Basically what xhekros said… I'm seeing patterns!!

I shouldn't've even talked about this before looking into it at all. Shows how cynical I am! Damn I was so cynical that I hardly even batted an eyelash at this announcement! haha... This feels like it's made specifically for me, in some ways but not all... If it was made by Matsuno though.... .... I wish it was more D&D & **dirty** but the diorama style can't be argued against... Gucci Mane got this one though I'll admit.... Gonna need some more FFIX references.
**Left: 9S had a baby with Link. Right: Strago Magus.**

Also Overland seems cool. Since I already live like that in real life, it could be really addicting, or really offensive. But it looks more like the former ;p

I just had an iPad Pro shipped to me so....

There's only one Fantasian I care about!


But seriously, I hope this works out for Mistwalker, even if I'd prefer a well-budgeted single-player game.

is this not a well-budgeted single-player game? I think it is!?

i find it sadly neat that both the FF series (/square in general) and sakaguchi have been unable to make anything truly great or even interesting since leaving each other (caveat being i've played none of the games lol – have only watched and read about them). would love for this one to be the game to break their boring streak

@Syzygy#23484 i'd happily be wrong on that! though heads i trust and my own observations have me a bit skeptical. what would you say are the best and/or most interesting square-developed games post 2004?

the last story is definitely interesting and also good in my opinion

I mean with square in general you've got dragon quest, nier, tomb raider etc - pretty easy and could go on for ages.

For FF I can make a case for 15 and others say 14 is the best they've ever done.

Sakaguchi, I have less to say there, but lost story is good.

Sakagucci Mane

@exodus#23498 well DQ is obviously more enix side, those games seem relentlessly boring to me but nonetheless. i also feel like tomb raider doesn't count as it was an independent IP that going all the way back to 1992 and the team that made it was (much later) an acquihire for square. (though hey, what recent tomb raider games are interesting?)

the last story is new to me (i think i'd conflated it with lost odyssey, which was wack), i'll check it out, thanks !

@coughsoda#23577 I mean you can‘t really carve out a little bit of square enix to define as the one you’re discussing, because it‘s not like the same exact people are even working in the FF division now vs 2004. And certainly tomb raider has existed for a long time, but the last 3 tomb raiders have all been square enix, made by different folks, and blow the entire rest of the series out of the water. It’s just not really a comparison that‘s possible to make because “square” doesn’t exist anymore!

Either way, not having played any of the games since 2004 doesn't put one in the greatest position to argue one's point!

@exodus#23578 i knew that would be an inevitable comeback lol, but it‘s not so. games are neat because unlike any other art form, you can get a very good feel for one essentially vicariously – by way of silent playthroughs, let’s plays, in-depth analyses by critics you know very well (as a reference point, not as a stand-in), etc etc. of course it‘s not a perfect substitute for completing a game by hand, but i can assure you it’s better than spending a few hours with one, or listening to an album one or twice; somewhere around the level of listening to an audiobook all the way through is where i'd place it.

i think it also helps when you've already played thousands of hours of thousands of games, perhaps most of all the root ones in this extrapolation (sakaguchi FF). and of course, a steady diet of IC ;P

I mean I just started playing crusader of centy, a game I had watched longplays of and TAS videos of and never found particularly interesting. After about 5 minutes of actually playing it myself I was fully charmed - no longplay or TAS does all the little cute extra things you can do in that game, like when your mom tells you not to touch the stove, you do it, and it sets you on fire. Or the “rock of repentence” where you just push it and it looks like you're crying, which feels like something a dev just noticed about the animation and decided to put that there.

In Final Fantasy XV for example the fun for me was doing dumb fetch quests with my car bros, and I really don't think that's possible to communicate properly in video, especially if the person playing wants the game to be a fantasy epic, and tries to play toward that. If you're ready for a floppy goofaround game with an actually alright battle system then you're going to have a very different time.

I'd just be careful of those sorts of blanket statements, like X developer hasn't done anything good since a certain date - it's fully subjective of course, but it's also too dissectible to really be solid grounds for an argument. When you've got to whittle the company down to just the part that you personally perceive as Square to make the point it is probably not the firmest platform!

[edit: I still think Fantasian looks cool]

Enix was only ever Publisher on DQ anyway. It was always another developer like Chunsoft, Level5 etc. So Square Enix now being publisher, when Level 5 does development, shouldn't make a world of difference should it?

Either way, while coughsoda be making sweeping statements, I wouldn't totally disagree that overall, video games before 2004 are better than video games after 2004. LOL, but only in the most "I'm a cynical retro gamer", self aware, ironic way possible.

@exodus#23628 you made me pick up Centy Ragnarok the other night by the way. I have a cib japanese copy. The speedrunning-centric focus of gamers in regards to retro games is pretty annoying. It's why I made the hang out games thread. If you don't stop and smell those roses, we can't hang.

@Syzygy I always get terra battle mixed up with [Wild Card]( lol

@exodus#23628 yeah, i hear ya. as i said, there‘s no perfect substitute for gaming the game itself, and oftentimes i do feel like an LPer isn’t playing how i would want to, etc etc. but as i can‘t play games anymore due to a physical disability, it’s not like i have a ton of choice :slight_smile: i do think my perspective has overcome some of the assumptions you‘ve made about what i can or can’t infer, but even if it‘s a little lopsided i do prefer having this perhaps uniquely shaped perspective (i certainly haven’t met anyone else so interested in games with a history of play/non-play even remotely close to mine)

and yep, 'blanket' statements aren't for everyone! granted, i don't think that, as a counterpoint to what i said, the idea that "hey there's a few cool knockouts and interesting bunts in these two companies' ~20 year histories" is all that meaningful vs. the incredibly prolific and vastly superior golden age the two enjoyed together before the split. but fair enough.

as with everything else here (aside from looking forward to and rooting for fantasian lol), we'll just have to disagree that this line of thought involves any kind of arbitrary delimiting of what square is. my feelings re: their work with acquihired teams/IPs, even assuming a lot of turnover, is in line with my overall point; it's like sonic mania, that may be the best sonic game in a while and may even improve on certain aspects of the original games, but they're still working off of the fundaments and frameworks different companies/teams built long ago. (this certainly applies to DQ; FF not so much, since really the only thing that stays the same there is the name and sometimes some window dressing.)

anyway, this was interesting; thanks! go fantasian lol. this news about 60 tracks from uematsu for his possibly-last-full-score-ever is pretty intriguing in and of itself

@treefroggy#23644 and hey, my so-called sweep only concerned two companies, y‘know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but sure, i’d have to admit i do prefer games made before that randomly selected year, too. there‘s plenty of fascinating, thought-provoking stuff that’s come out since though – the more compelling examples of which i know thanks to this podcast and forum.

@Syzygy#23650 J.J. Tobidase was clearly made by DOG

@Syzygy#23650 u best not be talkin shit bout my 3d worldrunner

@Syzygy#23728 yeah, I knew that B)