Extra Role Playing

What are some of your favorite examples of going out of your way to embody how a character in a game would actually behave in that game world? I‘m talking stopping at GTA red lights (although that might be counterintuitive to the character), not sprinting through major set pieces, avoiding the latent gamesman cleptomania when I’m someone else's house.

I've thought about this frequently since seeing Tim's video on The Last of Us. My favorite example might be in Stardew Valley; there's an Easter egg hunt every year that your character can participate in. The other participants include the two young children in the game. I was kind of shocked by this at first, and I knew I couldn't just use my godly video game interaction capacity for sprinting to dunk on some children who want a little adventure. I always participate in the hunt, but I haphazardly walk around in circles as if I were a parent throwing a game of checkers.

There is some weird layer of ambiguity about how old the player character is supposed to be, especially since some of the romantic options are entering college and some are independent up to being a literal doctor, but that's a totally different conversation.