Favorite Self Imposed Rules and Challenges


“IDK man… try playing it again without collecting any coins?”


What are some play styles that are fun to try out or even transform the game's genre?

Thinking like the Nuzlocke Pokemon Challenge. Speed running technically fall into this and it's pretty well worn territory, but if there is a game that is transformed by trying to speed run it, I'd be interested in hearing about it. Fewest actions are fun to see too (**Mario 64** jumps).

Also, any games you recommend playing on a harder difficulty to make the most out of it?

For instance, I played the **Witcher 3** on the hardest difficulty and required me to use all of the mechanics in the game, which gave it a good cohesiveness. Amping up the difficulty in **Ninja Gaiden Black** changed all of the game's encounters and made each fight exhilarating. **Halo** on Legendary feels like a different game with the advanced enemy AI. I also really enjoyed the Grounded difficulty in **The Last of Us**. HUD reductions can be pretty intense too (**Hitman**). And, as Tim pointed out, playing **Final Fantasy VII Remake** as a Devil May Cry game on the hardest difficulty really cleans up that game as a whole.

I love being able to remove some or all HUD elements, especially in racing games, where the pertinent information is usually on the dash anyway. It’s best done with full-length F1 (etc) races, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be a sim game - I’ve been playing the PSP Ridge Racers with the HUD off and it’s a completely different experience. In that case the announcer takes every opportunity to tell me about my crazy nitrous anyway and it’s absolutely true that you learn circuits faster without a minimap.

I’m a real sucker in RPG games & I start to have some real superstitious issues doing things in-game that I feel like my character (or sometimes myself if it’s a self-insert/fantasy fulfillment type thing) wouldn’t do. In games where the moral choices affect stars (BioWare stuff and all the CRPG resurgence stuff), it’s quite limiting and makes the minmax stuff impossible, but the game a lot more fun — for me at least.

In MMOs, it’s most apparent because a lot of mid-end game stuff expects the player to zap between very far and separate cities to juggle multiple quest lines. Whereas, I think that’s quite a lot for an adventurer to go through, especially in emotional like narratives like GW2 or FFXIV, so I try to keep their business to one region at a time — despite how it might halt my progress.

I suppose this is my only hard rule, rather than an interpretative one, but in Pokémon I never catch legendaries because I remember in all the Pokémon movies from when I was a kid: world calamity is usually started by the hubris of scientists thinking they can capture and control these sentient forces of nature/existence. My father and sister are big Pokémon Go raiders and I can always tell they’re a little disappointed I won’t go after these 5-star legendaries with them 😂

@“jaws”#p56260 Preventing cognitive dissonance is a good one! There have certainly been cases where I have been role-playing a game and made decisions in the context of the character, even if it was not necessarily beneficial. No-kill runs in stealth games are good for this too.

I have never once rescued the princess in Dragon Quest. I always make a beeline for the swamp and pick up Erdrick's Token at my earliest convenience, leaving Gwaelin in the tunnel to hit it up with her dragon boyfriend. Although that being said, I did come up with another option for future playthroughs last year.

When playing Super Mario 3D World with my little cousins and nephews, I used to play it while permanently crouching and without any power up to make it more fun for me and to stop myself from being an asshole and leaving everyone else behind. It proved to be an interesting challenge and I was able to beat most levels that way.

Oh, and seeing Mario always crouching is hilarious for little kids apparently.

I just googled mario always crouching, and apparently it has become it's own whole [sub-genre](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JHo8mmhl6s)[ of mario](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDXyD3xrWgw)[ r](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJ0mloQIcYQ)[elated youtube videos](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRqJHcfUxQs) [now.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlvIXWi_5-Y)

I will sometimes try and avoid fast travel as much as possible, and try to walk/ride/drive/whatever around a map. This isn‘t a hard rule, and I’m not sure I even understand myself why I decide to do this or not in any particular game.

i never use cheats/speedups in RPG remasters. i know someone who played FFXII basically all the way through on fast forward, and had never played it before. psycho shit

@“rejj”#p56302 Same here - love when a game rewards a good mosey with nice sights or a bizarre series of events, and the world is well designed and worth exploring. I wrecked a car in the middle of nowhere in GTA V once and casually followed a mountain stream until it became a river that lead to a lake. It was pleasant. Ghost of Tsushima is excellent for this as well.


@“copySave”#p56319 I wrecked a car in the middle of nowhere in GTA V once and casually followed a mountain stream until it became a river that lead to a lake.

Reminds me of the one time I got booted out of a taxi ride halfway through in *Grand Theft Auto IV* because I ran out of money.

I've played through some Metal Gear Solid games in what I called “Batman mode” where I played nonlethally and refused to use guns unless absolutely necessary. In MGS3 I think I only needed them for the boss fights against Ocelot and The Pain, plus The Shagohod.

[Here's my Batman run through Ground Zeroes](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmIBVOn86pY) (I should pick this game up again, there's parts of this where I feel like I could have played way less conservatively)

No saving in Max Payne 2, only autosaves allowed.

I think it's really fun way to learn levels well.


My Comment sure looks humble now compared to yours, but anyway i have to agree that quick saving is sometimes part of the design but i like checkpoints more because they are always part of the level design. (Tho i once got really funny bug in CoD: WWII because of checkpoints)

I have problem that i can't engage fully in game that allowes quick saving because it makes gameplay really distant from story, Max Payne will not think to himself: "Oh no i used to much ammo on that gangsters, better go back in time before i fought them, but my wife was still dead to keep story interesing" , but player might.
I think it matters to keep the first time playing of a game clean of all meta gaming stuff and just focus on having fun.

Avoiding fast travel is something I enjoy sometimes as well. I played Skyrim a few years back with a bunch of restrictions like that, no fast travel of any kind… along with some mods that stop quests being automatically added to your log without agreeing to them.

I really felt like it added a whole new layer of depth and immersion to the game. First of all, some of the best stuff in that game happens when you're just wandering the roads. You can follow NPCs as they move between quest locations as well, and help them out of scrapes (or just watch) - they can get into combat with all manner of bandits and monsters. Also, I found myself being very selective about which quests I took on, and planning my journey through the world based upon what I currently had going on. So, for example if my journey was taking me to Markarth, I would keep an eye out for other quests that involved the same city, or places along the route. The whole adventure had a very organic feel to it as result, and added a sense of weight to all of my actions. Normally you can just zip back and forth across the world so it's a very simple affair to complete many of the quests, but if every one of those zips turns into a long journey, you want to make it count. It turns even the most basic fetch quests into actually quite a big ask and makes them seem a bit less silly and gamey.

But also it did take a _lot_ longer to get anything done, so I wouldn't necessarily say it was an improvement over fast travel but certainly an interesting new way to experience the world!

@“Kez”#p56394 Death Stranding, by essentially requiring such a playstyle, has made me really interested in going back to other games and trying this kind of playthrough out. Obviously Death Stranding was built with exactly this in mind, but for any game with a well thought-out open world, it seems like it would add a lot. I haven‘t played it myself but I’ve watched someone play a ton of Dragon's Dogma, which also has pretty limited fast-travel, and it definitely makes the world feel more lived-in and interesting when you see all the in-between spaces, instead of just teleporting from town to town.

This is probably a common one, but I like to avoid random encounters and leveling in JRPGs. I don't go too much out of my way to avoid combat on an initial play through.

I don't find scouring FAQs to calculate stuff like total experience gained and leveling break points fun so I quickly got away from taking low-level games to complete extremes. I find story battles only to be a fun compromise. Playing low-level games really forces you to use most of the tools in your arsenal and to be wise with resources. If anyone here enjoys low-level games I recommend Super Mario RPG if you love that game and want to give it new challenge.

do a set of pushups every time I die in a souls game


@“Ellis Bell”#p56444 do a set of pushups every time I die in a souls game

How I read this:

[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/guLokiO.jpeg]

Zelda BOTW, No map (dont go to those towers), Its also fun without fast travel.

Dark Souls only level up a single stat e.g. strength, health, stamina, resistance if you're a mad lad. This one is funny but usually doesn't go to far. I did a no bonfire run once and was very dissapointed when it sent me back to firelink shrine instead of the asylum.

For Pokemon I usually play no healing items in battles, SET not SWITCH, just to make each battle a little more engaging. I've also done some replays of X and Y where you only use 2 pokemon the whole game. I went with Pikachu and Pidgey. Monotype runs can be fun too.

@“Video_Game_King”#p56449 let's do an elden ring forum fitness challenge