Favorite Games to Platinum/100%

Have been on a streak of getting platinum trophies. Any fun suggestions or favorites?

Depends on what your idea of fun is, surely! Do you want a massive experience to really dig into, or do you want something where you can get all the trophies on a fairly normal playthrough? If it's the latter, I found Tunic real fun for trophy hunting.

I know it's letting the capital-terrorists win, but checklist games. Hijack my brain!

I have never platinummed a game. Am I a fake gamer girl??

@“the rocky connrrr picture show”#p136210 i'm not sure if i have either! if i did it was something more or less by accident with a game that i just played a bunch b/c i liked it.

i think i got slightly turned off the idea when they first started being a thing b/c i had a roommate who was a self-proclaimed platinum hunter and i spent too many evenings listening to him screaming at the TV b/c he messed up a difficult trophy he was trying to get.

tho now i think it's fine if you like it! so long as it's fun and doesn't lead to screaming! i didn't ever come close to platinuming it, but i do like the achievements in Crusader Kings 3 for setting up lots of unique challenges for specific playthroughs to attempt.

I do it with most* mario games. They rarely require looking stuff up, and they get more fun towards the extra levels

*Odyssey excluded cause I'm not getting 900 moons

I looked through all the games I 100%’d on Steam and for my money Celeste has the best achievements in the biz. Very smooth blend of brain-soothing collection and ultra-difficult challenges. I felt “full” by the time I finished, if that makes sense.

I also found _The Witness_ and _Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy_ super rewarding to 100%, but they’re not as well-rounded, so you really gotta love the one type of fun each game provides lol.

into the breach is the one for me.

the game‘s recursive meta campaign in the plot gets reflected in the tutorials, the mechanics, the unlocks, and achievements system.

It’s almost like the point of the game is to get 100% without it feeling like a chore, and that dovetails with the multiverse concept really nicely.

I'm all about getting 100% of gems in any Spyro the Dragon.

Your little dragonfly buddy points towards any remaining gems for you!

Pretty certain the only games I've 100%‘d are from before the days of PS3 trophies? Maybe I platinum’d Noby Noby Boy ? Yeah, almost certain I recall getting all the cheevos for that one back in the day, and looking them up.

I was really disappointed by the Achievement selection in *Elden Ring*. Usually, Souls games have had trophies that make sense to cause you to see / acquire all content. Get every spell, master a weapon of every ascention, etc. But you can "platinum" elden Ring, and only see maybe 50% of the game.

So yeah,

### _**NOBY NOBY BOY**_

I have a couple platinums, and they're mostly for fairly short games. If I look at the achievement list somewhere around halfway through, I like the game and I have a clear idea of how to get all of them, I sometimes just go for it. Aforementioned Tunic is one such example, Shenmue another.

The outlier is Ass Creed Odyssey, which I was obsessed with during covid and where I just wanted an excuse to hang out in that world for longer. So much about that game goes against my aesthetic preferences for games: the vast size, the content checklist, the grinding for colored loot with a 0.8% DPS increase; and yet I vibed so hard with its ancient Greece that I kept playing. My most embarrassing trophy.

The Platinums that I‘ve typically enjoyed getting are the ones that let me hang out in the world a bit longer than you otherwise would have, and/or otherwise let me engage with the mechanics a bit longer. Things like side quests and extra bosses will typically be what I gravitate to as long a) they’re not missable, and b) they're easy to keep track of.

Two that immediately spring to mind in that regard are Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age and Octopath Traveler 2. Both of those games are largely filled with "do side quest" and "complete story" trophies, and there's a few super boss related ones that allow me to chill with the mechanics of the battle system.

The Borderlands games also fit this too albeit there are some pretty dumb and glitchy ones too, and I probably enjoyed them more because I was playing with a buddy.

I also enjoyed getting the Platinums in Trails of Cold Steel 3 and 4 for the very specific reason that it requires a NG+ playthrough and it has a triple (I think) speed mode which coupled with your carried-over level-ups and equipment makes breezing through the game and world feel like incredibly satisfying in a mega specific way. Almost like an epilogue or a recap of the games that makes you go, "ah yeah, I liked this bit" if you don't remember it from your first play.

100%-ing is not usually my style but thoroughly completing Ape Escape 3 including getting all gold medals on the time attack challenges was pretty fun and a nice way to conclude the series after I basically played all of them back to back

Are you enough of a bad-butt to platinum Devil Daggers though?

I feel like the best/most fun games to 100% in this specific way tend to be the ones that were released on the early days of the achievement system. There are a couple of games that 100% incorporated the achievements into the actual game and objective design towards the player.

Probably my two favorites with this philosophy are **Crackdown** and the first **Dead Rising**. Those two are games with a campaign, linear progression and full array of collectibles/activities on its own, that nonetheless become elevated thanks to bringing the achievements on top of that.

In these two games the achievements not only act as extra challenges to do in the game, but also effectively provide hints at strategies and things you can and may want to do, and that you might think weren't possible otherwise. But this extra layer becomes even more valuable due to the fact that both of these games are open world sandbox experiences, therefore risking that particular "freedom syndrome", the fact that because you can do anything, you end up not caring about anything at all.

So the achievements in these two games provide an extra reinforcement to the foundation of the design, and effectively act as an extra layer that helps vertebrate the whole experience.

Another great example in this vein were the XBLA Sega's arcade rereleases. The presence of achievements in for example **Outrun 2 Online** helped the game take shape and coalesce far better than all the half-baked progression systems in Coast to Coast for example.

@“JoJoestar”#p136402 don't make me go play Crackdown again

@“Adria”#p136387 https://s3.amazonaws.com/checkli.com/checklists/5ee070c965bf9.jpg

I think the Wario Land series is the most rewarding and meant-to-be-100%'d kind of game. All four of them!
... Maybe not 3.

I prefer to cubic zirconia my games (get 30% of the trophies without trying)

Persona 5 Royal is a fun and easy one to platinum. You're likely to do it all your first time beating the game.

Final Fantasy VII: Remake is also a lot of fun to platinum, because the gameplay loop is fun. You do have to go through a couple of times and remember what outfits you dressed Tifa in but overall pretty painless.

Majora's Mask. It feels incomplete without 100% completion. It feels rewarding to save everybody and watch the full credits cut scene with the big celebration.