathizes with the Lakota Sioux over land rights and realizes that Custer is all about manifest destiny, and fist fights him at the Battle of Little Bighorn.


Finally, someone is taking revenge for Custer’s Revenge


Chapter titles could include

  • Dugout
  • Big sky country
  • Treaty in tatters
  • Modern Caesar
  • Dances with dragon
  • The last stand
  • Manifest destiny

“Oi are you down for a round of Splazza!?” Is usually how we initiate a round of Splatoon down here.

This is POG adjacent but Tazos were the popular thing growing up. Ate a lot of chip packets as a result.


omg i had no idea aussies also called them tazos. i thought tazos was an exclusively latin american term for pogs.
that’s so poggers.


Now I’m wondering how widespread Tazos are. I suspect there is a correlation between Tazos and Dragonball Z popularity.


Had them in the UK - Walkers which was a UK owned brand before being bought by American owners did them and I remember playing and collecting them myself as a kid. The Looney Tunes ones were super popular and looking online apparently now valuable!

I’m guessing the correlation there is between Tazos and obesity.


the yakuza formula seems ideal for a deadwood game. so, deadwood, dekota territory, 1876.

it would be to rdr2 what yakuza was to gta3.

it would be pretty cool!


@MovingCastles we had the animaniacs, The Mask, Pokemon, Digimon, Looney Tunes, Pokemon again (but rectangular ones), Cartoon Network, Pacman, a few football ones, Naruto and others i can’t remember. At some point, there were digital tazos. That was lame as heck. you’d scan a code and a tazo would appear online.

In the Animaniacs / Looney Tunes era, there was a Tazo Gun that shot’em. It was cool.

@穴 i had no idea that others than LatAm called them Tazos too!

Usually Tazos had their gimmick game inbued, like a domino on the back or a rock papers scissors. In Brazil we straight up ignored it and bet it on a child play called “bater figurinha” or “bater bafo” (beat up sticker/ beat up breath) that consisted in laying it on the ground on a pile (one for each opponent) and slapping them. The point of this game was to create a small vaccum and turn them around, if you did, it’s yours!

A few years ago i reunited with a friend from grade school, she said to me that when the pokemon tazos were all time high, in the lunch break i managed to flip 3 tazos, first try. It came back to me when she said, i felt like a king that whole week in school lol