fake video game guitars



Shoot, I forgot this extra hot one:



I also enjoy the subtly altered sega cd version with better drum samples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhoM38c7Fk8

can anyone explain to me the insanely badass vibrato thing the genesis sound chip did? just a quirk of the hardware? i hear it some in the wolverine tune exodus posted. i think the most prominent example is in the gunstar heroes title screen music as it fades out. i would call it shimmery but all the synth sounds are way too hard to apply that term lol

it owns how much the doom e1m1 theme is just a straight rip of master of puppets. it even does the very metallica thing of making the stabs just bass and drums instead of bass, drum and guitars

this OST has a lot of good bass guitar sounds without having any real guitar sounds that i can identify. the bass goes hard in this song


Metal Slug is the G-D king of fake guitars. Surprised no one else mentioned it. A bunch of SNK music has been added to streaming services this week so have a look…or just use youtube.






Midnight Resistance - Flood of Power [Sega Genesis]


F-Zero X - Dream Chaser [N64]

Spider-Man Venom: Maximum Carnage [SNES] (Music by Green Jelly)
Edit: haha, around 6:08 the song straight-up turns into I'm Broken by Pantera. My 9 year-old self never knew

Edit: Ah heck - here's the whole F-Zero X OST. It's excellent:

hmmm, I never thought of Flood of Power as having guitars in it… I guess you could read them that way! I thought of it as brass and keys!

@exodus#7284 Yeah it sounds more metal to my ears, but it could be bias. The galloping rhythm, dramatic solo and sweep arpeggios all say guitar to me :grinning:



@exodus#6024 Devil’s Crush. King of the solo!! I hate guitar solos, but I like this one (because it’s not a real guitar).

Guess I cant quote a video? Anyway Ive played a lot o the genesis Devils Crash / Dragon's Fury on SEGA Gen. Its interesting to compare. TG has that buzz and SG is bubblier.


The genesis one sounds a bit “wrong” to me but I think in this case it's just down to which one you heard first.

(that said, I do like the extra songs that aren't on the PCE version quite a lot)


@exodus#8801 I think in this case it’s just down to which one you heard first

this is it, for me. i only got into Devil's Crush/Crash during college, emulating the MD version of the game, and that's definitely the soundtrack i prefer.

anyway, whole lot of stuff from Contra: Hard Corps




this game and Capcom games of the era were, i think, the first time i really became cognizant of soundchips trying to replicate electric guitars



Do bass guitars count? I always though the bass sound in Panel de Pon was super good:



The acoustic guitar is super nice too:


I gotta new iphone and need to find a new and cool video game ringtone lol.

I looked up the Children of the Atom OST for inspiration becoz it's the best OST that nobody ever talks about, the the Psylocke stage has some chonky SNES guitar sounds in it!


aw man what a jam!

OK I see this thread started with genesis synth guitar but I‘m gonna post some epic sampled/midi guitar from stuff I like since others are too. Like if SNES samples count so does this stuff. I can’t tell if some of this is live though. Straight up I got carried away I‘m sorry.



I love the squeaking sound of fingers sliding across the frets of the acoustic guitar on this one.




everyone’s favorite new hourly song



more classic ac chillness


gibberish in 1080 soundtrack has major splatoon vibes




@treefroggy#10834 This Yoshi's Story tune is hardcore burned into my brain. I played that game a whole heck of a lot as a kid. Also this “Warioland 4 Uncompressed” project is really cool!

bumping this up for the entirety of the Vapor Trail soundtrack, which is about as sega genesis as you can get re: “guitars.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQbitmR_YBY

@“exodus”#p35118 dang is it using that effect that makes it sound like the music is playing inside your head? can‘t remember what it’s called


I‘m shocked you haven’t brought up Lords of Thunder, since it's probably my favorite game on my PC Engine Mini


I guess it's mostly solos and riffs, but I love those goofy freakin riffs and divebombs