Favorite (Best) Score Attack style games (or modes)

Playing THPS 1+2 has got me thinking about good score attack games. Pac-Man CE and Geometry wars are two of my recent favorites. What are some other good titles?

I am a big fan of the “caravan” modes in PC Engine shooting games (and some others), where you're given 2 or 5 minutes to get as high a score as you can.

Here's a partial list I stole from somewhere and added stuff to:

PC Engine CD

  • - Spriggan (Summer Carnival '91)
  • - Alzadick (Summer Carnival '92)
  • - Nexzr [Nexzr Special] (Summer Carnival '93)
  • - Star Parodier
  • - Cychorider (hidden in anearth fantasy stories tankouban)
  • - Force Gear (hidden in tokimeki memorial)
  • PC Engine

  • - Super Star Soldier
  • - Final Soldier
  • - Soldier Blade
  • - Gunhed (Special)
  • - Terra Cresta II
  • - Coryoon: Child of Dragon
  • NES

  • - Recca (Summer Carnival '92)
  • - Star Soldier Special Version
  • - Hector '87
  • PS2/PSP

  • - Star Soldier
  • Nintendo64

  • - Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth
  • Wii

  • - Star Soldier R
  • GBA

  • - Super Star Shooter Advance
  • SNES

  • - Caravan Shooting Collection
  • Yeah! Love Recca and the PCE Star Soldier games. These types of games didn’t even cross my mind.

    I don‘t know if ninja 5-0 counts as a score attack game since it’s more of a speedrunning thing, but it feels like it fits in there somewhere.

    Nights into Dreams.

    @exodus#6423 I think speed running, score attack and boss rush all come from the same place, but are distinct enough to be considered separately. Perhaps a few more threads are in order.

    Man I think it’s just gotta be the default PacMan CE mode. Personally I play the REZ score attack any time I play the game it’s the only way to play.

    @Geoff#6424 Nights into Dreams has always been my go-to score attack game. The only part of it I don‘t like is when I get a really good score on the main stage and then mess up during the boss and that score goes right down the toilet.

    I love a lot of arcade style games that are score attacks at heart, but Nights is what I always return to. It’s always been a special game for me and I'm glad it offers enough depth to keep me coming back.

    I haven’t opened that racing game thread yet but Time Attack against my classmates in Sega Rally (and beating douchebag kids who had better grades than me in school) is one of my best memories as a teenager.

    My favorite score-related mechanic, however, is found in Mars Matrix on the Dreamcast. Your score is basically treated like in-game money, and you can unlock tons of things and useful options (more continues etc.) with your score following a game over. As a result, you would benefit much more for trying to play the first few stages as well as possible rather than relying on safe strategies and continues to proceed as far as possible. But obviously, if you never wanted to learn, you could still go ahead like an idiot and grind points patiently. This truly encouraged one to play the game for the score rather than simply aiming to survive and experiencing its playthrough as a tourist, in a time when most shooting games were specifically (_too_ specifically if you ask me) designed around scoring, but without the psychological pressure or perceived boundaries of a score attack mode / caravan mode.

    These are the score attack modes from the recent Puyo games, though of course the Tetris modes are pretty much classic ones you‘ll also find in other games. Nevertheless, can’t go wrong with a good marathon!

  • - Marathon (Puyo Puyo Tetris)
  • - Ultra (PPT)
  • - Endless Fever (PPT/Puyo Pop Fever) (is it a true score-attack though? you're extending time based on your performance)
  • - Score challenge (Puyo Puyo Champions)
  • @Geoff#6424 This, close this thread.

    It is OVAH.

    Still like to fire up Clone Hero to get my plastic guitar fix every now and then (good palette cleanser too!)

    As a kid with few games I was also obsessed with getting first place in all the **Super Punch-Out!!** times, doing runs in **Star Fox 64** and **Rogue Squadron** to earn all the medals and **Goldeneye 007** to unlock all the cheats

    The ultimate distillation of the score attack: The Hudson Shooting Watch


    Looks like it's still available on [DSiWare](https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-DSiWare/16-Shot-SHOOTING-WATCH-261245.html) as well.

    Oh shit, I just remembered Messhoff’s Flywrench.


    That game is crazy intense!

    Flaming Finger is also one of my all time favs.


    Some other choice games I just thought about that have not been mentioned:

    **Critter Crunch** - wife and I used to play co-op all the time

    **Shatter** - one of the best breakout games ever (also see **Wizorb**)

    **Peggle** - Peggle... is good (also see **Roundguard**)

    **Mr. Driller** - is [Dig Dug's son](https://mrdriller.fandom.com/wiki/Taizo_Hori)

    **Resogun** - or most games from Housemarque
    Edit: almost forgot about **Burnout 2+3 crash modes**. Danger Zone isn't bad but Burnout is still the best.

    It was real weird talking to my pals at Capy about Critter Crunch. They had never heard of Magical Drop or Money Idol Exchanger etc - they came up with the idea for critter crunch (which is extremely money idol exchanger-like in its mechanics) by playing Popcap's Magical Drop clone Astro Pop and then independently thinking of the money idol exchanger mechanic. Weird!

    @exodus#6922 That's an interesting study in both great minds and the importance of visual communication. The feeding mechanic being shown in a literal fashion helped to contextualize everything, but I think the cute yet disturbing aesthetic (vs MPE) is what sold us on it. Also the widescreen co-op mode is really fun!

    Also looking forward to playing Grindstone when it comes to the Switch. Is Apple Arcade still a thing? Haven't heard much about it since launch.

    Apple Arcade is still a thing but is “retargeting,” so all the Grindstone-like passion projects are not gonna be on there going forward. it's not gonna be very interesting.

    That's unfortunate - but hopefully those passion projects find a way


    @exodus#6940 Apple Arcade is still a thing but is “retargeting,” so all the Grindstone-like passion projects are not gonna be on there going forward. it’s not gonna be very interesting.

    I might be wrong but my understanding was that Grindstone was one of the very few successful games on the service per Apple’s targets, as it was one of the few games with a design that would motivate one to keep playing and therefore keep paying for the service. And so they are looking for more games like that (if they are still looking at all).