Fan Art

@goonbag#20672 Yes I'm sort of standing in the shadow of a tsunami with this.

A tsunami made of tentacles and upskirt shots.


Nice!!! I've always been really bad at drawing cars. This is really cool. Nice, steady lines.

@GigaSlime#21000 I suspect we could handle it. Just use Kotaku fish!

@CidNight#20993 admirable dedication to the teeth+fur

@tombo#20660 better than the north american box art for sure.

Lil quickie of Burrn cause I was just talkin' about him in another thread

@treefroggy#21362 This evokes the boy's gait very well

Cross post from the Ace Combat thread…my first piece of fan art probably ever, the crow from Mother:


@Syzygy#21523 I contemplated making this adjustment myself, but I figured the IC crowd could handle it.

That being said, I can not in good conscience support or condone tobacco use in my personal or professional capacity, so consider this an official disclaimer. Sanji knows what I'm talking about:


Remember the episode where Tim asked what Sonic character each of them could be, and wondered if anyone was going to actually illustrate it?

Well, I'm doin it... I'm almost done, but heres a sneak peak of part of the drawing in an earlier state.



@SuperEffective#21556 tingling with anticipation here!

@SuperEffective#21556 yes! And I’m very glad we have a venue for you. Although you may want a new thread for something that important

I made this for my 8 year old who loves the show

as usual within minutes of posting this I’ll find ten little mess ups and fix them. So just imagine them already fixed.

Alright so when I showed them, my three year old informed me that she would like Glimmer, please.

Hey quick question for you all. What program do you all use for digital art? I have some experience with Adobe Illustrator for work but not for free hand drawing mostly. I have an inexpensive Wacom tablet so I can do free hand. Anyway just wanted to crowdsource ideas for doing digital art!

This isn't fan art, but I like how it turned out. I came up with these two idiots yesterday while drawing with my daughter.


Ah yes, Wrecktar and Frank Pizza! I know these guys.


I use an open source program called Krita. It has many features that photoshop has. There's also a program called GIMP which is just as robust but I prefer Krita.