Extremely Budget Saturn Titles

I‘m having kind of a Week (and a Year, honestly– in a series of years I’ll be glad to see the back of), and as a result I‘ve been bashing together a shopping cart of Saturn games over at Suruga-ya that will hopefully result in a post over in the "What’s in the mail?" thread at some point.

I don't really have the budget for more than maybe one nicer, more desirable game (and I've got a pretty extensive collection of the more desirable games as it is), so I was thinking of buying a shopping cart full of games that maybe aren't even technically very good (like Wachenröder, for example) or that are not bad but were made in such massive quantities that they're super cheap (like Virtua Fighter Kids), but that are still interesting for some reason or other, like the manual is nice, or the game is kind of charming, even though it's not much fun, or that it's just generally unloved. Quality doesn't especially matter so much (or at least it's optional, or subjective)!

In other words, I'm mostly looking for the opposite end of the Saturn library from Astra Superstars and Purikura Daisakusen: I'm looking for something like a copy of Sakura Wars 2 for $4, or Gungriffon for $6 (you better believe I'm already buying both the regular version of D for $8 and the Satakore version for $4).

Anyway, have at it! Tell me your recommendations for bargain Saturn games! There's no need to price check stuff, just post things you've encountered for cheap or otherwise remember being cheap!

I've seen various copies of Daytona USA in Japanese bargain bins for five bucks or less!

Sega Rally is one of the top 5 games on Saturn as is Panzer Dragoon Zwei. JP version of Fighting Vipers is the best version. Vampire Savior is the most featured version. JP NBA Jam TE is like $20. Saturn Bomberman is sub $30 on there and the multitap is only $31.

Yeah, these are all extremely good suggestions, thanks! For fighters, I'll also mention Fighters Megamix, which is always ludicrously cheap (as in, Suruga-ya has it for 330¥, or about $2.50USD) but excellent, and Last Bronx for a more expensive but still not budget breaking 1580¥ (or about $11USD)!

@“Karasu”#p94390 I was shocked how much GOOD stuff there is on there for not insane prices. It helps that in the long long run the bulk of what is still worth playing on Saturn is made by Sega and relatively light on text.

@“robinhoodie”#p94391 I completely agree! I‘m also much more willing to take the plunge on something that’s maybe less fun or less accessible but still interesting, or that I know almost nothing about, if the price is under 1000¥.

Wellll I don't want to check the prices myself but I can mention some that SHOULD be cheap!

Airs adventure - weird prerendered rpg with 3D elements and wrong perspectives - it looks so weird I thought it was avant garden, but it's just poorly done. But in a compelling way!

Grandia - it's grandia! They made a million of these

Cyber Doll - I've talked about this on the podcast a lot. Cyberpunk weirdo rpg with a neat premise and battle system. Used to be cheap?

Steamgear smash - isometric shooting platformer with light ~Vania elements. Again used to be dirt cheap

Zero divide - robots fighting game with cool music. I have a sense it might have gone up in price. I bet the ps versions are still cheap though

That 3 part first person Gundam series is always cheap

Ninku - weird 2D fighter that never seems to go up in price... I think?

Fist - terrible 3D fighter that comes with a bad cd single which makes the whole thing charming

Pup Breeder - maybe the first fill 3D RTS. it's not great! But historical anyway.

Terra fantastica - pretty regular tactics rpg in some ways but has a neat way of showing battles

Sometimes magic knight rayearth is dirt cheap??

this is just top of my head stuff, I can really dig in later

And yeah, I probably should have mentioned that I wasn't asking folks to check prices– this is meant to be a kind of clearing house list of odd and hopefully cheaper Saturn games.

These are all extremely good, thank you for mentioning them! I'm especially interested in both Fist and Ninku, neither of which I had ever heard of (wellll, I had heard of the Ninku anime). Again, always floored when I hear about a Saturn fighter I've never previously known about!

I can confirm that Zero Divide is still cheap for Saturn! Or at least it was a year ago, when I picked up a copy for about $15USD.

Came in here to mention my avatar haha

Ghen War? Early (planned as a launch title in NA) mech FPS with deformable terrain and music that sounds like the promo commercials to some edgy nineties programming aimed at pre-teens. Uses live actors in its cheesy cutscenes. Star Trek's [Vaughn Armstrong](https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Maxwell_Forrest) is in it.

Wow, never heard of Ghen War! But it looks wild and extremely good with those cutscenes! Thanks!

With the notable exceptions of Bulk Slash and Street Fighter ZERO2’, the Satakore games are typically pretty cheap. That’s a lot of cool titles that often get snubbed due to their packaging, from Tomb Raiders-with-a-S to the best version of Sega Rally, a ton a puzzle games and board games, and a few oddities like Technomotor, Enemy Zero and Chaos Seed.


@“chazumaru”#p94417 I feel like a lot of satakore games have gone way up in price, especially the shooters and etc - but there are some cheaper ones too!

I feel like Saturn shooters have gone up in price generally, Satakore or otherwise!

demo discs are pretty cool and, last time i was at shop that sold them they were pretty cheap.

here's [a listing](https://sega-saturn.net/democds.htm).

Blast Chamber! At least the US version is really cheap especially for a Saturn game. It can be a lot of fun on multi-player.