Even Dumber: It Only Has to Rhyme

Ninja Widen


this is the same as the “___? more like ___!” thread

@“rootfifthoctave”#p66436 false

Mr. Biller BillLand

Ah man, I missed my chance to post Alan Bake last week.

Polyester the Unlikely

just passed a highway LED sign that said



The Last Partyin'

Horizon Zero Prawn

Until Prawn

Prawn Home

Days Prawn

The Unfinished Prawn

Synthetic Prawn

The Misadventures of Prawn Prawn

@“yeso”#p66344 J'accusA

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Gays

Gays Gone

Gay of the Tentacle


resident evil knievel

the evil knievel within

evil knievel inside

amid evil knievel

evil knievel twin

beyond good & evil knievel

doom: evil knievel unleashed

turok 2: seeds of evil knievel

doom 3: resurrection of evil knievel

hellboy: the science of evil knievel


@“NoJoTo”#p109045 MediEvilKnievel!!! :heavy_check_mark:

Shepherd's Pie Shodown

(i initially left it at doom: evil knievel unleashed, the joke being the implication that i didn’t want to write ‘seeds of evil knievel,’ but i changed my mind. connrrr posted in the minute window before i did that)

@“NoJoTo”#p109048 you made the right decision in the end.

Half minute gyro

Might and magic clash of gyros

Marvel super gyros


Dragon Breast

Gargoyle‘s Breast

Castlevania 2: Simon’s Breast

Fester‘s Breast

Mystery Breast

King’s Breast

@“Toph”#p109055 I'm imagining all of these as the cut of meat btw