Favorite episodes/moments from The Show

I know we have a nice mix of new and old listeners here so I thought it might be nice to highlight some of our favorite episodes from the past.

I'll start with what are probably the most unusual of the bunch: Episode 109 Parts 1&2 - Insert Credit Abroad & Abroader. These are the 'hang-out game' of podcasts.

I‘ve said it before, but the Improv Zone where Brandon goes against Tim’s Duke Nukem for a job at Gamestop is one of the funniest bits ever while also very much capturing what really works about the vibe of the show.

Ah man I don't remember that one :o

@robinhoodie#4665 yep! Tim pretty much only said ‘Balls of steel’ for the entire segment.

One of my favorite stories is Tim talking about how he grew up knowing Jared the Subway guy, can't quite remember which episode that one was on, somewhere near the early hundreds or late nineties, too lazy to look but I remember it has two guests.

It isn't a podcast moment, but I also love episode 108 where Tim asks everyone very nostalgic questions as well as questions about everyone's writing process, which I find really fun and interesting to listen to to be totally honest. Really excellent episode.

i've been slowly working my way back, but my favorite episode so far has been Ep 126: The Longest Con, where everyone shares their best (and some worst) convention memories. much like @hellomrkearns said, it feels like a “hang-out game” episode. just some buds hanging out and talking about cool or dumb stuff they did in the past. also, i listened to it during the earlier parts of quarantine and it made me really yearn to go to an event and be around a bunch of friends in afterparties and hotel rooms again yet also never go to a major con again, lmao.

Episode 109 Insert Credit Part II: Insert Credit Abroader is one of my favorite episodes of any podcast.

The year and console ranking episodes are probably my next favorites.

@Criminyjimjims#4675 I just looked it up. It's 106. Also available in video:


A bunch of video-episodes from this time (and other podcasts) are on Tim's YouTube:

@hellomrkearns#4663 yeah those two episodes rule, the ambient noises are so comfy.

my two favourites are _27 - insert credit annual #1_ and _47 - BGGOAT_. I first listened to them both with headphones on one night, driving through the mountains with my girlfriend and her family. that memory has imbued a lot of the games discussed in those episodes with a dreamy, nighttime atmosphere.

Oh, that's nice to hear!

If anyone has the missing episode 19 they better speak up


@Lesmocon might? https://forums.insertcredit.com/d/171-ep-144-demonology-alternative-medicine/18

Here‘s a question I’ve always wondered about.

I've listened to (I think) every episode of the podcast (even 19), but I don't ever recall hearing about Alex "Gorblax" Jaffe's origin story. Through the show, we've gotten a pretty good idea of where everyone else (Brandon, Frank, Tim) is "coming from" in terms of their experience and history with the games industry or whatever, but Jaffe remains something of an enigma.

I know he sometimes posts on this here forum, so hey @Gorblax, if you want me to shut up about this, just let me know, and I'll be glad to.

Anyway, I just can't help being curious about this.

Dont want to ruffle any feathers but on one of episodes since the reboot Jaffee made a joke about being the host of all of the GOOD episodes of insert credit, that absolutely nobody else on the show laughed at or reacted to, and I thought that shit was hilarious.

I listened to those latter, post-Jaffe, ones first because when I was getting into the show they were more easily accessible. I have a soft spot for them, I kind of appreciate the lack of structure and the messiness.

I‘ve assumed that Jaffe met Tim through either the old IC forum, or the Select Button forum? At least I’ve gotten that sense from the show… I also – could be wrong – assumed that was how they met Vito and some other guests and friends of the show, or through livejournal in some cases.

@Moon#4903 Joke?

@Gorblax#4908 youre the king, jaffee. We love you. Accept no disrespect.

@whatsarobot#4901 My origin story is that for 2 months in 2011, Tim had a Q&A column on Kotaku. I wrote in 36 questions over the course of a day. Later, when the podcast was being planned, Tim recommended me to moderate. Over the last decade my love for video games has waxed and waned, but I always love asking questions.

@Gorblax#4910 Huh!

Luckily for me, you're okay with answering them, too. Thank you.

@Gorblax#4910 our very own Riddler.

You also have an incredible ability to make lists of things.